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ALEC​'s Covert War on Democracy


ALEC​'s Covert War on Democracy

Michele Swenson

Describing an “illiberal” or “managed” democracy, political philosopher Sheldon Wolin and others draw a picture of a U.S. government acting as servant of dominant corporate money that subverts democracy, overwhelms representative government and sacrifices the common good, as the major political parties, too, are captive to corporate control.


If only the average American knew what this woman knows! Most people have no real sense of how our democracy is being subverted by unrepentant power and big money! Most Americans do not believe in their hearts that freedom loving Americans would try to take away the freedoms of other Americans.

This woman would give them an earful!


To any Trump supporter who fell for his populist routine, hopefully this kind of info will awaken you from your slumber. I have begun calling this the KochKluxKlan, because it really is based on the goal of corporate, oligarchic, mostly white supremacy, where the masses are left to fend for ourselves in an Ayn Randian dystopia. “Justice” Neil Gorsuch, as evidenced by his radical dissents this term, is the proverbial final nail in the coffin to democracy. Once Justice Kennedy retires, and/or god forbid, Ruth Bader Ginsburg becomes incapacitated or dies, progressive legislation will always be found unconstitutional when it finally winds its way to the the Supreme Ayatollahs. It’s very scary indeed. For anyone who hasn’t yet read the new book: “Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right’s Stealth Plan for America,” by Nancy MacLean, it is well worth your time. It traces the rise of these grotesquely soulless creatures to very nefarious roots in our segregated past.

Raising public awareness of this clear, present and existential threat is the most important work any of us can do right now.


ALEC = RICO Violations


Don’t be fooled, passing a National Right-To-Work law would be a great step forward for most workers in America and their families. Forced Unionism is 100% unAmerican ans should be outlawed in all 50 states.