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'Alarm Bells Should Start Ringing' as Koch Brothers Invest $650 Million to Create 'Media Megaphone'


'Alarm Bells Should Start Ringing' as Koch Brothers Invest $650 Million to Create 'Media Megaphone'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

A media company backed by the conservative billionaire brothers will acquire Time, Fortune, People, and Sports Illustrated magazines

Koch bros.


Koch-Sochers. They have taken greed and avarice to the deepest, darkest subterranean levels ever known to mankind.


Alarm Bells should have always been ringing in regard to Koch Bros.-
the John Birch Society Family which has been trying to overturn democracy
in the US for more than 100 years.

The whole thing came to a climax with the famous black-bordered flyer that appeared on the day of J.F.K.’s visit to Dallas, which showed him in front face and profile, as in a “Wanted” poster, with the headline “WANTED FOR TREASON.” The style of that treason is familiar mix of deliberate subversion and personal depravity. “He has been wrong on innumerable issues affecting the security of the United States”; “He has been caught in fantastic lies to the American people, including personal ones like his previous marriage and divorce.” Birth certificate, please?

The really weird thing—the American exception in it all—then as much as now, is how tiny all the offenses are. French right-wingers really did have a powerful, Soviet-affiliated Communist Party to deal with, as their British counterparts really had honest-to-god Socialists around, socializing stuff. But the Bircher-centered loonies and the Tea Partiers created a world of fantasy, willing mild-mannered, conflict-adverse centrists like J.F.K. and Obama into socialist Supermen.


Don’t ever let anyone tell you that right wing propaganda doesn’t work.

In Nixon’s White House they were studying Hitler/Nazi propaganda and gave
it new life.

(See: High Treason/Edward Livingstone/Groden)


Alarm bells always ring with anything Koch. Can just imagine the Time cover’s to come. Use humor to discredit and also don’t buy the magazines. The boycott: Time, Fortune, People and Sports Illustrated, and Family Circle owned by the Koch brothers. No need to read these publications anymore.
In full disclosure, they have been off my reading list for many years.! The fact that these parasites have $650 million sitting around is what we 99%-ers need to be reminded of .


Good play on words there Seatower.


This should be of great concern. The Koch Brothers run a large fossil fuel company and have been funding climate deniers for years. Nobody seems to care about Time magazine anymore but it would seem highly likely that that they see it as some means for bolstering climate denial. I am sure there will be people watching Time to see if they can detect any changes. I have a feeling that eventually they will and that the changes will not be good when it comes to the truth.


Here’s a list of Koch products and a pledge to boycott Koch.

Check out the Buycutt app, too:

Upon this announcement, Time was added to my list. While I don’t often read the magazine, I do from time to time (no pun intended) use the publication for citations. No more. They just lost all credibility.