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"Alarming": Facebook Teams Up With Think-Tank Funded by Saudi Arabia and Military Contractors to "Protect" Democracy


"Alarming": Facebook Teams Up With Think-Tank Funded by Saudi Arabia and Military Contractors to "Protect" Democracy

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a new project Facebook insists is a completely objective and nonpartisan effort to root out what it deems "disinformation," the social media giant announced on Thursday that it is partnering with the Atlantic Council—a prominent Washington-based think-tank funded by Saudi Arabia, major oil companies, defense contractors, and Charles Koch—to prevent its platform from "being abused during elections."


Alarming yes, but ever intended. Social media promoted by Corporations and Governments in Fascist states is always about Social Control.


Gotta Unplug Folks


Please, unplug f/b but not the web. Get a blog at wordpress and fight back. Blogs are free at wordpress. Exercise your right(s). Report what you see and feel. Please.


The back up plan – if you can’t get rid of the internet and free discussion
then introduce fascism to the internet.

I find it impossible to understand why so many people who are politically
aware – and many who aren’t – continue on with Facebook.


Who needs nanny gov’t when you have nanny corporations?


Looks like we have arrived! We now live in the Fascist States of America!


I never used Facebook because I saw their nefarious potential to " stifle dissent".


Zuckerberg is quite disturbing in the way Gates is. Both insist on meddling in very political topics where they have zero expertise. So far, most of Bill Gates’ projects like public health have come out OK. Mark Zuckerberg displays a high level of immaturity and the potential to really mess with humans. And his major at Harvard was psychology. Nothing against psychology, but everybody should do the math. Facebook is as much destructive as constructive, and Zuckerberg is staying barely ahead of the curve of criticism by once and a while doing the right thing (when it’s economically the right thing to do.) Nothing in the way of profit. Facebook, like Microsoft should in time be busted up. The problem to me is tech law is so new-they all skirt the margins of monopoly but no one really knows what to do about it.


One more reason not to use Facebook. The list grows.


Walter, I’m sure they are the ones writing the tech laws. As far as busting them up in time, I say why wait. Funny how both Zuckerburg and Gates basically stole their business models from their partners. Two peas in a pod.


It’s a horrid business model. The premise is they can release whatever they want and it’s up to us to put up with bugs etc. Look at how rinky-dink Facebook software really is. Total crap considering how much money they have. I don’t want to get started. Yeah bust them ASAP.


Point to point will eventually take the place of communal presence

Critical comm flow will become controllable and configurable to allow select audience

The communal junk flow will be available but the rest of us won’t have to put up with brain barfing

And profiling will be subject to how much I give not how much they map and record

Quantum Password-Encryption will secure packet flow
Any interception will destroy data content


Hardly alarming and more like a good thing. People should realise exactly who they are dealing with in regard to the low morale corporate douche bags behind facebook and drop it. Who cares what facebook does, what is far more important is the social move to get people to drop it because of the broad social harm that facebook causes by design, this partnership hardly makes it worse, more just makes it more obvious how bad facebook really is.
Next up the push to have any records about non members forcefully expunged under law.


Zuckerberg is a fool. Boycot Facebook!


The Atlantic Council has done some sketchy things, like trying to give the leader of Gabon an award he didn’t really deserve, but their Digital Forensic Research Lab is without flaw. For example: exposing false videos aimed at discrediting the Gazan protestors (google: Viral Video From Gaza Protests Not Actually From Gaza Protests; or go to their Medium page) - something one would assume isn’t characteristic of a propaganda outlet for the (tacitly pro-Israel) Gulf states.

Just as Common Dreams certainly has a bias, one should not dismiss the Atlantic Council merely due to their Atlanticist bias.