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Alaska Senator Denounced for 'Deplorable' Attempt to Force Drilling in Arctic Wildlife Refuge


Alaska Senator Denounced for 'Deplorable' Attempt to Force Drilling in Arctic Wildlife Refuge

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Environmentalists sharply rebuked Sen. Lisa Murkowski's (R-Ala.) proposal to force the sale of drilling rights contracts for public land in Alaska

mom and baby polar bears



The fossil fuel industries are greedy, environmental, terrorists and they won’t be happy until they ruin ANWR this last pristine, and unspoiled WILD LIFE REFUGE…


When it comes to pursuing short-term profit, there is nothing sacred.

Which is my biggest gripe with the ‘free market knows best’ crowd.

The market isn’t some mystical force, it’s the collective behavior of society. It destroys things that can’t be replaced. It literally turns humans into slaves. It puts a price on what many consider priceless.


AWOL in this discussion is the fact that even more fossil fuel production is going in exactly the wrong direction. And because the ANWR is so remote and harsh, the amount of fossil fuels that will be expended (and associated GHG’s emitted) to develop it will be excessive. But in Trumplandia, where Global Warming is a hoax and environmental poisoning is good medicine, who cares, right?


I wonder if there will be ANY net gain when the energy wasted in exploring & developing this area, extracting the crude, shipping it, refining it, and then shipping the resultant fuel to market is subtracted from the energy that’s in the crude in the first place.  It seems to me that the idiots pushing this project could make a lot more money if they invested in producing solar panels and/or wind turbines instead.   See the following:


I cannot even hazard a guess as to how many times I’ve signed petitions about not allowing drilling in the ANWR.
These ‘people’ are sick in the soul…


And our SoS, Rex T and Exxon/Mobile are in bed with the Russians to do similar things in the Russian controlled portions of the Arctic. You know, whenever I may have in the past envisioned a better world where we all just got along, like Rodney wanted, and we were friends with the Russians, I didn’t imagine it would be in the service of climate destruction.


Who needs Polar Bears, Narwahls, Snowy Owls, Lemmings, Walrus, Muskox, Caribou, etc. and riparian plant and species habitats anyway? Obviously, Murderer-owski and her compatriots do not. Adios ANWR, hello HAEDES! Take a big, long swig of your coveted oil, Murder-owski…you should last about an hour or two of absolute agony…just like all the land and marine animal populations decimated by mankind’s insatiable greed.


This speech from Chief Sitting Bull is still relevant if one substitutes oil for soil.

" Hear me people. We have to deal with another race…small and feeble when our fathers first meant them, but now great and overbearing. Strangely enough they have a mind to till the soil and the love of possessions is a disease with them. They take their tithes from the poor and weak to support the rich who rule."


“…a path to greater prosperity…” in Republican-speak always means that the rich get richer. Everyone else, present and future alike, lose another irreplaceable natural resource.


How can something you don’t even have be sick?  These are Multi-NaZional Korporations – soul-less & heart-less by definition.  But “our” SCOTUS says they’re people anyway, and politicians with sick souls and sick minds – such as Romney & Tweetlle-Dumb – agree.


One of the few pristine places in the world is in danger on more than one front. Global warming is already a danger to polar life and life in Alaska, never mind drilling for oil.

Murkowski, just take care of Alaska’s energy needs and leave oil alone. I know people who relocated to Alaska because of its beauty, and they will not be pleased with your suggestion.


Yes, we are definitely living in the Orwellian time of doublespeak.


Democrats might be Republicans in sheep’s clothing but the worst Democrat’s voting record is still better than the best Republican’s voting record on environmental matters. Republicans think the Earth is a garbage can to be raped of its resources no matter what the cost to health. Death to the party of congenitally STUPID Republicans!


Republican voters are useful pawn idiots for the rich. Hence, the “election” of Hair Hitler The Flaming Orange Satan Chump trump.


Murkowski should be gotten rid of, asap. This is madness. From a strictly philosophical “syllogism” standpoint, what is going on here? We have a national refuge. Take away the fact that it was fought for to get in the first place, fought for to keep, etc. It is there. Now, what in the hell is drilling for oil doing on a wildlife refuge? It would be the same with a national park. That is why these places exist.
The only explanation lies in the trajectory the GOP is on now. They were not always. Nixon started the EPA, Theodore Roosevelt’s feelings and efforts toward parkland are well known.
Gutter Trump, if even to be mentioned, is symbolic of this endless, mindless pursuit of some kind of cash cow of any sort-gaming, petroleum, dead bodies if they can in the name of another war. This is psychotic.


The only thing I can think of that would be more devastating would be the opening of that Pebble Gold and Copper mine at the head waters of Bristol Bay- Now that would be absolutely TRAGIC!!!