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Alaska Becomes Backdrop as Obama's Climate Contradictions Laid Bare


Alaska Becomes Backdrop as Obama's Climate Contradictions Laid Bare

Jon Queally, staff writer

Though President Obama made headlines Sunday night for announcing the signing of an executive order which officially renamed Alaska's Mt. McKinley to Denali, the name used by Indigenous people and most Alaskan residents, the president's visit to the country's most northern state remains centered for many on his contradictory position in which he champions offshore Arctic drilling on the one hand while simultaneously calling for strong climate action on the other.


"Contradictions"?, or sell-outs to corporate exploitation and degradation? The approval for Royal Dutch Shell to drill the Arctic and approval for sonic-blasts for oil exploration of the US east Coast are more than "contradictions"!
Obama was also complicit to the Gulf oil spill disaster for his pick of Ken Salazar for Interior Sec. The darling of the oil/gas industry, Salazar was responsible for lax oversight and failure to require safety mechanisms that could have prevented the Deep Water Horizon catastrophe! Salazar also allowed the use of approximately 1.84 million gallons of "Corexit" "dispersants" that were more deadly to the marine environment than the oil alone! Obama seems to have forgotten the consequences of oil drilling "accidents"!


RDS was the oil giant that raped and polluted the Niger Delta and worked with the Nigerian regime to kill and eliminate the internationally respected activist Ken Saro Wiwa. THAT is the corporate pirate/polluter Obama is colluding with! ANY oil spill in the Arctic will be devastating but that doesn't seem to register to the "change we can believe-in" Prez sellout! Obama is as ignorant of environmental issues as he apparently is re RDS history of pollution and racist exploitation!


Renaming a mountain is a rather pathetic pacifier for those living in the area who will be the ones who will have to live with the consequences of mishaps. By bending over to Big Oil Obama has just put a big X across his legacy. By turning a deaf ear to the scientific specifics on climate change he is in no position to speak to anyone on climate change when he is exacerbating the problem with the poor decisions he is making.,It appears that Big Oil is making his decisions for him.


Perhaps a lucrative position is waiting for him at Shell.


Once again the Manchurian candidate delivers for the BIGS! Obama's only concern about the Climate is it allows him to get even bigger bribes from the Fossil Energy Barons. He uses the Climate movement as a crowbar against these people. He has us out here to pt. to so he can scare them. What a pack of weasels he and his people are.


Gee, I wonder if he'll stop by Kivalina, which is being relocated due to intrusion by the Chukchi Sea.


Obama's policies on climate change and the environment don't square with his energy policy because to get them to square he must announce the need for economic change away from the capitalist growth model that relies on fossil fuels. That is the dirty little (obvious) secret that Obama won't say out loud because most Americans don't want to hear it.


Obama's specialty is pacifying his base with flowery gestures, big speeches and then working with and for the corporations and Wall Street.

He hardly said "boo" during the big Gulf oil spill and it took him forever to get down there.


"Weasels"? How about jackals or hyenas?


How about Skueasels, a genetically modified cross of a skunk and a weasel?


They sat Obama down on the day after the 2008 election and showed him the Zapruer film with the admonition that no one could stop a "lone" gunman. At a dinner party he attended, some were ragging him about his pseudo-conservative policies. He replied, "you know what happened to Martin Luther King!" He is a coward.


Since we started moving plant seeds around the globe some 400 years ago we sure have made a mess...Mom and Dad are telling us to go clean up our room but like any new-born, we refuse to lesson...it won't be long now, what maybe when we turn 18, we'll be kicked outta the house...isn't that what our science teachers at school are teaching us? Thanks, I like your work/thinking...


Legacy schmegacy.


Same con. When it comes to being serious about climate devastation Obama's mantra should be: OH YES..I AM THE GREAT PRETENDER.


I really HATE to have to agree with you (about our common fate vis-a-vis Mother Nature), but these very thoughts have been on my mind. As much as the paternalists bluster about our dominion over nature, we have no such dominion. It is just the opposite. We are not apart from nature. Bluster aside, we are just animals who cohabit this planet, and are subject to the same natural forces as any of the other now extinct species who came before us. Unfortunately for all of us, the few hubristic masters of the universe, lost in their dance around the Golden Calf, do not care if they doom us and themselves in their mad rush for riches.


I've thought that from the beginning. Heinz, Wellstone, Kennedy jr, and others rubbed-out in small plane crashes......


HEY man, do not bad-mouth skunks (the mammal)! I have cared for several injured and they have been sweet and gentle and good as gold before I released them......almost any comparison between politicians and animals for these political scum demeans the animal.


This. I can't fathom how the Obambots continue to fall for his rhetoric and completely ignore his actions. It's "cognitive dissonance" on steroids. The pattern is clear: make a completely superficial gesture/trip that dazzles the true-believers while screwing over the enviroment/people/planet. And repeat. The fact that he does this over and over means he's either disconnected from reality or he cynically doesn't care since it placates enough of the base. Maybe he thinks history will record the useless symbolisms and not detrimental results of his actions.


So long as the US continues the endless Wars which consume 6% of US oil usage and Auto Addiction then we will need to continue ravishing the Earth to fuel our cars and Wars. Once again while Obama rode a train to his first Inaugural in a gifted Photo Op of what we need to do, in reality his policies have have the typical Weimar Republic gestures. The US taxpayers bailed out the US automakers who enchained us in Auto Addiction for decades and were convicted 3 times of systematically destroying US trolley systems all across the US. This was an opportunity to remake US Auto companies and their union workers into Green Transit companies producing the public transit which could cut our oil usage by 10% in a year if it was just actually used. Instead GM announced reopening a factory in Flint to produce more gas guzzling trucks. Obama could sign an Executive order limiting government cars and ordering Federal employees to use Green public Transit instead.
70% of US oil consumption, 40% still imported from overseas, goes to Auto Addiction.
In New Jersey, Gov Christie has succeeded in emasculating public transit in a State more densely populated than China to the point Auto Addiction at 47% is the largest source of greenhouse emissions.


Also, the Shadow Government wants to pre-empt Russia and with a 45.6 billion budget, Obama must think they know what's best.