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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar Call on Stephen Miller to Resign After Report Exposes Trump Aide as 'Bonafide White Nationalist'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/13/alexandria-ocasio-cortez-and-ilhan-omar-call-stephen-miller-resign-after-report

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I know that I’m a broken record on this, but, call a spade a spade.

White Nationalist is a squeaky clean phrase for what in actuality is a White Racsist.


I would say a white nationalist is a step further into the muck than white racist. A white nationalist tries to implement white racism on a national level. A white racist just goes around running their mouth and being a general shithead towards people of color. But that’s just the way I see it


I guess the blonde haired blue eyed racists have yet to explain to this racist that he’s not white enough.


Won’t he be surprised when his turn comes around?


Why do non-racist white people continue to tolerate (& insist that the rest of us tolerate) the racists? Especially when we’ve got an existential crisis to deal with? Racism should be a thing of the distant past; it’s keeping us from addressing the REAL problem(s)…why so soft, white folks? Why so yielding & abnegating??


To Republicans that’s not a problem - its a feature

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Keep sayin it brother

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He only THINKS he is white. What would his DNA reveal?

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It’s a matter of convenience for non-racist white folks to look the other way when a pack of racists help them achieve their political goals: low taxes, fewer regulations, laws that reward outsourcing, big military budgets…etc, etc.

But that’s the story of coalition politics. I’m asked, as a progressive, to align with dog whistling Hillary (“super predators,” “hard working white Americans”) and Joe Manchin (“I have spoken out against the C;ean Power Plan…”) to get the Supreme Court we prefer.


Since trump isn’t focused or smart enough (he is in a kind of mental me-first agenda pathological reptilian way) to do all the hideous depraved racist things, policy decisions, he has made, tweeted, and implemented, so the actual very disturbed perp is very likely the overt racist scum stephen miller, who even his own family (dozens of family members encouraged me (uncle) to push forward with this (op-ed(.has ostracized and shunned! A punk bully and cowardly scumbag victimizing the most vulnerable, especially children, is the odious scum miller, and he should be forced-out, not just resign!


Thank you, Emphyrio, for your service! I read your article in Politico Magazine and I appreciate you exposing this dangerous person. I am just sorry that you had to do that about a member of your family. But again, thank you for putting the common good ahead of your personal comfort.

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I clearly omitted quotation marks in my comment leading to inaccuracy and misunderstanding…


The trump crime family, his entire regime of grifters and greed-driven opportunists, has no more evil and depraved scum than stephen miller, who is likely the power behind many of trump’s most hideous proposals and actions!

Miller is " the architect of the White House’s draconian anti-immigration policies, which doesn’t just target “illegal immigration” but also aims to return to the country to the infamously racist immigration policy"

This trump regime is a walking right-wing extremist corporate coup and plot to destroy the USA and democracy to make corruption, overt lies and deception fantasy, deadly reversals of bi-partisan non-partisan regulations and legislation to protect Americans the law of the land! A criminal conspiracy of vast proportions that should, if there were and justice, lead to numerous prosecutions for capital crimes, very long prison sentences and executions for the most involved perpetrators!