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Alarm Sounded Over Trump's 'Little Noticed' Push to Undermine Food Safety


Alarm Sounded Over Trump's 'Little Noticed' Push to Undermine Food Safety

"There has been no dialogue on this proposal with the broad food safety community and no explanation from USDA of the problem the proposed reorganization solves."


Knowing how the USDA, like virtually all regulatory agencies, has fallen under the sway of those very industries it was chartered to police, I wonder how this proposal could make things any worse.


The Elite must get their food and water from other sources than we Plebes do. At the pace with which they are dismantling safety regulations of every aspect of our society for increased profit - air, water, soil, food, etc. - it seems they are hell-bent on killing as many of us as possible, as quickly as possible. So they can’t be breathing the same air as us, drinking the same water as us, or eating the same food as us. Must be nice.


It’s time to start the boycott:

Refuse to purchase any foodstuffs originating outside the United States.


let them eat cake…

and yet another reason why not to go around eating cows…


Mad Magazine should be all over this imbecile.


This is a joke. Michael Taylor cited to show concern over what Trump is doing. Mr Taylor,a former Monsanto executive, as FDA Commissioner in the Clinton Administration, approved rBgh (growth hormones for cows) and helped write laws to add a disclaimer to dairy products that milk with rBgh, which is genetically engineered, is not different than milk without it. It seems that if you worked for Obama you are above suspicion

Is CD so desperate to satisfy the hate Trump contingent, that journalistic integrity goes out the window?–or is it just ignorance?

http://www.healingtalks.com/rights-and-activism/foods-and-agriculture/monsantos-michael-taylor-is-back-to-control-food-safety-from-the-white-house/ ,


??? You want us to die? From the article it is clear that food from outside the United States will be the safer choice after this move!

“The European Union, China, and other nations have insisted that zilpaterol—as well as ractopamine, a drug that promotes leanness and muscle growth in animals—is not safe for human or animal consumption and should not be used in food production. The U.S. approved the drug despite these concerns.”


When the international marketplace start to reject American products as being unsafe by international standards maybe somebody in Washington will notice


Thanks Ted. I’m a bonehead.

Wasn’t thinking. I couldn’t do without my imported coffee and Tequila.


Don’t sweat it. We all have a momentary lapse of reason once in a while. :wink: You are always one of the more informed and articulate commenters here so you can be excused for missing the gist of one article. And it’s easy to understand how one would think that it was about importing toxic food rather then exporting it what with the “America the Exceptional” brainwashing all us Americans have received.

Have you by chance been keeping up on the Britexit and the possible US/UK trade deal? In the comments of one article about it I was reading a few weeks ago on the Guardian website it appears the UK citizens REALLY don’t want to import meats from America. Somehow I think this possible new deregulation might make them even less enthused about the idea.



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