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Alarm as Trump Energy Dept Redefines 'High-Level' Nuclear Waste to 'Low-Level' in Order to Save Disposal Costs

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/06/alarm-trump-energy-dept-redefines-high-level-nuclear-waste-low-level-order-save

I AM HEARING REPORTS THAT THE DNC IS PREVENTING CANDIDATES FROM HAVING A FORUM ON CLIMATE CHANGE ???--------I would like to see a forum on foreign policy first-----Which candidates will be calling out the DNC for trying to stifle debate???

Biden supports nuclear power----who else supports nuclear power??? Nuclear power in all about control over people and keeping people under the thumb of the corporate masters.


More depraved indifference from der trumpenfuhrer and hin minions, ignoring science and established norms to serve the nuclear industry and nuclear military sites to dispose of poisonous cancer-causing waste. HOW under any definition is this not a crime? How can one sick tool of ignorance have the power under our so-called democracy to effect such deadly policy and “redefining” terms?

Will there be a huge outcry from "the people’s representatives? Almost certainly not from R’Cons and Likely not from corporate-whore DINO dems either; both serving the madness of profits before people and planet, including the nuclear industry!

Andy Cuomo has already forced the public to bail-out three upstate NY nuke plants to the tune of $7.6 Billion! The Excelon corporation will profit and rate-payers pay for it! So much for any integrity from Cuomo - MoFo is as corrupt as apple pie! So glad Democrats are serving the people’s interests…

The trump regime is a clear and present danger to all life on Earth and all Americans with this and many other acts of contempt and stupidity to serve wealth and power. Trump must pay for these crimes and the deaths he is responsible for, now and into the future!

Prediction: the nuclear corporations will evade cleaning-up their waste and the people will be forced to live with the poison or clean it up (easier writ than done!) snd pay for it themselves! After the SAFSTOR 60 year delay and impossibility to return nuclear sites to “Greenfield” conditions as the law (so-far!) demands.


Sounds like the same thing the government of Japan did, and still does, since the ongoing Fukushima catastrophe started - they just told people who were poisoned that they were not poisoned, because they simply changed the amount of radiation they defined as “safe”.


50 years is a blink relative to half life of radioactive material. Bending standards doesn’t change the lethality.

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Emphyrio, one of daughters’ mother in law grew up in some little town in Missouri that doesn’t even technically exist anymore because of corporate malfeasance. Her story is that this little town didn’t have any paved roads in it and as such dust and washed out roads were common. The town council voted to hire some corporation to come in and “oil top” the roads to eliminate the dust, mud, and washout problems. Well this company came out and sprayed the road surface down and all was fine or rather appeared so. After a year or two some of the children in the town began experiencing signs of chronic illness such as nausea, vomiting, nervous system damage, easy bruising, and general malaise. The EPA came out and did some testing of possible toxic culprits. When they eventually tested the substance that was sprayed to surface the town’s dirt roads they found extremely high levels of 2-4-D (Agent Orange) in the substance they surfaced the roads with. The toxin used in 2-4-D that makes it such a good defoliant (it also used to be used in forestry applications where it was mixed with diesel fuel and poured into a hypohatchet then used to kill entire stands of pesky hardwood trees so more profitable pine trees could be planted instead) is dioxin. Remember all of the problems that surfaced in the late sixties involving dioxin? Cancer, blood diseases, genetic damage and all kinds of other nasty illnesses…just ask any Vietnam vet that was charged with defoliating the jungles by spraying Agent Orange from planes or any of the current Vietnamese people today suffering the long term effects of dioxin. The EPA evacuated the town with the residents told to never return because of the high toxicity. My daughter’s mother in law has been displaying some of the same symptoms that the troops from Vietnam that sprayed Agent Orange are displaying. The illness indicated (sorry but I don’t yet know the medical name of the suspected illness as of yet…my son in law is a Flight Surgeon currently serving in the Navy and is quite familiar with the maladies caused by Agent Orange) cannot be officially identified without a special test that needs to be run but if confirmed my daughter’s mother in law’s time on this planet is quite short. She has chosen not to do the testing needed for positive identification citing that she would rather live as long as she can with some doubt she has this illness caused by dioxin. One has to wonder how many more small towns have been eliminated from the map because of such corporate greed. Now I know you’re asking “well that’s awful and criminal but what does it have to do with the article”? If Trump the Orange Dump goes forward with his redefinition of high level nuclear waste and as a result is treated like the relatively less hazardous low level waste God knows how many not only small towns but entire counties and possibly even some relatively high population areas could be rendered uninhabitable for billions of years. IMHO this is one of the most insane ideas yet to crawl out of Trump’smoney infected mind. Save money and time? What horseshit! How does contaminating large areas of land making it uninhabitable for billions of years, forcing who knows how many (poor) Americans from their homes forever, and causing radiation related illnesses for generation upon generation save money (for anyone except the corporations tasked with dumping this poison who knows where)? This will cost the federal government big time in the long run (dealing with lawsuits and such) but I guarantee Trump has some angle with this where he will personally profit, as always, at the expense of others. The bottom line for this “It” Clown is that there is one thing that trumps human life, health, and everything else that truly matters and that is more money.


Under the previous rules, waste was classified according to the process which produced it, and that classification applied to any subsequent processes. This meant that any water that was used to clean tanks or equipment contaminated with waste from a high level process would itself become high-level waste, and if any of that water was then mixed with non-waste or low-level waste, it all became high-level waste as well. Six of our national labs strongly urged rationalizing the rules so that waste is classified according to what it actually contains, not according to the worst category of source contribution. A change in the rules would allow, for example, water which had low gamma and mild levels of alpha and beta radiation to be used to make blocks of cement grout, and then the blocks could be transported to, say, low population areas of Texas or New Mexico for shallow burial. Even this would be overkill, but it would save time and money relative to the current system, freeing up funds for dealing with the actual high-level stuff and getting to it sooner.

Familiar with the story and the town. Thanks for reminding me.