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ALEC Appoints New Chair To Climate Denial Task Force



To counter ALEC, the Democrats created the States Innovation Exchange, or as it is known by its acronym,SiX. Intended to be the so-called 'progressive' counter to ALEC at the states level. Possibly a good idea, yet one remains skeptical for like ALEC, SiX is shrouded in its own sort of mystery lacking very much anything approaching transparency.


ALEC, Peabody Coal, the Koch Brothers and other funding sources for climate change denial ought to have their profits garnished to cover the costs of treating the Asthma and Cancer treatments of those harmed by not just their product, but their active opposition to efforts intended to curb toxic emissions and environmental pollutants.


For the lives jeopardized and lost due to Climate Change denial, ALEC ought to be criminally accountable.
Criminal conspiracy sounds good for starters.


"Lisa Nelson? No, I did not have science with that woman."


Disgusting to see that NRECA - comprised of the energy co-ops that FDR set up under the New Deal to bring electricity to communities of regular people throughout rural USA - is funding ALEC!

How many individual ratepayer / owners of the co-ops that make up NRECA know about and support this funding of ALEC?

Proof again that just because a business is a co-op, does not automatically make it an actually democratically run business, or a socially or ecologically accountable business.


The age of disinformation.