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Alarms Raised as GOP Moves to Let Wall Street 'Rip Off Consumers With Impunity'


Alarms Raised as GOP Moves to Let Wall Street 'Rip Off Consumers With Impunity'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a vote Tuesday, Senate Republicans are looking to scrap the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's ban on "rip off clauses"


What a surprise.
Since at least the days of JFK, this is just one part of the fraudulence that is the Republican Party. With Don as “president,” it’s official.


“Thought shalt not lie.” ~the Ninth Commandment

Christian values of our government?


Steve Mnuchin and Wall St. - how can their opinions ever be held in esteem given the history?
When lying, wealthy elites become the most powerful people in government, we know with certainty that democracy is long gone.
Can’t get democracy with Thugs & Dums & Corporations as Citizens.


These men are like financial “terrorists” to the American people. They will do as much damage to us as they possibly can. I recommend they be given a free stay at Hotel Guantanamo along with Bush and Cheney.


I normally don’t provide ad hominem attacks, it is much more fun to deconstruct a poor argument

However, is it just me or does Mnuchin strike anyone as having one of the slimiest smirks ever?

“Ripping off with Impunity” is a quite accurate description of his facial expression.


There is an expansion in the use of arbitration clause, they are used in some parts of health care and expanding. It is probably not legally binding in some cases and you have a 30-day period to opt out, There are other troubling mechanisms as well.


These guys are blowing pistons on all fronts, EPA being gutted and left to twist in the wind. Don’t let happen. Pruitt is working to reverse the ban on chlorpyrifos pesticides despite "substantial evidence that chlorpyrifos can interfere with children’s brain development and expose farmworkers to serious health risks, Dow Chemical – a company that sells these harmful pesticides regardless of the dangerous consequences – has been pushing the Trump administration to ignore the facts and let this poisoning continue unchecked."
Partners on the petition to demand banning of chlorpyrifos
Daily Kos
Environmental Working Group
Friends of the Earth
League of Conservation Voters
Organic Consumers Association
Sierra Club
The Nation


No it not just you. It is a whats wrong with this picture moment. I guess you just can’t hide greed and corruption after awhile. Especially if you think there are no consequences.


The hubris and hauteur coupled with two resident evils in that room sucked all the breathable air right out. Demons need no air, they absorb what they need through their pores.


“The vote on this rule is a litmus test of whose side you’re on: Main Street consumers or big banks,”

The least necessary litmus test ever.


Yeah, democrats too – especially since Bill Clinton.


trample on the consumer AGAIN


I see my country being exposed to a malicious assult on 50 different institutions at one time. Schools, natl parks, healthcare etc.
its not them. We went to sleep more than a decade ago. The fact that we are being put in a no respect for the tax payer. The only recourse is when everyone decides this must stop and march on Washington by
the hundreds of thousands and jam the capitol building and corner not just the politicians and also the lobbyists. This is our only hope. They daily are attacking us to the point of we have lost really any hope and are respected as dogs. No kibbles for us


Munchkin never got beat up as a kid. Im sad to say but as a young ruffian, I punch his face in. Not nice, kids back then at least had morrals.