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Alarm Sounded as TransCanada Set to Drill in Bay of Fundy


Alarm Sounded as TransCanada Set to Drill in Bay of Fundy

Derrick O'Keefe, Ricochet

An open letter was released today by 20 groups in New Brunswick opposed to TransCanada’s plans to begin drilling in the Bay of Fundy. The signatories cite a six-page document obtained outlining TransCanada’s work plans for exploratory borehole drilling related to the Saint John, New Brunswick terminal of the proposed Energy East pipeline.


Under the Conservative government, the NEB review process for major projects like pipelines has been significantly weakened.

That statement speaks volumes and frighteningly enough, can be applied to Canada's neighbor south of them that is also corroborating TransCanada's rampant destruction and desecration of thousands of miles of wilderness, waterways, oceans, and every bit of land they touch.

Does no one in the power complex (corporate, wealthy, political elite, etc.) have a conscience or give a damn about how absolutely demonic and devastating their actions/practices are to ALL life? Are they all so blinded by their lust for money/profit? All their money will not protect or insulate them from the cataclysmic results of their wanton abuse of all that is natural...they still have to drink water and eat food to live. Ugh!


This is normal procedure. Why don't we stop deluding ourselves? These rapacious bastards don't need approval. it's their world and they know full well they own it and the whore politicians who allow them to rape the earth. Wake up people. trying to stop these killers through political action is a fucking pipe dream. They have all the power. The only thing left for the people is action. Massive civil disobedience in the form of blockades and refusal to let them drill or build is our only choice. Either we do this or the planet and us along with it will perish, die, be no more, cease to exist. Stop thinking there's any way to reason or bargain with these killers. They only understand and respect strength.


Sadly...no. We have entered the era of government by socipath. They often mimic the actions of actual caring people to get what they want, which is their only goal in life. Politics is particularly suited to socipaths as a venue for power and control. They lie with impunity and the system covers it up. They preface every statement with "I believe..." to cover their asses should it be revealed they spoke a lie like when Bush lied about Iran and WMD. Who can argue? I don't know what Bush believes and can't prove it one way or another so he gets a free pass when it becomes obvious there were no weapons of mass destruction ever. Sociopaths are incapable of empathy or weighing the long term consequences of their actions so expecting them to wake up is like expecting a scorpion not to sting you when you step on it.


How sad it is that your use of the term sociopath is entirely accurate.


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They have to try to rush the project over everyone's objections. Fossil fuels are becoming less and less feasible by the hour.


For those of you that might have missed it, This Ted Talk video is well worth watching- I believe Seatower brought it recently to our attention- I was flabbergasted by the ugly truth of what is going on in Canada in comparison to the raw beauty of the land scape of that area of the World-

Garth Lenz: The true cost of oil


TransCanada seems to be jumping the starting gun of the TPP- I can only imagine the insane onslaught and unbridled destruction that awaits us if and when these Secretive, Fascist Trade Agreements come on full throttle- There won't be A stone unturned...


I suppose the government, at various levels, has let company official know that all permits WILL be approved...but it seems this is indicative of the breakdown of law in North America. If you have money and power, you can do what you please. If you're poor and dark of hue, you have no rights. Regulations, like taxes "are for the little people."
Yes, sociopaths in power explain a good deal of this, but an important element is the power of corporations, which are NOT people, and are not LIKE people--they are like machines. By definition they are sociopaths, as they can't possibly "care" about anything but are designed to march relentlessly toward profit., Our current system empowers them...it's like filling a car's gas tank, equipping it with a primitive radar system, wiring the gas pedal to the floor, and letting it go without a driver. There's bound to be mayhem and destruction, and we can't blame the car, or reason with it--we need to disconnect its power source. Johnbone is right--direct action is our best hope.




good call: "govt by sociopaths". that pretty much says it all. lets not forget the even more ethically + morally challenged and mentally ill who run things behind the scenes. they dont even bother pretending to any humanity.


But wouldn't you agree corporations are the ultimate sociopaths?


No, but this may just be semantics. I see a sociopath as a person who is incapable of caring about anyone beyond his own skin. A corporation is not a person and is not alive and is not capable of caring about anything. A car doesn't care about anything, but will perform actions it's programmed to do. So will a corporation. I think 1947nsaact kinda has it: corporations are a convenient shield for the wealthy oligarchs to hide behind. But they also magnify the evil, by taking decision-making away from individual humans who at least MAY have consciences, or at least concern for the well-being of their own offspring, or their own elderly selves.


Point taken.