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'Alarm Bells Ringing': Global CO2 Levels at Highest in 3 Million Years


'Alarm Bells Ringing': Global CO2 Levels at Highest in 3 Million Years

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Ahead of UN climate talks, report warns of "severe ecological and economic disruptions" without more drastic moves to cut emissions

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“Without rapid cuts in CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions, we will be heading for dangerous temperature increases by the end of this century.”

This is a gross understatement, which is too deeply conservative. We are already seeing extreme weather events from climate change. Couple that with the exponential (i.e. spiraling out of control) increase in heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere due to melting permafrost, warming forests, etc, and common sense tells us that within the next 10 years – probably the next 5 – things will become, essentially, extremely, unbearably “dangerous”.

We don’t have 80 years to turn this around, we don’t have any time at all. Humanity is already dooming itself to misery due to being held captive by the inaction of political leaders grossly ignorant of the real situation.


We are loosing 200 species a day, the insects are but one example. Humans are on a very short list. If it doesn’t have anything to do with food production and planet restoration it must not be done. Going to the beach on some sort of vacation that means you have to fly and drive means your gonna die. but but but I gotta have my stuff, I gotta do my thing man, is all bullshi*^&^#%^&* !!!


COP nations would do well to continue the process of isolating the US and make it feel the pain for Trump’s lack of cooperation and his underlings like Pruitt not only actively undermining any efforts to deal with climate change but also working to make the problem worse.


Couldn’t have said it better myself. Like I’ve said many times, people can’t grasp the law of exponentialism. We are in the early stages of rapid, nonlinear warming. We passed the rubicon quite some time ago, sadly.


" We don’t have 80 years to turn this around."

Future headline in 2097?



Yet the American people elected a climate denier as president and have filled Congress with many climate deniers as well. Even with Americans fully on board for action this problem would be very difficult to address fast enough. With the US hobbled by a widespread rejection of science it is hard to find any room for optimism at all that worst effects of climate change can be avoided.


At the moment I would be worried less about frozen methane well below the surface of the oceans and worry more about the potential of thawing permafrost to release methane as well as carbon dioxide. Nobody is sure when this will occur at a fast enough rate to affect the global temperature but there are estimates by experts who study this that will happen within the next 30 years. Some countries want to mine frozen methane beneath the oceans for energy. This Is the more likely pathway for this source of methane to contribute to global warming in the coming decades.


From The Guardian article cited in this CD article:

The increase of 3.3 ppm is considerably higher than both the 2.3 ppm rise of the previous 12 months and the average annual increase over the past decade of 2.08ppm. It is also well above the previous big El Niño year of 1998, when the rise was 2.7 ppm.

So the rate of increase is increasing - the sine qua non of an exponential increase.

A 3.3 ppm increase is a 0.825% increase from last year’s 400 ppm.

IF the ppm of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere continues to increase by 0.825% every year then by “the rule of 70” the time it will take for the ppm of CO2 to double in the atmosphere is 85 years.

70 / 0.825 = 84.8484…

Meaning by 2100 there will be 800 ppm in the atmosphere.
Or 2102 … if you insist.


The latest technological fix is to block out the sun:


Gross addiction to profit is a disease. The symptoms are a total disregard for the well being of the planet and it’s ecosystems as well as safety and other people’s well being. These people need treatment.

Like cocaine the same areas of the brain are affected.


You mean I need to study hard before I can recognize a fucking moron?


That’s not the way such estimates are developed since only about a sixth of the 9 million or so species have been catalogued. There are some standard mathematical/statistical models for species extinction and diversification in phylogenetics and they provide pretty good estimates when we look at the parts of the tree of life where we do have things well catalogued. Of course the vast majority of species going extinct are the ones we never heard of - because they had small populations to begin with (and thus it takes less environmental stress to cause their extinction). Estimates of the extinction rates usually cover an order of magnitude in the 20 to a couple hundred per day range (so there is a good deal of variability that better models will one day reduce) but they are clearly two or three orders of magnitude higher than the rate of new species being created. So, although the exact number is subject to argument, there’s pretty much no doubt that the biodiversity of habitats we destroy is way more than the biodiversity of the habitats we create.


80 years from now [ If there’s anybody left ], people will be asking why didn’t those people back in 2017 throw those climate change deniers out of office instead of re electing them every four years?
It won’t help any if things don’t get turned around soon, but at least there are those of us who did speak up and did what we could.


People must understand the connection between unmitigated capitalism and the destruction of our environment. As long as people are conditioned to believe they can and should expect a lavish, opulent, privileged lifestyle free from doing any real work because they inherited wealth or managed to get the kind of university degree that pays well enough for one to invest in the stock market, that din of inequity where sub-human parasites squirm while sucking the life blood from working people, and exacerbate that ravenous, conspicuous consumerism by rewarding the most venal, egotistical, narcissistic among us to the highest stations of authority, to the highest alters of materialism, where terms ecology, environment and spiritual brotherhood are pejoratives, things to be mocked, their adherents are radicals to be humiliated.

In this materialistic orgy where almost everyone would rather be rich and lazy rather than wise and skilled, we who are the latter have to understand that gross materialism and the Idolatry that comes with it is a religion just as valid and real as the three better known REVEALED religions. Unmitigated capitalists are religious extremists and will sacrifice the very planet’s ecosystem on the alter of investor profit, all in the lunacy of believing they are pursuing and realizing a better lifestyle, even while destroying the host’s viability.



knock yourself out…


Thank you, I could not have said it better.


Very well said. I am rather simplistic…I do not want to be owned by a material thing, if something means that much then I give it away to someone who needs it, need is key, not want…


And much of the hot air is coming out of Trump and his girlfriend, Scott “Ain’t no such thing as dirty water” Pruitt…
AS the world burns and as many species fall by the wayside every year, all I see around me is a smug disregard by so many “leaders” around this country and the world… Here in Florida, Rick “the Alien” Scott, our so-called Governor, has made it a point to make sure no state employees even whisper the words “Global Warming”, and when asked about it all he says is “Uh, well, I’m not a scientist” Gee, how freakin’ original, Gov. And so many like him that have this falsely-theological resistance to real science and the undeniable truth which is that Global Warming IS REAL. It’s gonna take a revolution in how we the people live, day to day, in order to try to rein in this beast. Trump, et al, just want to watch everything fall apart and burn while fiddling along, just like Nero.


Oh goodness gracious Mr Iron Street (gee whiz you sound like a tough guy…gosh), you mean I should refrain from insulting the fucking dickhead fascist megalomaniac pathological liar Trump?

I have no clucking idea how anyone can be so stupid as to look up to that despicable human being.

You think that Trump, the billionaire jerk could give less than a flying cluck about you? The only people he gives a cluck about are other billionaires and perhaps their millionaire parasites.

In reality, he thinks that anyone else who supports him is an utter clucking fool.

I agree with him on that one point.