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Alabama's "Worst-of-Its-Kind" Abortion Ban an Explicit Effort to Destroy Roe, Warn Rights Groups


Alabama's "Worst-of-Its-Kind" Abortion Ban an Explicit Effort to Destroy Roe, Warn Rights Groups

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

In just the latest move that reproductive rights advocates warn is part of the prolonged effort to push the right-wing Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade, GOP state senators in Alabama sent what would be the nation's most extreme abortion ban to Republican Gov. Kay Ivey's desk late Tuesday.


Alabama still needs more poor people to pick the Cotton.

Watch these lawmakers look the other way when one of their daughters or a mistress gets pregnant and is sent out of State with a pocket full of cash to “fix it”.


Those “conservative” justices are salivating at the thought of overturning precedent. If they’re not careful, somebody’s going to mistake them for “judicial activists.”


The entire state should be aborted.


I remember the gruesome days when abortion was illegal and desperate women died in attempts to do the procedure themselves or through some fake medical hacks. I have also seen (as I’m sure everyone has) countless hypocrite “right to lifers” who, with enough cash, insure that their wives, daughters, mistresses and, if female- themselves get safe (and secret) abortions when faced with the harsh and frightening realities of unwanted pregnancies.
This bill is an act of hatred and control from the elites and wannabe elites, towards free thinking, intelligent women and especially women living in poverty - it encourages a form of economic slavery.


If the girl or woman returns after the abortion to Alabama they will face charges set up by this law. Miscarriage or not. Meaning, if they leave they can not ever return. What can you expect from a state that imports toxic waste from outside the state to get rid of. That why Alabama was given the name America’s dumping ground.

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Time for people who believe in bodily autonomy for women to a) insure that Alabama women who need them get out of state abortions and b) find jobs and housing for them so they don’t have to return to that backward cesspit and face charges.

I wonder if the tune would change if the male/female ratio got seriously skewed.


If only the pro-life supporters were as concerned about the children being dragged away from their parents by the Border Patrol.


The ‘Fuehrer’ and his fascist cabal want to ensure that there is always human replenishment for the military and Amerika’s never ending wars. Cannon fodder…

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If they’re not careful someone will take their power of judicial review away or put another 5 pro-choice justices on their court.

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The US system , as are many around the world , is built on the Growth model. This model includes a population always growing so as to keep “markets” expanding , and ensuring there enough workers to prop up the system that is called “wealth creation” .

In China they are so concerned about an aging population and the erosion of the work force, they are actively promoting larger families after decades of the one child per family model.

This is far more then the “Moral” issue that legislators claim it to be.

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This is the part of the Alabama (and Georgia) law that I have to think will be ruled unconstitutional. How can one state regulate what you do in another state? Are they going to argue it’s analogous to a separated/divorced parent taking their kid out of state without permission of the other parent? Is there any other precedent for states attempting regulate what happens when residents go to another state and come back?

I do think Roe v Wade is going down and the writing was on the wall as soon as Trump won the election. If it were me, I’d recommend Democrats stake out a position on abortion rights that gives a little theoretically (and will allow certain percentage of pro-life voters that are otherwise more aligned with Democrats to vote against the Republican), but would have a practical effect that is minimal. Democrats can pick a date (18, 19, or 20 weeks I suppose since viability is now 21 weeks: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2017/11/14/mom-delivers-earliest-premature-baby-ever-and-chooses-resuscitate-miracle-aughter-now-healthy-toddle/861386001/) after which time they don’t oppose a state putting restrictions on rules for abortion after this date.

This is actually what Roe v Wade says (from Wikipedia):

The Roe decision defined " viable " as “potentially able to live outside the mother’s womb, albeit with artificial aid.” Justices in Casey acknowledged that viability may occur at 23 or 24 weeks, or sometimes even earlier, in light of medical advances.

The histogram at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Late_termination_of_pregnancy shows that the number of abortions after 20 weeks is minimal already (and perhaps 95% of these would not be impeded because they involve a malformed fetus that was not detected before).

So I’m not suggesting doing anything that compromises Roe V Wade. 6 weeks is not enough time (as stated, many women don’t know they are pregnant). 12 weeks isn’t enough either, 18 weeks is enough time as many of the European countries agree (unless there is a medical issue).

This isn’t a huge issue for me, except for the fact that it impacts ALL other issues like war, the environment, health care, etc. because it allows Republicans to still hold on and cause havoc on most issues.


The Fetus Fetish Horror Show is right here, right now in real time.
A Handmaid’s Tale indeed.
The crazy states are throwing up these horrific laws hoping that something will stick to the wall, get to the SC and then its overturn Roe. Brat-beer Kavenaugh for the win.
Griswold will next, btw, which is the privacy precedent that Roe was based on. This isn’t just a slippery slope, its a ratfcking tsunami of theocratic rule coming down on us all.

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Abortion Bills have so far passed one chamber in Louisiana, Missouri, South Carolina,Tennessee, Others have been introduced to statehouses in Maryland, Minnesota, New York,Texas, West Virginia and Georgia…NY? I highly doubt it! Here in NY. We will hang these bastards!!!


I’m sure they will be satisfied with just taking some rights away from some women.


It would serve Alabama right if every last woman moved her family to Maine (see today’s article on pending legislation there). How in hell can US politicians keep prattling on about “freedom” and “democracy” while denying it to half the population??

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I agree, most of them (them being voters who lean pro life whether or not that is their only issue) wouldn’t be satisfied with my proposal. But elections are sometimes won or lost with small margins and picking up 5% of these voters without constraining a woman’s right to choose before say 20 weeks or a woman’s right to have one on medical need after 20 weeks is in my mind a good strategy. As it is, we seem to be losing this battle.


this is the start of the road into full on dictatorship

control women and you control half the population

dictators are never cont–they always want to impose more—weak mean always seek to control the opposite sex


How can one state regulate what you do in another state?

From the legislation:

“Section 4. (a) It shall be unlawful for any person to intentionally perform or attempt to perform an abortion except as provided for by subsection (b).”

“Section 5. No woman upon whom an abortion is performed or attempted to be performed shall be criminally or civilly liable…”

The law does not criminalize travel or out-of-state abortions, and only the physician performing the abortion can be charged.

The legislation is only ten pages, double-spaced, and worth reading just to understand the local background and reasoning, even if one disagrees with the reasoning.

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Alabama seems to be where all logic and reason goes to die. Is there anything we can boycott from the state? The old antique signed the bill. Trump promised Trump got.

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