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Albert Woodfox Free: Last of Angola 3, Who Spent Decades in Solitary, Released


Albert Woodfox Free: Last of Angola 3, Who Spent Decades in Solitary, Released

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Albert Woodfox, the last of the men known as the Angola 3, was released from a Louisiana prison on Friday.

He had spent over four decades in solitary confinement at the notorious Louisiana State Penitentiary known as "Angola."

WBRZ Reporter Michael Vinsanau tweeted this photo of Woodfox as he walked out of prison:


Glad he is finally out. Is it too much to hope Leonard Peltier will be next?


bittersweet triumph.
the prison system, aka incarceration industry, will not submit to reform easily:. too much money to be made.


Until Amerika admits its horrific foundation in the stealing of lands and genocide of the indigenous souls who caretook the land and the economic benefits it received from the lives of stolen African souls, we will never go forward as free people. The ongoing horrific treatment of native peoples and descendants of African slaves must end and we must demand it now. There will be no true revolution without these behaviors ceasing and apologies and reparations paid appropriately.


Oh yes, I almost forgot, the land of the free and home of the brave.


Leonard Peltier must be getting elderly, he has been incarcerated for so long. I would like to see him released before he passes away, but just like Abu Jamal it does not look like it.


The only true Americans are the Native Americans, like my spouse and many of my relatives whose ancestors had there lands stolen from them by the European immigrants.

And their brothers and sisters are the African American ancestors who were brought to America against their will as slaves for the greedy oligarchs of that time. and what is hardly ever mentioned in the history books is that many of the founding fathers made their fortunes off of slavery, Washington and Jefferson among many others.

I agree that it is way past time that the indigenous people and the African American people need to be compensated for all these past wrongs by its government.


Michael Moore's new movie is a must see for everyone, so spread the word. Speaking of words, there are two words spoken in this movie which to me form its centerpiece. Those two words are "HUMAN DIGNITY." Until all people learn to treat each other with human dignity, and I speak here mainly for my own people, Americans, whose history is filled with unsettled horrors toward other human beings, we are doomed to the aftermath of 'karma.'