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Alan Kurdi Symbolized an Amy of Dead Children. We Ignore Them at Our Peril


Alan Kurdi Symbolized an Amy of Dead Children. We Ignore Them at Our Peril

Robert Fisk

The body of Aylan Kurdi has gone beyond the ‘iconic’. Being small and dressed like a little European boy, and being white rather than brown-skinned, his very name posthumously and subtly shifting to the homely English ‘Alan’, the son of the Kurdish refugee family fleeing across the Mediterranean from Turkey to Europe became ‘our’ child. The moment his tiny body washed up on the beach near Bodrum and appeared on front pages around the world, the closet racism of our politicians was briefly stilled.


As anti-war propaganda this article was very well done.
Which is not a criticism. We would all be better off if anti-war articles and reports were as common as the pro-war propaganda that we continue to experience daily.
That said, which candidate would be more likely to 'start' another war? Hillary or Trump?
The answer is that neither of them would start another war.
However if one were to ask which candidate is most likely to expand the wars that we are currently engaged in that answer would be Trump and Hillary.
Trump is dumb and a narcissist . He's more likely then Hillary to do something stupid.
Hillary believes in "American exceptionalism" making her an interventionist and a warmonger. On top of that Hillary thinks that she's smarter then everybody else.

But.........presidents don't start or expand wars.
The oligarchy does.


It's so tiring to hear an essay sculpted around the WE-clause and then this, to add insult to injury:

"The question is rarely ‘how did this come to pass?’ but ‘what should we do NOW?’ Don’t ask why 19 men who claimed they were Muslims committed the international crimes against humanity of 9/11. Invade Afghanistan! Don’t question how Saddam achieved power in Iraq. Invade Iraq!"

Lots of us do ask about 911 and WE know it has NOTHING to do with 19 Muslims.

What idiocy this article is... apart from its feigned compassion for the refugees, sacrificed souls.

It was not "we" who determined they ought to be sacrificed. It was political elites, the same ones BEHIND 911: The Necessary Pretext for Wars of Imperial Domination.


Yep and that is the crux of the argument against both parties. Even dumb narcissistic Trump will inevitably bow down to the oligarchs should the off chance he get elected. It is a shell game where the house, i.e. the oligarchs, always wins.


It's about time to end that don't you think?


Ignoring the past

Igniting the future


And don't ask, Fiskie, why the collapse of the three towers LOOKS LIKE controlled demolition. Yes, so it looks, in every respect. Don't ask why!

Good response, SR.


MSM can show all the photos it wants of dead children (by drowning, suicide bombers, drones, etc.) since they mean nothing and MSM is totally owned and propagandized by war profiteers and the MIC. There is an anti-war movement because there is no draft. Unlike the Ma Lai photos and the napalmed young girl running down the highway with destruction behind her BOTH were defining moments in the movement (as well as the Pentagon Papers) that ended the Vietnam War.

All individual efforts (all our truth-tellers like Snowden) have resulted in fleeing the country, charged under the Espionage Act, destroyed financially, professionally and many doing time. The result? Silence. No million person march. No MSM protests or outing of our criminal leaders-- Obama being at the top of that list. No demands for Obama to step down or impeach his sorry ass for war crimes.

Clinton getting a blowjob back then is nothing compared to the war crimes, illegal wars, Bush 2 and Obama have committed. All impeachable offenses. Just wait until HRC assumes the mantle.

I loved the article yesterday (the release of the FBI conclusions on HRC and her E's) where it is made clear she is totally incompetent (far beyond careless) and even admitted she fails to understand how to deal with classified information and security issues. I depended on my staff to deal with those issues, she has stated. Wow. Never trained, she has stated so she is blaming everyone else but taking no responsibility herself. Isn't that something she has always done? Is she really that stupid? She was a senator and had o be briefed on FP and dealing with classified files and information. Was she that inept? Apparently. She was a sorry senator. As the wife of the President (Slick Willy) she turned her health care agenda into a tragedy and couldn't do that right. Turning her attention to FP has also been a disaster. Is that who she is? Apparently.

I had to shake my head when she stated way back, she was totally at a loss about computers, E-mail, and so on but had a lot of cell phones (that have disappeared). Has our govt. become so careless they can't vet anyone, train them, inform them, (she also stated she refused to attend those classes and no one made it clear she had to). Wow. And I thought Donald was dangerous and funny. I can't stop shaking my head at how inept this woman is and is going to be our next President.

Her own admissions (aside from being a pathological liar) is she really is not that intelligent. Not that smart. But she certainly is skanky.


Your post reeks of sexism. Take it back to the locker room or if possible, transcend the crap.

One can make a case against Mrs. Clinton's policies without resorting to that level of "discourse."


According to the standards of some grammarians you talk funny. Therefore you must either stop talking or fall in line with all acceptable speaking regulations.
It's like with Kaepenick. Either you stand up for the National Anthem or go to Russia, you commie, hippie, prick.
Somewhere along the way we lost our First Amendment rights to say what we want, in the way we want.
Which pretty much sucks.


Oh yes, such a terrible tragedy, the drowning of refugee children. It's due to the instability in the region. We have to bomb more and deploy troops to get rid of the monster who is causing these deaths, Assad. Then Syria will be stable, like Iraq and Afghanistan.


Your Empire