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Alarm Raised as Trump Election Panel Requests Detailed Data on All US Voters


Alarm Raised as Trump Election Panel Requests Detailed Data on All US Voters

Jon Queally, staff writer

Voting and civil rights advocates are ringing alarm bells on Thursday after it was learned that an election commission established by Donald Trump—one which critics feared from its inception would be used to suppress, not protect, voter access—had sent requests to all fifty states demanding personal and detailed information about voters.


And so the inquisition begins....

If you didn't think you were at risk before this, you should wake up and smell the poisoned coffee.

How have you voted in the past? Will you pledge your loyalty to Trump?


The end of American representative democracy is nigh upon us. Why do they just not come out and say that all sane people may no longer vote ?


They might as well exclude any of us who can't contribute $100k or more to their coffers. After all, it's the best Congress money can buy and it has been sold for a long time.


Big Brother pledges allegiance to no Party.


Anyone interested in starting a class-action federal lawsuit? He did request the data on everybody, so everybody who has voted has standing to sue Kobach's ass, seeking an injunction. I am calling the ACLU tomorrow.

I will post what the ACLU had to say to me.


It's almost impossible that anyone other than YOU knows how you have actually VOTED in the past, but these records probably do show the elections in which you showed up to vote, and your party preference at the time.  Certainly enough information for Big Brother to determine who his staunchest enemies are, and to purge just enough of them from the rolls to swing an election – sorta like a yuge number of young voters in Bernie's na-
tive Brooklyn were "accidentally" purged prior to last year's primary . . .


I would only quibble on the point that they can tell which primary you voted in and thereby tell how you might vote in a general election.


Yes, they would show that you voted in the primary, and how you were registered - but in 2016 a lot of people who voted in the democratic primary apparently didn't support the "democratic" candidate in the general. That doesn't matter too much, as the people most likely to be targeted by today's Big Brother will be us consistent general-election voters who are not registered in the "loyalist" (Anti-First-Amendment) party.


Trump said recently "I just don't want a poor person running the economy" - just a short putt from there to voter restrictions because he just doesn't want a poor person voting to influence and/or "undermining" government of, by, (and for) the rich. Government....its just too important to be left to ordinary people....................this criminal pathological liar must be taken down.


But Emphyrio, that's exactly how our (semi-)Representative Republic was originally set up – only landowners and those relatively few others who could afford a poll tax could vote.  All that Cruz, DeVos, McConnell, Ryan and Trump want to do is take us back to the 1790's (but without the 1st Amendment).  What's your problem??


For two reasons"

  1. No voters + no elections = no campaign contributions
  2. Who knows when we'll come to the straw that breaks the camel's back, but invalidating voting credentials seems like it just may do the trick.

When folks are in the streets, We the People may just get the attention of one of the most corrupt and obviously inept administrations since Rome fell. For now they treat us like sheep, assuming we'll follow.


If my choices will be voting for a neoliberal DINO and death of a thousand cuts or for a Republican and death by nuclear war, I would consider selling my vote to the highest bidder.

Direct Democracy



Definitely seems like there would be privacy issues here. Keep us posted.


Republican pols don't care.
Most Dem pols don't care.
Nothing to see here, folks.
Watch them capitulate to Don the Con.


Purging voter rolls is a favorite tactic of Conservatives. This, combined with suppression and intimidation, is the only way for them to stay in power, and they know it. I was in Florida in 2000. Still am. I remember all of the people, mostly minority, who were wrongly purged. Even so, Gore probably
won Florida narrowly, so the Supreme Court stopped the recount.

It would not have been close at all without the mass purge of mostly Democratic voters by Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris. Al Gore should have been President!

Now that Republicans control all of the Federal Government, as well as most of the States, fair elections are probably a thing of the past.


Dear registrar of San Diego County,

Please add this quote attributable to me, to my profile requested by the Trump Administration...

"Hey dickhead Trump...fuck off you fascist jerk!"

Thank you very much!


So much for secret ballot. What right does Trump have to know how everyone voted. Talk about being selected out?

Why is it that Trump keeps doing things as if he were a king and no one can say no to it? Trump created a 'commission' to find out who voted for who. Plus your Soc Sec number? Why is that okay? Who the F'k is this guy that he thinks that he can just stomp all over our freedoms and privacy simply because he says so?

The Republicans are betraying democracy and erecting a controlled state apparatus. Our kids will hate us for giving away all our freedoms. They won't have the freedoms we grew up with and think we still have (temporarily). They will know that they will not have them and that those freedoms were lost by us in these days.

It is hard to keep track of the attacks on our democracy from within. Maybe that is part of the strategy to have so many changes happen one after the other and in so rapid a fashion.

In the land of the free and home of the brave... we are surveilled and become fearful even when at home!


How easy is it to have the last 4 numbers of your SS #, the state you're born in from your birth certificate which is 3 numbers and an algorithm to figure out the middle two. Then, Kobach fun would really begin. A national data system where Jones, Johnson, Smith, Brown and Garcia, Rodriguez and Hernandez turn out to be only two people, actually both born in Cuba and now living together on a commune in Puerto Rico.
The Trump's American Citizen Integrity Project. It comes with an implanted Koch Industries chip in your neck and you literally can't leave home without it. But, especially if you're going out to vote.


Well Trump was a CEO and he thinks he can run America like one of his outsourced businesses and that they ultimately serve him and his interests. However he doesn't realize that it is quite the opposite, or should be opposite anyway, for the President.

That is shock politics. Ram so much horrible stuff in at once that some will end up getting overlooked. And if that fails, well there is always a middle east country to bomb and a nuclear power to annoy.