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Alexander Hamilton Was Preoccupied with the Threat That a Presidency Like Trump’s Posed for America

Alexander Hamilton Was Preoccupied with the Threat That a Presidency Like Trump’s Posed for America

Thom Hartmann

Presidential economic adviser Larry Kudlow suggested to the Economic Club of New York that, after the elections, Republicans will target “spending” on Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid with “reforms” (cuts) to help pay for the massive deficits created by Trump’s $1.5 trillion tax cut for billionaires.


Mammon is the God of the U$A. All the trappings of social control developed by churches and armies over the millennia have been adapted to its service. Who is the “smiter” today, why it’s Mammon and the stick is debt. Virtually all “cultural” values are related to Mammon. How many eyeballs can you captivate on the basketball court or the concert stage to concentrate dollars to the oligarchs? How many businesspeople (those charged with keeping the population busy and distracted) take their cut in this process? On and on it goes. I’d take a walk in the woods to calm down over the matter, but they’re are being privatized as I type. Perhaps I can beat McDonald’s to Mars to establish a moment of solitude and sanity. It’s hard to find on this petrodollar controlled earth.


If this isn’t a call to arms for every senior or anyone even within a decade of seniordom, to demand the resignations of these authoritarians, we might as well call on the Zombie Apocalypse!

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The largest, most prevalent advertisement for Everything’s For Sale in this country, is the United States Congress.

The formation of The Money Out Of Politics party, dedicated to the establishment and enforcement of stiff, harsh penalties, including prison time for any politician accepting money for Influence, would be a good start.


Its bad enough that Congresscritters’ campaign war chest are supplied by a bottomless oligarch money stockpile.

Whats worse is that as long as they pander to oligarchs at the expense of the rest of us, Congresscritters have no fear of losing their next election. That same bottomless money stockpile funds the K Street retirement gigs (paying $2 million (or more) annual compensation) that await them if they lose an election or decide to retire.

I agree, they have rigged the system so well, the only way to stop it now is to completely destroy it, and start over. We as a society, do not have the time, and as you point out, the intestinal fortitude, to burn it down and start anew.
I hope everyday that I’m wrong about this, and the people will rise up, and afford the opportunity to again put my life on the line for this country (this time for a meaningful cause), but like you, I just don’t see that happening.

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Thanks for posting here Thom Hartmann. I want to take this opportunity to tell you what a shamless partison hack you are, carrying water for Obama 8 years while he extended the Bush regime by 8 more years, and for promoting war with Russia.

Back in the Bush years of 2001-2008, I thought you were smart & cool.

Now I know that all you are is the mirror image of Fox news.

Can’t bring myself to even read your crap.

Screw you Thom, and screw all the hypocritical liberals on MSNBC as well, especially Rachel.

You too Dan, show no lack of passion.

The only suggestion that I have for you is, never lose total faith in you fellow Americans.

Perhaps, you don’t know them and their passions as much as you might believe.

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Keep the possibility alive ReconFire.

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St. Ronald of Reagan was the criminal who first turned us against all that was good in our government while bloating all that was bad.

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The ONLY purpose of congress is to legalize the crimes committed by the ruling class.



I will not be late for the Revolution.

During the Vietnam War Antiwar Movement, I and many others stood up to the police and National Guard as they descended upon our campus.

Stand Up To The Man-Power To The People!

I too, hope you’re wrong, and holding that possibility open for yourself is key to uniting with others.

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The government’s complicity in the murder of the kids at Kent State opened the eyes of my parents, both lifelong Republicans.

When Tricky Dick, and Zero Agnew called us protesters, Bums and Communists that sealed the deal for my folks who knew my brother and I were there to help bring our men and women home from a war that only made the corporations wealthy.

Neither voted Republican again until they passed.


Why wasn’t anyone bringing up this historical perspective BEFORE the election?
This is important stuff to remember! it makes me fear what sort of economic crash will come after rump’s regime.

From your friendly neighborhood Senior:


I’m old, aint got nuthin’ to lose. Take me to the front of the line. Maybe my martydom will motivate the millenials, who are the ones who need to read this article and contemplate it.


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The crash is likely to happen during, not after, Trump’s regime. Just like it did during Bush Jr. It won’t be real estate that’s the trigger; it’ll likely be consumer loans. They’re playing some dangerous games with it. Be glad they haven’t been able to force Social Security into the Wall Street racket!

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Equal to the danger of “a wealthy con man” Hamilton dreaded is the bureaucratic-machine-like nature of the MIC. Not sure Hamilton could see something like that. It’s the same with the omnipresence of prolefeed…electronic variety…that Marx IMO couldn’t quite imagine. Regarding what the MIC has gone into in terms of surveillance, I’m guessing it took someone like Kafka to assess the thing. He came later.