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Alaska Governor's Puzzling Math: To Cope with Climate, We Must Drill More Oil


Alaska Governor's Puzzling Math: To Cope with Climate, We Must Drill More Oil

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Displaying a rather circular logic that defies common scientific understanding, Alaskan Gov. Bill Walker has said that the state must expand fossil fuel drilling in order to pay for the damage caused by climate change.

Walker, an independent, told BBC News that Alaska is facing "a significant fiscal challenge," due to falling oil prices and Shell's decision to pull out of drilling in the Chukchi Sea. Meanwhile, he noted, "We have villages that are washing away because of changes in the climate."


A new MSM star is born in the great age of the untruth.


This conniving jerk is not a humanity indictment.


The rationalization of greed ultimately results in stupidity. In a saner world this governor would call for the closing of a few dozen of America's 800 military bases that we maintain and pay for around the world and an end to subsidizing fossil fuel companies to pay for the damage. Why we even need a military base in Australia is beyond logic to say nothing about those bases we pay for in Britain. Rest assured that if France wishes to continue the 100 years war that we will most certainly side with the British despite the need for translators when they speak English. However in the meantime, we do not need to spend all this money to maintain military bases in the British Isles. This governor could advocate a transaction tax on Wall St. He could advocate a carbon tax too and many other things rather than drilling for more oil that we can't safely use anyway.


Not really surprising because Alaskan politics is so corrupt. Unless you are a stooge for big oil, you have very little or no chance of an elite political office in Alaska.

Alaska politicians are owned lock, stock and barrel by big oil. And what more proof than that pistol packin oil mama ( DRILL BABY! DRILL! ) Sarah Palin was elected Governor!

The S..hell oil rig protesters in Portland, Oregon were just excoriated by Alaskan oil stooge, politicians for trying to stop the S..hell oil drilling rig from leaving Portland, Oregon.


Today's "Definition of Insanity" award goes to Gov. Walker.


Are all Governor's of the state of Alaska NUTS!, Sara Palin and now this clown do the regular folks vote up there or what!


With this guy, its a toss-up.


You seem to ignore science and chemistry. It isn't magic - it is science. CO2 is a greenhouse gas - it traps heat and acts like a blanket (that traps your body heat) thrown over the Earth. You have it backwards though.

As CO2 levels rise they trap more heat in the atmosphere and temperatures rise. What you are looking at is the temperatures that resulted from a previous rise in CO2. The next year's temperature rise results from more CO2 trapping more heat. It has been happening since humanity started using coal (and then oil) in the industrial revolution.

You again ignore science about China's skyrocketing CO2 since the hottest years ever recorded and a continuing rise in world temperatures have resulted this decade. Thus global temperatures have not remained flat at all in the past two decades actually.

Climate fluctuations are not controlled by the sun. You seem to think that the temperature of the sun rises and falls thus warming the Earth. Well you are wrong about that. The Sun doesn't really change in any significant way.

The stuff about conspiracies I leave to you, however, your comment about carbon trading is simply ridiculous and agitprop. You aren't very good at it and need to respect your audience more if you would try to con people and sow confusion. Maybe you are sincere in what you've said (I find that hard to believe) but if so, I took the time to clarify a few things which you can easily check out for yourself.


If Alaska really wanted to fight global warming, create jobs for Alaskans and respect aboriginal rights, the State would push for a ET3 (high speed evacuated tube transport http://www.et3.com/) system in which people could go from North America to Asia in a matter of an hour in a fossil fuel free, sustainable way eliminating the need for aircraft while improving relations between Russia and the U.S. For this electrictified system to be viable, we must bridge the gap between Russia and the U.S. in the Bering Strait. The cost of construction of this futuristic transportation system would cost the same as a two lane highway (on land) and allow someone to go from New York City to Beijing in two hours with no carbon footprint. The magnetic levitation used could also be powered entirely from solar and wind powered systems providing a prototype for long distant travel into the next century.
Naturally Big Oil despises such a system and finds it much easier to bribe a governor and a couple of Congressmen to push for the final extraction of the last drop of oil so that a few, welathy Wall Street investors can enjoy their final days on a dying planet. 'Vision' has never been a strong point for corporate lackies unless they're selling us on the benefits of their corporate agendas. If Alaskans even knew about such incredible projects suh as linking Eurasia and the Americas through an environmentally sound, high spped, inexpensive transportation system that depends on being built right through their backyard (with a minimimal amount of disruption to the wildlife existing there), most would be onboard immediately. But in this day and age of corporate owned media, such ideas are never tabled to the electorate.


His "math" isn't puzzling at all, its just fine - for the oil&gas pirates and his tax revenues - he needs more state revenue and the place he chooses to get it, as Alaska has for decades, is from oil - sending our entire planet and all its people to the rubbish heap is a minor detail. Alaska raises some funny folk and ideas, not all, but some, a mind is a terrible thing to waste........


Alaska governators, Representatives, and Senators are all beholding to Big Oil/Gas/Mining...especially the Repugnicants. Walker is just another in the long line of shills: he and his wife owned a law firm that specialized in oil and gas law (wonder who their best clients were???); Walker was general counsel for the Alaska Gasline Port Authority. So, it is no surprise that he continues to push for more drilling in ANWR, no less; mining; expanding gas exploration and drilling, etc. He knows on what side his bread is oiled. What a jerk! And the Alaskans who elect these creeps are the first to cry foul when their hunting grounds, lakes, and rivers are destroyed by all manner of mining, drilling, clear-cutting, polluting, etc.


Bite. Your. Tongue!


Actually, you're spot on!. The Age of the Deceiver is upon us. Everywhere you turn, there's a liar with a megaphone in power. It's not just Bill Walker, its the entire composition of the US government (all branches), the MSM, Wall Street, MIC, etc.. You name it and its corrupted..


"Is anyone listening?"

No one (except corporate and military shills and dupes) is listening to your anti-science nonsense.

Too bad corporate and military shills and dupes still rule the political economy...

Your statement that "global temperatures are flat" is uproariously false. If you actually believe it, you are a dupe. Given the massive investment in climate obfuscation propaganda that fossil fuel interests have made, and your quick clot of obfuscatory talking points, you are more likely a shill.


Mel Brooks model of a GOV?


" Do the regular folks vote up there?"

Most vote for the oil dividend.


Sure. So's water -- but you can damn' well drown in too much of it!


Clearly the Alaska governor has not "Do(ne) the Math" ala Bill McKibben.


Then there is the case of North Dakota...