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ALEC and Polluters Release New, Uninspired Schemes to Block Climate Action


ALEC and Polluters Release New, Uninspired Schemes to Block Climate Action

Aliya Huq

With most of America enduring major heat waves this week, mild and sunny San Diego is not a bad place to be -- especially if you want to ignore climate change and block clean energy solutions. Turns out that's where polluting companies and conservative state lawmakers are gathering right now for the American Legislative Exchange Council's (ALEC) annual summer conference. ALEC, funded by industry interests like Peabody Coal and the Koch brothers, is hosting the typical round of closed-door discussions for polluter lobbyists to write model bills for legislators.


ALEC (Astroturfing Lying Exaggerating Council) is hell bent on stirring up anti-“gubment” sentiment primarily for the purpose of maintaining the rule of dirty industries (although remoras are allowed). Like my other post this morning, I think it is past time to out these cretins for what they are–money-grubbing enemies of LIFE on earth. That the media accommodates their tactics is despicable. The love of money truly is the root of all evil.


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ALEC appears to be the ‘mode(rn) day’ fashionable reflection of the mythic fable of the Cyclops. Note that the cyclops is always a GIANT of hidden rage and powers, hyper acquisitive, destructive. Instead of the inner eye of the soul recognizing the equilibrium of the scope of what is yet to be in living dynamics, that ‘eye’ is twisted into a physical distortion smack in the middle of the ‘head’ of an aggregate monster, attempting to take by force any and all essential balances evolved over millennia, not the least of which of our sense of and capacity for sight. Ah, but ALEC is so gentlemanly.

Mono-eyed, (mon-eyed?, now there’s an interesting linguistic proposition), the beast in denial of the original meaning of ‘economy’, of oikos, of stewardship, roars and flails and who picks up the pieces? The uncounted stewards of the earth whose hearts have the wisdom of respectfully, lovingly living lives, called to bring their unity in diversity to lay to rest a monster in their midst.

As Shakespeare so poetically queried: What is in a name? To wit, consider a ‘millionized’ mindset - what portion of humanity has been subjected to the cyclops of a whim built on a predatory imprisonment of ideas? Like the inner eye, ideas are essential to human interface with ‘the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’. Play the game of 'becoming a millionaire. You too can live in denial of the deadly history and exponential intensification of a cyclops model of oikos.

Part of that predation is the blinding to the very concept of ‘millions of people’ - This made so clear in the failure to recognize the REAL meaning of the phenomena like ‘the Million Man March’. The poetic inversion of the ‘hero’, a societal reaction to the false virtual demi-god-of-one to protect against the predations facilitated by vacuous ‘talking heads’ of the Max Headroom club of ‘mass media’.

No longer millions, but billions of people are making voices heard in the spectrum of concerns externalized/denied/excluded/falsely condemned by corporate media (etymologically literally ‘intermediate agency’) of what? a model of predatory hegemony that capitalism has excreted under the delusion that its anal function is its mouth, the epitome of which is the high speed trading of the derivative(s). Not original, not having integrity of meaning, but an unhinged dynamic accelerating at 32’/sec/sec., like the rage of the cyclops when challenged, grabbing everything it can - most recently Greece herself.

Like a testosterone poisoning, the cyclops also reflects the intent to impose eradication of the presence of the feminine, always, inevitably a very real presence both now and at the time the fable arose. It calls forth timeless resistance to entire intentional crushing mechanisms wielded in fundamental distortions asserting psychopathic notions of kinder, gentler deadly force. This it inevitably does in order to rationalize the voids it inevitably creates in the roaring consumptive rise of the mono of the hyper masculinized. Along the way assiduously trying to erase the original teaching lessons that come to fruition in disciplined human conversation about meaning. The laughable imposition of a corporation for presidential campaign ‘debates’ one of its xcretions.

And you will be told that the violence of the cyclops is the only alternative as evidenced in the agency of linguistic politics of its media; with games channeling our children into its vomitorium of cradle to grave violence; with a palimpsest of ‘consumerism’ from which the long history and legacy of suffering and distortions are continually claimed not to exist. Those claims are crumbling in the face of billions who know the real meaning of his-tory and that resistance, by dint of nature herself, can never be erased, hence rendering the pathologies blatant in the light of day.


These are the CORPORATE THUGS who are in control of the Republican Party and are trying to turn every state house to the VERY FAR RIGHT. Californians cannot let them take over our house! If your California State Assemblyman/woman or Senator attends this meeting of ALEC coming up in San Diego, never vote for him/her again. If you value our institutions and our FORWARD looking plans for our great, big BLUE STATE, VOTE TO KEEP ALEC’s CORPORATE FRIENDLY LEGISLATION from INFECTING Cailfornia’s FAIR, SAFE, SUSTAINABLE FUTURE.


Always interesting to note that this group of extremely short sighted self absorbed individuals want democracy and free markets for themselves but scream like stuck pigs when others claim the same privilege. Renewable energy and solar panel ownership are inevitable, commonsense solutions–the tide against buying power from a few providers and increasing their obscene wealth is rising…they will fight back but they’re dinosaurs.


Let’s bury ALEC and move on. They are so demonstratively wrong and the evidence is before our eyes…the climate is changing and accelerating leaving Senator Imhof isolated on his desert island.
They’re on life support and sinking.