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ALEC “Right to Work” Law Tossed Out in Wisconsin



I would like to see Bernie slapping around ALEC on the stump. It would be helpful to shine a light on how things are rigged.


Clinton will say Bernie is picking on her if he mentions ALEC in the primaries, so he will need to wait until the general election to bring up ALEC.


Governor Bruce Rauner, Illinois, did not run on a "right to work" platform, but as soon as he took office, this stealth ALEC sympathizer concocted the idea of creating "right to work" zones for certain areas of the state. It won't wash in Illinois, but be on guard, I keep a list of Illinois legislators who are members of ALEC for easy reference.


As an Illinoisian it's disheartening that we have to choose between these kinds of Republicans and the notorious Chicago Democrats. "Yay."


It's too bad the recall against Walker wasn't successful. Walker is the governor so he gets all the perks he wants & gets to exploit Wisconsin. It's a good thing he withdrew from the primary.


And toward expanding that availability - a link to ALEC EXPOSED list of politicians on record by state


Court cases are important tactics, and successes are to be celebrated. But a few key points:

  • This ruling is not safe if it reaches the Supreme Court. Public employee Unions, just this year, only survived a similar case because Scalia died;
  • The corporate zombies will be back again, and again, and again, unless they are decapitated;
  • Mass organizing campaigns need to go far beyond narrow defense of Union "property rights," and aim to politically disempower capital, and place capital at the service of humanity;
  • Ultimately, and soon, we must go far beyond just democratizing capital, and require all economic activity to support re-integration of the dis-integrating ecology.


I would prefer to see Bernie slap them around from inside the oval office!


It may not be over yet, bluedolphin_9. Walker's name is in the mix as a stealth nominee should the GOP convention be forced sideways by that party's corrupt leaders.