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Alabama Saves The Day. But Not Much Else.

Alabama Saves The Day. But Not Much Else.

Pierre Tristam

Just look at what it took to beat Republican Roy Moore, no ordinary rightwing barbarian—even for Alabama

Roy Moore is just the tip of the iceberg of corrupted politicians in Alabama. Voters are resigned to this level of corruption, Alabama voted most corrupt state after Louisiana in 2014.

The writer of this piece is assuming Dem’s and repug’s are on equal footing in Alabama voting. They are not. There is no telling how many votes were discarded, voters not allowed to vote, ect. These criminals have rigged the system so bad since the un-supreme court trashed the voting rights act., it boggles the mind. The fact that Jones still overcame this IS a big victory for the state.

The Alabama contest shows that it is hard to generalize. Each race has its own unique characteristics. But one thing Alabama showed is that when the Democrats put a big effort into getting out the vote they win. The turnout of black voters was unusually high. That played a big role in Jones winning. There are many people, particularly minorities, who would vote for Democrats but choose not to vote or don’t vote because of voter ID laws. Or Democrats win in a gerrymandered districts but then lose in the surrounding districts that have been made safe for Republicans. The votes for Democrats are there but the ballots have to be cast and the voting has to be made fairer by getting a handle on gerrymandering.

In this “Twilight Zone” reality that we are being forced to live in, anyone, but most horrorfyingly obvious, our president and his party, can tell lies at will, without repercussions or challenges from our media or legal system.

If this is allowed to persist much longer, there will never be any integrity within these systems, and chaos will rule.

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Not to mention what was done to Don Siegelman by Karl Rove.


There is an interview with him on Democracy Now that is very good, i had forgotten about he and Rove. Some pretty dirty politics there and it is probably worse than what we know.

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What’s going to happen with Jones and Virginia goernor Notham is that they’re both going to cross over and side with Republicans on issue after issue- once again blurring the contrast between the two parties.

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I saw an interview with Jones yesterday where he was asked if he would support the impeachment bill to oust DJT. He sounded exactly like Nancy Pelosi and the DNC Republicans: “No”, he said. “It;s time to move forward.”

So he goes into the pot of politicians I would never support with such a pandering stand toward Trump, the sexual harasser, and toward the Republicans, the sexual harassment party.

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I see both Ds and Rs as sexual harassment parties. Or are you forgiving

Bill Clinton
Jon Conyers
Al Franken
Harvey Weinstein?

Hi, ST,

I’ll forgive the party that does not tolerate sexual harassment and assault. Apparently, no political party can prevent it.

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I pretty much agree with you that there are very few that have any integrity, but consider this. If it is your first day on the job and others ask you what is your position on firing the boss, what would you say? At least think it over. :slight_smile: