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Alarm Sounds After European Regulators Greenlight Bayer-Monsanto #MergerFromHell

Alarm Sounds After European Regulators Greenlight Bayer-Monsanto #MergerFromHell

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

After weeks of speculation, chemical giant Bayer and biotech behemoth Monsanto have cleared a significant regulatory hurdle in their bid to consolidate into one company through a multibillion-dollar deal that critics are calling the "merger from Hell."

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What are the other hurdles?

A marriage made in even as far as the Corporatists are concerned.

Mr Monsanto can make all the pesticides and GMO’S that lead to cancers and sickness in people and Mrs Bayer can then make the drugs that help treat those same ailments!!

They make you sick then they treat you . You are on this Earth for 75 odd years and always giving them a revenue stream. The glories of the “Free Market” and “Wealth Creation” exposed for the fraud that it is.

The next made in heaven marriage is Privatize all the Countries Fire Departments and then have them Merge with Corporate owned arsonists!


Representative democracy does not represent people.

Representative democracy represents capital.


Saw a report, don’t remember where, 70/80% of the birds of France are gone. Dead. They no longer exist. Because of bug spraying. The bugs are gone. The birds had nothing to eat and the is a Silent Spring in France this year. A Silent Spring. It’s dead quiet out there. It’s dead.


It’s a silent spring in the US as well.

I’m in the desert of AZ, less Dove’s this spring but we are in a nasty drought. Lots of Hummingbirds though. Rachel Carson talked, wrote and back then people listened, today, not so much.

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The most evil corporation on earth marrying/buying the second most evil merge - that merger of true corpoarte evil sounds the death-knell forMother Earth and all of Her creatures including humans! How the frell can the EU be so goddamn blind or corrupted to allow this behemoth to control our global food, seed, and poison fertilizer and pesticide production? Say goodbye to earths pollinators and hello to increased cancer and other diseases - what a fuckin nightmare of corruption and utter failure of elected representatives to protect us all!




Another problem is younger people have never heard the bird symphony of early morning. It has been gone for quite awhile now.

Ask a young person if they have ever heard there was a day when one had to stop and clean the windshield plastered with smashed bugs. It’s rare to see a bug splat on the windshield nowadays.

I quit eating meat and flying. Walking is good for all of us. Turn out lights. Wear warm cloths indoors. Grow a garden or start a community garden. Quite a few young people are thinking like this. I hope it’s enough. Boycott anything packaged in plastic and watch our cost of living goes down while health goes up and billionaires try to pass laws that make growing food illegal. We can win.


Anything goes in the agro-chemical pesticide poisoning industry. Anything goes in the chemical drug scam recipes one after another. Captured food and captured medicine. What’s next, a mandated expiration date on life. How many different practices are there that are called a practice? Doctors, lawyers you only get to practice for very high pay. We can’t have people medicating themselves. Or suing somebody without missing our cut.


Another reason Russia is turning into the Bogeyman in the EU and the West?

Russia is rapidly becoming one of the largest food exporters on the planet. They have a policy of using NON GMO foods meaning Russian food will compete with Monsanto/bayer food.


Thanks, I read a lot at night half asleep :-/

How much more damage and destruction will result from this Bayer/Monsanto merger?

Even suggesting that those in power right now in the US will stand against any of this
destruction is self-deception.

The evidence is before our eyes – and we must believe it – !!

Americans no longer have a government.

Elites/wealthy have a government running our lives.

Laws have been proposed, and passed in some jurisdictions, making it illegal to collect rainwater. Qui bono?

Speaking specifically to gardening–do it. Naturally cultivate as much of anything that blooms as you can. If you’re an urban dweller with a window sill, grow in a window box and encourage your neighbors to do the same. I’ve been gardening my patch of ground for 25 years, transforming 3/4 of an acre from hay, dandelion, and thistle to flowering perennial borders and raised vegetable beds, with grass walkways between, leading to a lawn for game playing, backed by berry patches. I’ve xeriscaped the front yard, planted a few fruit trees, some vines, bushes and shrubs. They’re doing the trick. I’ve noticed in the last five years more and more wildlife establishing itself in my yard. (A stream runs nearby, too.) Last year, a pair of owls moved in. There’s a cacophony of trills and tweets, and an array of insects and butterflies, a couple garden snakes, too. I feel pretty good about creating a place for wildlife to flourish, and that includes me.

There’s an exception to every rule, but I’ve yet to meet a soul who hasn’t benefited from digging in the dirt, planting a flower or veg, and watching it grow. Gardening directly connects a person to the circle of life, a “grounding” exercise that helps this organizer stay sane in a very chaotic world, and helps feed me, my family, and neighbors.

If you divide, grow from seed, and buy sickly plants on the cheap (most are either over or under watered, or burnt by sun or frost, and can be easily nursed back to health), and small young plants, which are much cheaper than larger ones, it’s amazing what can be accomplished with an investment of time and for very little money. Chemicals not required. Creating environment for wildlife benefits the creator as much as the wild visitors it attracts.

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Yes, garden. All who are retired but still able bodied can learn the few skills needed to grow your own vegetables. You might find yourself enjoying it enough to grow vegetables for your kids and grand kids too.

the EU Commission caved in to lobbying from Bayer and Monsanto. the EU Commission caved in to Bribery and Corruption more like.

Monopolies will move us into the “one owner” consequence of capitalism –
not laughable and not a joke.