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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Gets It


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Gets It

Ryan Cooper

Over the next decade at most, if the United States is going to do its part in the international effort to combat the existential risk posed by climate change, it must conduct an all-out crash decarbonization program.

The biggest obstacle to that objective is the Republican Party. But the second-biggest is the moderate faction of the Democratic Party, which may grudgingly acknowledge climate change — and many other problems only somewhat less important — but is too corrupt and mealy-mouthed to do anything remotely sufficient about it.


The only action which will wake the Democratic Establishment up is a mass exodus from the party by registered Democrats.

My recommendation to all of you holdouts out there is, call your Representatives and Senators, tell them to listen to Alexandria and the Progressives. Tell them you are leaving the party until you see them embrace the Progressive platform and speak and vote accordingly.

Then watch.


It looks like another headline with the name Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to get clicks. Cooper at least identified the Republican Party as the biggest obstacle to getting climate change action. A big obstacle indeed. I don’t think the Clean Power Plan from Obama would not solve everything but it would put quite a few coal plants out of business. But the important thing about it is that it got China to join in on Paris Climate Agreement. Since China is responsible for 27% of CO2 emissions it is a big deal and once China joined in then it became possible to bring in India and eventually all countries. I would not underestimate the role of cap and trade. It is working in the Northeast and is being used in California. And it was recently announced that several states in the northeast are going to extend it to transportation. The reason many moderate Democrats are unwilling to go along on climate legislation is that they live in states that are heavily dependent on fossil fuel production. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will represent a district with no fossil fuel production and NYS only had very limited production of natural gas which its economy does not depend on as far as I know. I think it is extremely unlikely to get really meaningful legislation at the federal level. It is very likely moderate Democrats will continually be elected in more conservative districts. Right now there does not seem to answer to getting an all program of decarbonization at the federal level. But the state and local government but state and local governments can do a lot. These regional coalitions of states may be the best hope. I expect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to give it the old college try on climate but ultimately wind up very frustrated like so many other people have since around the time she was born.


republicans are useless on this issue. Problem is, your party isn’t far behind.

Please re-read this part of the article:

"Let’s recall some history. Back in 2009, the Democratic Party controlled the presidency, the House, and even had a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate for a few months. For awhile, parts of the party attempted to pass a pitifully weak cap-and-trade plan (like ObamaCare, it was designed to not infuriate too many interested parties) and did get something out of the House. But it died in the Senate on the opposition of moderate Democrats.

So climate policy moved to the executive branch, where nothing much happened for over five years in large part because Obama’s neoliberal regulatory czar in his first term deliberately threw sand in the gears of the entire regulatory apparatus. Then we got the Clean Power Plan, which at bottom was … another inadequate cap-and-trade scheme. Probably better than nothing, but not good enough to actually head off the problem."


I really wish that Ray Cooper (and all others) would stop calling the right-wing, corporate Democrats “moderate.”

What is “moderate” about trying to block or water-down all-out efforts to stop global warming and save all life on Earth?!!!

What is “moderate” about right-wing, corporate Democrats joining Republicans to vote for gigantic, immoral, military spending and endless, immoral wars?

What is “moderate” about right-wing, corporate Democrats joining Republicans in being sold-out and subservient to the super-rich 1%ers, the giant corporations, and the global military-spy empire – and almost always hurting the common people majority?

The right-wing, corporate Democrats are only “moderate” compared to extremist, far-right Republicans.


" The Congressional Budget Office ( CBO ) just issued a statement saying climate change posed a limited economic threat to the U.S. economy in the next 30 years. " Huffington Post.
This is called " captured government " by lifetime bureaucrats entrenched in our Federal Gov’t. These foot draggin’ slowwalkers provide cover for the so-called " Centrists " or The Uniparty. And, with our current campaign laws that doesn’t take much besides $$$. This allows former legislators turned lobbyists and Multi-National Corporations like Investment Banking, Big Pharma & Big Energy to thwart efforts to make new and effective policy changes on a whole host of pressing issues, that the majority of the citizenry wants and voted for. It’s the swamp; full of bullshit and with armies of bullshitters to make sure it never dries out from draining it.
Progressive voters admire, maybe even love, A O-C because she’s not yet a cynical, ( bought off ) typical Congress Critter. Yes, her environmental and economic prescriptions are somewhat controversial to some, but they like and trust her motivation and passion. High energy is contagious, after all.
However, I fear that until we get strict campaign finance reform rules and lobbying restrictions, with sharp teeth, and find the will to enforce them, many of the progressive iniatives will be sabotaged by bureaucratic inertia and The Uniparty’s ( Centrist-status quo ) oppurtunistic cynicism.
Here’s to hoping I’m wrong.


Power doesn’t just fade away, nor do the people who hold it. I fear if AOC remains true to her beliefs, and I hope she does, she will need a security detail.


After listening to Ralph Nader with Paul Hawkin Podcast 12-8 on possibility of reversal of climate “Disruption” the Importance of the use of correct terminology is a must while we work for changes. Paul Hawkin, who was mentioned by a CD poster recently, is involved in a project called Drawdown. Both Ralph and Mr. Hawkin emphasize that one first must use accurate terminology in order to be taken seriously. I think that this must be one of the first rules the Purveyors of Propaganda, the spin masters consistently reverse to dilute any counter argument.

Another point made by Mr. Hawkin is that although we must be cognizant of all the damage being inflicted on our air, water and soil you will lose your audience if the message excludes positive information. In other words people do not listen very long to negative messages. After this broadcast, I felt my depression lift somewhat since the talk included many of the actions being taken for the reversal of some of damage done to the earth.


I have said for years that if one million Democrats would re-register as Greens or Socialists the Democratic party would shit pickles and change.