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'Alarming': Some Small Businesses Received Just $1 in Covid-19 Relief Loans as Kushner Family, Wall Street Investors Raked in Millions

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/07/alarming-some-small-businesses-received-just-1-covid-19-relief-loans-kushner-family


If we had a legitimate government these grifters would be removed and prosecuted for graft and traitorous public endangerment. sadly, with too few exceptions, congress is composed of stooges and self-serving careerists.


If he can stay out of jail (hopefully not) I think he has enormous potential as a Hollywood sleazy weasel villain - he wouldn’t even have to act.


These folks need to be in jail for life. Or better yet in a museum of white collar criminals with their heads displayed on pikes. Short of that they will steal literally everything as they destroy all life along the way. Time is running out if it already hasn’t to stop these mother (nature) fuckers. What is truly alarming is all the citizens who keep on voting for both parties that enable all this stealing on behalf of their corporate oligarch owners.


Pelosi rammed the PPP through Congress like it was the Pentagons Budget. No oversight, no real debate. She thought Businesses needed the money more than the People did. Now we’re suppose to be outraged with Mitch for doing what Pelosi encouraged. She was also quick to bail out Airlines, and Cruise Lines and Banks. The people are still awaiting .


Words from a song keep going through my head. Simon and Garfinkel. Mrs. Robinson.
“Every way you look at it you lose “


It’s working so far, with the indices at or near record highs for weeks on end through this. So long as Nancy, Chuck, and the Fed are willing to pour money all over the banksters, “markets” are well-primed to rally. That’s all this gang CARES about.


Didn’t someone once say
“All your money is belong to us “ ??

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The haters and the “Just-us” crowd doing as much harm as possible to hurt the many to benefit the few. We need to rise up. General Strikes leading to total, non cooperation.


Covid-19 and the economic crisis it has unleashed has awakened many to what is their plight. As the small business owner who may have been duped by Trump’s con in 2016 sees his naked ugliness for what it is, that owner will not return to renew said vote. As for me, I am not a particularly violent man, but that picture and the legacy I have heard about Jared–just one snap of that scrawny neck. No, a long, long sentence in orange fashion du jour would be much better. Like father, like son.


… seven of whom took millions for themselves.


And Jared said that about the PPE and covid-19 test kits they commandeered for the WH and their pet sycophants…


If this “Entitled Elitist Administration” has taught us anything in the past 4 years, it’s that We the People must demand that legislators create laws to severely punish “corruption” within our own government. Not just “slap on the wrist” shit, but strong prison terms.


A long prison term is a waste of resources in a time of dwindling ones.

Personally, with him, I see a quick end as a good start to never again having to ever hear the name of someone who never contributed to humanity in a positive way.


A poor man steals a loaf of bread from a convenience store to feed his family, gets arrested, thrown in jail then receives a lengthy prison term.

Elitist pricks raised with silver spoons up their nose get preferential $Million loans designed to aid struggling small business owners during a time of Pandemic, in essence stealing funds from those who really need assistance, and they don’t get even a reprimand.

Where’s the equality in that?


“Alarming”? BS! How about corrupt, criminal and unforgivable, demanding the strongest prosecution to the fullest extent possible!

The crony corruption that is actually theft from the people and nation by this mob regime is just over the freakin top in its arrogance and contempt for the 99%! Enough!


Isn’t this the whole point of naming Goldman Sachs executives to the Treasury Department and as economic advisors, to streamline the looting of the Treasury for political mob bosses?


Working within the system to combat this legalized corruption is akin to “banging one’s head against a concrete wall.”

Might there ever be an acceptance of a shadow group of equal justice dispensers, who bring a form of frontier justice to those who are a major part of the wholesale corrupt system?


Look at every bailout during our history. Even the programs of the Great Depression added to the wealth of the 1%, sub rosa. This is simply a continuation of the Silverado Savings & Loan(Bush family)bailout, the 2008 bailout( every rich mo-fo you can think of), and now this.
As for Kushner, word on the street is he’s running things like his private fiefdom from the Oval Office. It’s not Trump you have to deal with, it’s Jared. His neck is a vampire’s wet dream. His hyoid bone is dangerously exposed. He’s a human with a chicken neck…


those two turdes up for re-election need to go. Their opposition sounds OK if only the citizens will show up at the voting stations and do a good job.
Oh wait !!! Are there any voting station left ???