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'Alexa, Stop Spying on My Kids': FTC Complaint Charges Amazon's Echo Dot Violates Child Privacy Law

'Alexa, Stop Spying on My Kids': FTC Complaint Charges Amazon's Echo Dot Violates Child Privacy Law

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

A coalition of consumer and public health groups demanded Thursday that federal regulators investigate and sanction Amazon for its Echo Dot Kids Edition, arguing that it illegally collects and retains children's personal data.

Child Privacy?!
What about everyone’s privacy?

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Sleazy kid stuff

Why anyone has Alexa is a mystery to me.


The only ones to blame are the people who buy these devices. How about a little human interaction with your kids? It does a child good.


Oh Alexa, you are scary. Is it easy to hack someone’s Alexa? Could weird people find out where kids live and get their phone numbers from Alexa? It wouldn’t be that hard to mimic Alexa’s voice, and weird people could call and say Alexa wants them to come outside. This is very, very creepy, and the parents should be horrified.
There are entirely too many spying machines and videos watching Americans and apparently, cell phones also know where people are even when the cells phones are not on. Remind me again—the 4th Amendment and unreasonable search and seizure is this all now moot?

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It’s just that people are not ready for these kind of devices. They just buy stuff and connect it to their home wifi with zero protections.

Fourth amendment only applies if the govt does it. For everyone else people simply agree to the fine print before reading it, just to be able to put a picture of their Croque Monsieur online. The same people are the ones whining about their privacy afterwards.

Personally i keep location tracking active on my cell phone. That way my wife knows where i am and doesn’t have to worry if i don’t show up home sometimes. She has her’s on for the same reason.

The Fourth Amendment was redacted from the Constitution when the Patriot Act was passed. The government can get any information on anyone, anywhere, anytime, from any device. Edward Snowden made that really clear, which is why he’s sitting in Russia right now instead of here in the good ol’, “land of the free.” Alexa is just more overt than other devices.


I always thought it was my business as a parent to do the stories, singing, answering questions and attending to my child. How has it come to be OK for parents to abandon their children to a product?

I hate Amazon, would never buy anything, knowingly from them. They should be investigated, indicted and …


Sorry but I have to say it, you bring any of these devices into you’re home, you’re a fool IMHO.


“Alexa, remember that Jeff Bezos is a psychopath.”


It is rapidly becoming impossible not to.
All technological appliances come off the assembly lines with more and more invasive technologies and those without them are being quietly phased out.
So called “smart technology”, which you would have to be an idiot to willingly buy, is being forced on to everything.
It is almost impossible to find a regular tv now as the only thing most major stores sell are “smart” tv’s with cameras, two way microphones and an always online wireless internet connection.
Even fridges come with internet functionality now, and don’t get me started on cars.
It is only a matter of time before an “improved” Alexa type device will be a necessary component in every household in order to make anything work.


I dont’ understand the ‘need’ to spend $200-$500 on a thermostat that can be hacked from China. Or spend $3000-$10,000 on a fridge that will tell you what’s inside while you’re in Italy.

Bragging rights? Is that it?

Hell, I don’t even have a Smart TV. But I’ afraid that when this one dies I many not have a choice next time


Absolutely, dont buy the damned things! I do happen to watch the TV, also am a firm believer in the DVR function, pre scan the programs I want to see, put them on record, watch at my convience and fast forward through EVERY commercial, ad, and voila~! In my opinion, advertisers are an evil entity, to be avoided at all costs, or as a friend put it once,“commercials-ads, trying to get you to stuff you dont need, with money you dont have, to impress people you dont like!” Sums it all up nicely. PS, no facebook, no instagram, no FFFing twitter! Now, back to my cave!

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I honestly have no idea what your average consumer is thinking, but i am pretty sure the fact that Trump is president could be a clue.


Why would anyone allow one of those Infernal Devices in one’s home in the first place?

Hi lamonte7, but those TVs that can watch people their own homes? I bet a lot of people are being spied on and by corporations, and by repair people too. : (

I got one of those, camera is off. The hand waving to control the TV got boring after the first week.

People get what’s coming to them if they don’t know how to use technology safely.

As Snowden revealed, the government (or any skilled hacker) has complete control over the camera or microphone in a TV with remote access, and no, they do not need advertise it by turning on the “on” light.
It has nothing what so ever to do with “using technology safely”.

Seriously, have the TV on a separate subnet from you main home network. Use your firewall to block incoming connections, that’s what i mean by safely.