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Alaska's Ancient Yellow Cedars Clear Hurdle Toward Endangered Species Act Listing



Yellow cedar bark-- from LIVING TREES ONLY-- (and the removal of some bark doesn't kill them) is a principal weaving material for hat- & basket-makers. It is taken from the younger-to- middle-aged trees in the Spring. The idea that things are so desperate that THESE need listing with the ESA is really and truly troubling. The logging... which is operated at a LOSS to "us"- the people for whom the Federal Government manages the National Forests- MUST END... or at least be managed in a severely different method. The 'intact' forest can still provide some specialty wood, on a selective basis, so that there is only a small amount of timber, thoughtfully designated & carefully removed, which would allow the forest to develop to maturity indefinitely. No more "economies of scale"-driven logging on ANY public lands ANYWHERE, is my personal desire. Indigenous cultures that have learned to live within their means have understood this. It's time the rest of us- "interlopers"- got the Message. ^..^