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Alabama's Voter ID + Closings of Drivers License Offices in Majority Black Counties = 'Affront to Justice'

Alabama's Voter ID + Closings of Drivers License Offices in Majority Black Counties = 'Affront to Justice'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Some observers say that Alabama's move to close dozens of drivers license offices is a discriminatory move that could trigger a civil rights probe.

Oh, come on. They can drive the 75 miles to the office like everyone else does, it’s really easy to find. It’s down on route 34, left at the 456 mile point. Down to the end of the road, but you’ll need to turn left on that little hidden driveway that’s just after the billboard.

There are two billboards, one for whites and one for …



Alabama has never recovered from the shocks of passages of the Civil Rights Act (1964) and the Voting Rights Act (1965). They may have removed the “Whites Only” signs but in practice, very little in their society has changed. The lines are drawn but they are invisible to the outsiders. SCOTUS weakened the protections of Section 5 of the voting rights act with their ruling on Shelby County (AL) v. Holder in 2013 (read more: http://www.civilrights.org/voting-rights/shelby-county-v-holder.html ) The arguments in favor of this attempt to disenfranchise the vast majority of African-Americans in Alabama and five other states in the South were ridiculous but, considering the composition of SCOTUS, not surprising.

Saxby Chambliss embodies the quintessential Southern politician and his racism is barely camouflaged. Thankfully this is his last year in the U S Senate. What he did to Max Cleland during the campaign for U S Senate in Georgia was underhanded and reprehensible but for Chambliss, it was simply business. Yet another Southern politician is Jefferson Sessions, Senator ® from Alabama who keeps his white hood in the deep recesses of his basement. In all the hearings on the Senate committees he sits, I have never heard him utter a word without invective and he is particularly nasty when the hearing is on the topic of immigration (he is on the Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security and Citizenship). He is also the ranking member on the Senate Committee on the Budget and he will not blink an eye when it comes to shutting down the government casting an aye vote before he is even asked.


If we had democracy in the US, we could all rise up and force re-installation of ID points in Alabama’s majority-Black counties.

And then say, while providing a 1-finger salute, “Ya boo sucks!” to all the racists.


Until there is an avenue to find the signatories of the closures and potentially a jail cell waiting for those behind these closures then there is no disincentive for them to try.

“It is terrible to contemplate how few politicians are hanged. ”
G.K. Chesterton

Stealing the vote in a democracy should have serious consequences. A stockade in those counties would be more appropriate but hanging would suffice.


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Every time the Carter Center offered to monitor elections here in the usa, they were told NO. They can and do work all over the globe but here at home, NOT. Welcome to 1964, ain’t it grand?


Isn’t it obvious that justice (unsupreme) Roberts needs to be impeached and charged with sedition? A more crooked justice America has not seen. He is more of an enemy to the majority of Americans with his past decisions. A vote for Senator Sanders will at the very least change the court that is trying to destroy our democracy. Down with the supreme court five.


It’s also one of the reasons that the majority of black men are in jail, they loose the right to vote. The latino population is bringing up the rear, loosing their right to vote. I fear pay backs are Hell and I don’t want to live in Hell. Thank you for your post.


I don’t understand why they don’t just make a national voter registration card, like they do in Mexico. It’s mailed to you, it doesn’t cost anything,you renew it every ten years, and it is accepted as ID everywhere.


turns out there really was voter fraud after all! except it was from the people in charge of adminstering the vote, not the voters. who knew?

Okay, we all did, but still…

Sigh…some people really don’t take losing their free labor very well, do they.


I personally can’t think there’s anything of value in the Mexican political scrum worth emulating. So I’d pass.

This push to paperize, identify, categorize, and then box and cage people bugs the living poop out of me. I want to be a citizen in a free land, not a number in a large prison.

That said, if we had absolutely no choice but to choose between selective disenfranchisement and a national iD (with the absolute guarantee that those IDs had no convenient “chips” in them), I’d take the latter. But the ideal is still neither. I don’t think you should have to have an address to vote, either, which is an under-reported and underrepresented disenfranchisement as well.

Edit: By the way, statistically, it’s not very hard to extrapolate a level of fraud simply using census numbers. In other words, if we did absolutely nothing, a handful of stats nerds could still tell if the boxes were being stuffed. So none of these verification systems are necessary for fraud (non)issues.

There is a sure way to get those offices open again, get all the black football players at the University of Alabama to refuse to play until the situation is remedied.


So here’s how you counter this. Progressive organizations and individuals, black and white, have a massive funding event that will give gas money to people in every city in the state to go to the nearest ID office. If they own no car, have someone drive them. Flood all the open offices with people wanting an ID. Some of those white folk won’t like the disruption. All this while working to get the law changed. We can’t just sit back, throw up our hands and wail about the injustice. Fight it in EVERY WAY possible.

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As I have said many times, Alabama is the smelly armpit of the nation, just chock full of racists, perverts and despicable and evil hypocrites, all members in “good” standing in their pseudo “Christian” churches where discrimination is the reality. These disgusting and ignorant imbeciles honour the Constitution more in the breach than in the observance thereof. A worst bunch of phonies and disturbed individuals cannot be found outside a mental institution!

And then they will complain when organizations provide buses and other transportation to the ID centers.
These bigots are obvious but manage to get away with it.

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Remember the old parody joke from the WWII movies: “Vere are your papers?”.
Fascism is rampant now in Amerika.

Onedman, good point – never even thought about that issue – but you’re absolutely correct.

No, they will mock outing vote caging schemes “conspiracy theory nonsense”. Just because something IS a conspiracy, doesn’t mean that it is false.

Republican legislators have not even attempted to hide their contempt for the democratic process. In true Machiavellian fashion, they have displayed a willingness to take an ideological dump on the fundamental principles of our democracy in order to further their political agenda.

Since Republicans cannot count on the votes from key demographic sectors of the electorate, they have opted for a different approach – reduce the number of these citizens who are able to vote.

And so they have strategized (and to some extent, implemented) a multi-pronged effort to curtail the ability of minority, student, and elderly voters to participate in the election process:

  1. Make it more difficult to “prove” your citizenship via voter ID legislation, fully aware that the elderly, out-of-state college students, and socio-economically disenfranchised citizens will have a much more difficult time providing the narrowly-defined necessary documentation to verify their right to vote. Some states have also brazenly eliminated state ID-issuing offices in predominantly minority-occupied districts.
  • unlike voting, buying beer or boarding a commercial airliner are not fundamental American rights.
  1. Cull the registration database for names deemed to “probably” be fictitious or otherwise fraudulent. (Anyone whose surname ends in “-ez” is most certainly an invalid registrant …)

  2. Eliminate or drastically reduce early voting and/or reduce the number of election precincts., since student, poor, and elderly voters tend to have a more difficult time getting to the polls on the first Tuesday of November, and urban precincts are more likely to have extremely long lines that require you to stand for hours in line.

  3. Create modern equivalents of the poll tax (part of the old Jim Crow laws) wherein selected demographic groups must incur out-of-pocket expenses to retain the right to vote.

  4. Use gerrymandering policies to redistrict red states so that predominantly white rural regions that represent a minority of the populace attain the majority of the voting power.

With respect to the voter ID legislation/registered voter purges that have been pushed forth by Republican-controlled state legislatures under the guise of reducing nonexistent “voter fraud”, GOP legislators should simply cut to the chase and proclaim that the only Americans who have a legitimate right to vote are those who are registered members of the Republican Party.