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ALEC Is Pushing a New Slate of Viciously Anti-Worker, Pro-Corporate Laws


ALEC Is Pushing a New Slate of Viciously Anti-Worker, Pro-Corporate Laws

Mary Bottari

When the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) convened its 45th annual meeting of legislators and corporate lobbyists at the swank Hilton New Orleans Riverside hotel on August 8, it served up a veritable banquet of union-busting, gerrymandering, pro-fossil fuel, and school privatization proposals for lawmakers to take back home.


AMERICA! Alec must DIE!


Thanks for this crucial update on the debased exploits of far right extremists.
Recognize these policies and their dog whistle rhetoric.
Target said supporters.
Make them pay - that’s all they listen to.


Let’s figure out how to accomplish this. I’m sure the service staff at the hotel would appreciate it when they find that tips are nonexistent at these sick affairs that glorify selfishness.


The cure:


Hi Xyz, and LOL, let’s see what my evil twin has to say now that she’s taken over my mind. : )

Geez ALEC----you want to F*** with restaurant and food workers…??? I hope you’re not planning on having parties and meetings in… you know in–restaurants??? I mean–whoa, someone’s going to serve you a fugu sandwich! : 0

Or gosh, ALEC, I suppose you could hire a car, but do you really know who’s driving? It could be a really unhappy worker taking that driving job, as a 2nd or 3rd job to survive, Oh gosh----ALEC, if you ruin someone’s life----lets’ hope that none of their relatives work in a hospital, should you need an operation. : 0

Wow these ALEC people act like 7th grade bullies, as if life has no consequences for actions. Do you not understand, ALEC how many people are just hanging on-----do you not understand that when America loses its middle class-----who’s going to buy things? Do you imagine a world where you are the lords and everyone else is a serf? Maybe you don’t know yet, but Climate Change is rewriting all the rules!
See, the thing is that when a nation of people become desperate they do all kinds of things that, were they living in an actual democratic republic, they would never chose to act on.
ALEC, honestly, read up on the French Revolution, and the Russian one-----and maybe reading up on the American one wouldn’t hurt either. Back then that NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION was a big deal.YOU are not in a special club where the rest of the world doesn’t matter. REMEMBER, the revolution will not be televised, nor on the internet, nor Twitter, it will be completely individualized, no doubt, by sad and broken people acting completely alone, who will fade into the crowd, unknown----and sadly as they fall, so does the whole nation. When the bottom disappears, ALEC, no one is holding you up-------and for you ALEC to show such glee in your power to destroy…I wish you could see that you are destroying yourselves too.
My evil twin has now returned control of my own mind------and like Ronald RAY GUN, I have no idea what was said, and what is Iran Contra anyway.? : 0


I too appreciate this peek behind ALEC’s curtain for the coming legislative seasons. Along with their agenda — and of course the scariest are the ready-made “Acts” that grateful state legislators can file without doing any work — I’d like to see the roll of attendees, by state.

ALEC does a new style of federalism, dictated by corporations. While we mustn’t lose sight of what goes on in DC, we also need to attend to our more easily bought state legislators.


Right-to-Work laws are ALEC’s most insidious anti-worker campaigns. In New Mexico, our Republican governor browbeats our Legislature with this crap every year. And every year, bless their hearts, that tell her to stuff it!


These guys are like a giant flock of evil woodpeckers on steroids and massive doses of cocaine who come from hell, bent on destroying everything that makes life possible or enjoyable for most life on this planet. There are few organizations on earth as evil as ALEC, it ought to be put out of business. Just tell me how to stop these subhuman perverts who are massively addicted to greed and power to destroy, main, kill, poison people and the entire earth and all of life in order to indulge themselves. No wonder that Christ said that no one can serve both God and Mammon.

These men are the worshipers of Mammon and Mammon only. Notice their lovely touches of republican doublespeak as they call their policies to harm workers worker freedom acts and their organizations that they call Freedom and Justice. I have learned lately to be highly suspicious of any group or bill or whatever labeled freedom, Christian, patriot, justice, and other things as actually meaning the opposite. The so called freedom proposals are to enforce wage slavery, their Christianity is idolatrous Mammon worship, their patriotism is treason to our democratic republic, and their justice is tyranny and injustice. Every one of these men are the ultimate evil and exist to support the greatest internal enemy America has ever faced. They are part of the reason we have Trump as president and they are financed by the evil Koch brothers and other seditious traitors, bigoted racists and slavery aficionados. Read Democracy in Chains if you don’t believe me. The Koch’s are only the beginning of this evil faction, and they are all in league with Vladimir Putin, hence the love affair between republicans and the Russians.

The members of every racial hate group, such as the KKK, the three American Nazi parties, white supremacists, and other hate groups and right wing phony Christian nationalist heretics are all in league with this group as well. This Anti-Christ army of Satan is powerful and massive and it is amassed against every innocent man, women, and child and all life on this planet. The goal of Satan is to destroy mankind and to destroy all of God’s creation. Satan is the father of lies, that is one way we can know who is working for Satan, by their massive use of lies and disinformation. Only truth and brotherly love and the love for God and God’s creation can save us. It says in Revelation that God will come down to destroy those men who destroy the earth, and these men, and others in league with them will be on the top of the list. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes for all the money in the world! I can’t be bought because my immortal soul is priceless!