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ALEC’s New Union-Busting Toolkit Illustrates the Goal Is to Bankrupt Unions Not Protect Workers

ALEC’s New Union-Busting Toolkit Illustrates the Goal Is to Bankrupt Unions Not Protect Workers

Mary Bottari

It’s becoming an annual ritual. The Koch-funded cluster of groups, which has long abused their 501(c)3 IRS “charitable” designation by working to destroy political enemies, has concocted another “union busting” toolkit, giving ammunition and guidance to Republican politicians on how to attack and dismantle a major funder of the Democratic Party.

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Unions in the US are self-busting organizations. Why is that?
Workers in unions tend to buy into the propaganda of a “great country” that allows unions to prosper. By doing this, workers tend to attribute their achievements to the “greatness” of their country, rather than to their revolutionary zeal. As time goes on, unionized workers tend to view their employers as parts of what makes their country “great”, and tend to develop pride in them.
This means that in due course, unionized workers, without even noticing, tend to realign their loyalties with their employers and away from themselves. They essentially end up behaving like chickens that flock to the fox for warm and comfort.
Marx remarked that religion is the opiate of the people. To some extent this is true, but religion is a mild sedative. The true opiate of the people is patriotism when greed and lies are the founding principles of a nation.


ALEC ostensibly functions as a domestic legislative group. BUT, to even imagine that at the billionaire level ANY action taken by the Koch level industries is strictly a domestic action, is, I fear, mortally naive.

NO industry is an island. There are raw material demands that, again first and foremost, costs of which will be cut impacting humans and biomes and everything in between.

The creation of off-shore havens is a form of leverage over ethics arguments, scientific arguments for public and planetary health etc., that spin to the point that these operations now blatantly rip through any semblance of coherence in the financial sector. The ponzi is infiltrating all aspects of all processes.

London initiated the structuring on which all of this is based, For anyone interested in a documentary on it:

At the close of which the following is suggested:
5 actions to End tax havens and financial secrecy jurisdictions

  1. End public contract eligibility for companies operating out of tax havens

  2. Create public registries of the beneficial owners of companies, trusts and foundations

  3. Introduce full transparency of deals and secret agreements between companies and governments

  4. Introduce public country by country reporting by multinational companies

  5. Introduce automatic information exchange between all countries


"There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”

― Warren Buffett


Don’t tell that to us- tell that to the lawmakers and takers.

I have to say I agree with you here. I am pro union and live in a union family, and come from one as well. Unions have changed however, and they have to look after their members not the employers and not the CEOs salaries. Randi Weingarten of the teachers’ union makes at least half a mil a year.

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Does that mean all workers would be fired in a non union shop even if the people were in good standing with the employers?

Plus those in the ivory tower ( yes even the progressives) who call anyone beneath them working class could care less about unions.

This is an overall attack on the right of LABOR to organize in any way –
despite the fact that Elites are organized up, down and sideways with control over
citizens in established systems – like patriarchy – and multitudes of organizations
where Elites meet to create planning, agenda.

Who can prevent LABOR from organizing in their own interests?
It’s simply a mindset – an ability to understand that we are all LABOR.
We don’t even have to cross borders to deliver the message – it’s as universal in
its immediate understanding as Feminism has been and very few borders that Feminism
hasn’t jumped.
Democracy is one more example of thoughts of freedom that take hold and can’t be stopped.

The systems that control us must be dismantled – non-violently.

Two of the strongest tools in the Elite toolbox for conquest of nations/people are …
“Christianity” and Capitalism.

We hold the keys to a thriving system of Capitalism – or not.

ALEC and others and the stupid Janus makers of the court are really idiots.When unions are busted----- employees make no money----People should look back at smart companies like the original Ford. He paid the workers well, not because he was being altruistic—but because paying then well made more money for him and they could even buy the cars they built! Ford did so well that everyone could build cars and afford to own them too.
I think companies are stupid now—the banks get all the money—and with dispirited workers, corporations have problems-----and as for corporations in the long run----if people have to work for Amazon wages-----they can’t afford much besides rent and food.
Corporations buy back their own stock to raise their stock value–but eventually this will crash too. Credit card debt is so big that no one can buy much— people are just paying off their credit cards or student loans. Banks are the big winners—until the people are too poor to live and then everything crashes. Sigh----corporations and banks, if you all weren’t so greedy, we might still have a functioning economy. Henry Ford’s pay scale was right—and not nearly as greedy as you 21st century guys.

I suspect it is more about ego than stupidity.
Sociopaths typically do not feel like they “win” unless they can make others loose. The more they loose, the greater the win.
Therefore, for their wealth to “mean something”, others have to suffer economically.
The more they suffer, the greater the ego boost.
Not that i am ruling out rank stupidity mind you.

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HI Tarsus-----hmmm but rank stupidity just seems to fit so well …: )
hen there’s that famous quote which I am updating:
" Those who forget the past…
( are sadly the poor who are forced to SUFFER the disasters and REPEAT living through it all over again, : (

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He paid the workers after having them beaten up or even killed. It took a long time for him to pay workers.

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Dump is modeling himself after Mussolini who used Make Italy great again.