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Alexa, is Law Enforcement Listening?


Alexa, is Law Enforcement Listening?

Joseph Jerome

Just days after Christmas, news broke that police in Bentonville, Arkansas, had issued a warrant to Amazon to turn over audio recordings from an Echo as part of a hot tub murder investigation.


when Orwell wrote 1984, he was describing a world that already existed. 2017 is much much worse and not looking to get better. Our machines should not be in a position to betray our privacy. Do we run the machines? Or do the machines run us?


An Amazon Echo or similar device is not a "basic household appliance." Please disenthrall.


I just realized upon wanting to add to the above post that the edit feature on this forum no longer exists. What gives? Been very busy since the week of the election (nothing to do with politics) and didn't notice when it disappeared. Didn't seem that it was being abused or mis-used.

At any rate I'll go over the top here and expose myself for the Luddite I obviously have become. ANYONE WHO BRINGS ONE OF THESE DEViCES INTO THEIR HOMES IS A FOOL.

"Alexis, tell me about":

Manifest Destiny

The Domino Effect

Iraq WMD

The 2000 Florida Putsch



The Commons.

In other words, if you believe many are now mis-informed, dis-informed, and generally thoroughly confused, then you aint seen nothin' yet.

(edit) and now the edit feature appears and wants me to supply a reason for the edit. For the simplest of reasons, to correct a mis-spelling.