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ALEC’s Deadly Asbestos Agenda Benefits Koch Industries, Nationwide


ALEC’s Deadly Asbestos Agenda Benefits Koch Industries, Nationwide

Don Wiener, Mary Bottari

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) named Missouri Republican state Rep. Bruce DeGroot as a “Legislator of the Week” in June.


“Koch now argues that Bestwall was only a minor user of asbestos, but construction workers were exposed to multiple sources of asbestos, and since many of the responsible parties no longer exist, victims’ lawyers are forced to sue more than one company.”

The parallelism that comes to mind is in whose rifle on the firing squad did the live round reside? Sorry you putrid Kochs and associates, you all pulled the trigger. You all made your millions. You all are GUILTY.


Anyone who thinks that Republican lawmakers care at all about working people is naive at best,
or just plain foolish. As far as they are concerned, the working class only has the right to work,
consume, and die.


The enormity of the incredible betrayal of trust displayed by “the peoples representatives” like the odious DeGroot should cause the good people of Missouri to boot his corrupt ass out of office via recall or impeachment or indictment!

The boycott of ANY entity, like Nationwide, that betrays and works to deny our people, especially those wronged in such enormous ways, should be employed. Call the SOB’s out! Do not patronize them and expose their contempt for working men and women!

The elections of such walking garbage as DeGroot shows clearly how “Citizen’s United” was a fraud and obscenity passed by the right-wing SCOTUS and its cadre of corporate/big-money sellouts.

The power of big money in our electoral processes makes a mockery of democracy itself and the notion of “one person, one vote”! When money “equals free speech”, those with more money, often obscene amounts of money, are far-more “equal” than the ordinary man and woman, and that is NOT what either the Framers or democracy is supposed to be bout!

If people do not inform themselves and rise-up to smash the corruption of our Constitution and promise of America, they have no one to blame; we/they must demand real change and an end to the role of big-money in politics and any shred of corruption and representation of, by and for big-money and corporate greed over people! ENOUGH!

Do the people of Missouri have the integrity and Moxie to stand fast and throw the scum out?


Greed is the greatest toxin


At least one of the big three: Fear, Hatred, and Greed.

Damn. I just described the Republican Party’s essence!