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Alarm as Trump Requests Permanent Reauthorization of NSA Mass Spying Program Exposed by Snowden

What a delight you are in daze of stress, thanks.

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What is it going to take, Speaker Pelosi?
Impeach Trump now!

Hi oldie:
Sometimes, the time and place of a government announcement can tell the real value of the tale.
Remember that Joe McCarthy made his BIG announcement to the Women’s Club of Wheeling West Virginia. Remember too that women of that time period had an even worse time than women do now in getting jobs and in being listened to and taken seriously . So, the facts of the announcement made me always believe he was grandstanding for the ladies----and his tale was just what the news media of the day needed------I guess that the Trump person would say "fake news,; although LIEs as opposed to news truths would be better—still I think that after WW 2 more and more people needed an enemy to base their opinions on… sadly the Real enemy turned out to be Joe himself. Trump is a lot like Joe----except Trump doesn’t drink.

Hey there, star
About 4 or 5 hours ago, NPR interviewed a watchdog who advises that domestic terrorism was #5 on the fbi’s work list. About 300 agents assigned to this category. She advises that if congress approves monitoring American civilians, there must be management safeguards in place. I think it is a small worry.

Heck, in 2000, a Minnesota fbi agent had a guy taking flight lessons as a threat. The request for a search warrant for the culprits laptop was denied by a DC fbi manager back then. The guy flew a passenger jet into NYC world trade center.

Trump is reality TV. If he makes us cry, he wins.

Hi oldie and LOL,
but “reality TV,” is a fake as Trump : )

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Fax machines? User to user encryption? Private communication is possible, it’s just not very convenient. Most folks hear the word encryption and think of spy vs. spy not the PC on their desk or phone or their hand. How many people bother to encrypt their hard drive or even have a PIN number to unlock their phone? How many people periodically change their GMail or Facebook password like you are supposed to? There are a ton of things companies could do to make their sites and apps more secure but the market has spoken and people do not want to bother.

Trump most likely thinks he can use the NSA to spy on his local enemies. The worst part of that is he could get away with it unless a whistleblower comes forward and thats unlikely with Trump as pricktater and chief. Whistleblowers in his regime would meet the full force of terrorism laws. Trump wants to make laws so he can claim a group thats against him as a terrorist organization and send his spy team in there to fuk em up like the antfi. What’s ironic is what’s the opposite of anti fascist , Fascist. Trumps wants to make antifascist a terrorist organization. Never does Trump say anything bad about them proud boys nazi party. Republicans used to be patriots and lovers of American freedoms but no more the republican party is comprised of evangelical zealots and fanatics and white supremists. The republican like Trump are all traitors. Trump has sucked in every mental derelicts in the country aka them red hat morons. Trump has a army of craziods in red hats.