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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Already Making Democrats and Republicans Nervous

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Already Making Democrats and Republicans Nervous

Natasha Hakimi Zapata

The 116th United States Congress is not yet in session and already there’s been no shortage of headlines about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the incoming House Democrat who sent a shock through her party’s establishment with her primary win in New York’s 14th Congressional District.

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Maybe, just maybe, it has finally begun. Watch her back, everyone. She’ll need all of our help, and our protection, to turn this creaky ship of state around.


“One Democratic House staffer” sez: “We do have the majority, but it’s a slim majority. So [if] you have a couple people who oppose something, you’re gonna have trouble.”

Particularly if those “couple people” are, say, Lloyd “Doc” Blankenstein and Jamie “Blood” Dimon.


Stuff like this is funny. The politicians will get pushed by corporate interests. They know that, we know that, the media does to. They will get pushed from the right, and the right has a well funded propaganda apparatus to help with that. When the left pushes though, it’s almost as if it should feel guilty. The corporate interests, the wealthy donors, the ideological right, they can all push, in roughly the same direction. The left though cannot push in the opposite direction. That would be unhelpful. Who would want to ruin this wonderful setup for everyone? Been going so well. Andy why would the left want to propose actual solutions, and have vision to organize towards in the coming years? It isn’t as if that is missing from the establishment, right? Cause what they offer is this system as is, with maybe .02% of it open to change.


This Thanksgiving holiday, among many matters, I am thankful for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, in her entry to the US Congress.

Very funny to read the comments of her frightened political opponents, Republicans Sarah Palin and Joe “Didn’t he campaign for John McCain for Pres in 2008” Lieberman. The poor things, struggling to stay relevant in 2018.

We can use a dynamic, charismatic and articulate “survivor and change-maker” in Congress, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez fits the bill.


After a decade of seeing hope plus three bucks buy a cup of coffee and change limited to the coins and bills in the baristas’s tip jar, Ocasio-Cortez appears to be the real hope and change deal.


Joe Lieberman??? Ain’t he dead yet?


For the 0.001%, of course.

The Democratic Party is splintering and disintegrating just like the Republican Party did in 2016, and also like the US itself has. The old Democratic political establishment members of Congress will now be just one faction of the party they once controlled without opposition.

There are a couple of groups who are working to get these candidates elected, and they had a handful of successes in this recent midterm election. One of them is called Justice Democrats, and the other is called Brand New Congress. Consider supporting them if you support changing the political makeup of both chambers of Congress. It won’t happen overnight. These groups are both closely affiliated with the campaign infrastructure that Bernie Sanders established in 2016. Bernie is growing his network into a movement instead of just a campaign, and it starts with groups like the ones I just mentioned. Indeed, AOC herself got her start in politics by working for the Bernie Sanders campaign.

AOC is probably going to run for president eventually. I think she should wait until 2028, because it will give her more experience in Washington, she is young enough that there is no hurry and it would leave time for Congress to change into a legislature that is willing to work with her. The mistake Republican voters made in 2016 was that they went straight for the presidency. They didn’t bother changing Congress first because they thought they elected a dictator who did not need Congress. The result is that their MAGA candidate has to use executive orders to implement most of his policies because, even though Congress is controlled by his own party, they don’t agree with his ideas enough to work with him. The GOP establishment is still firmly in control. They have been sending him almost no legislation to sign, and what they do send to him he doesn’t understand anyway. Trump was a lame duck president the day he was inaugurated. For the Republican Party, the Trump presidency is mostly a descent into fascism and a voter rebellion. For Republican voters, the Trump presidency is a wasted effort because they didn’t first elect a Congress that would work with their presidential candidate. If and when AOC ever really does launch her own presidential bid, it would be tragic if she wound up with a Congress that would not send her the bills she went there to sign.


When I see someone being criticized by lieberman and palin, chances are I’ll like that person. It would be a badge of honor.


It is a good point. Most of AOC’s opponents are losers themselves. Both Palin and Lieberman probably contributed to the lost campaigns of McCain and Gore. Bad choices of running mates. Lieberman supported the Iraq war and prevented Obamacare from becoming a single-payer plan. He made other disastrous choices too, but those two things destroyed his political future. Lieberman was the architect of his own political demise. He left Congress and quit the Democratic Party and now calls himself independent. Palin (who can see Russia from her house) was the first populist candidate in the current wave of Republican Party fascism. She thought she could win in politics by making ditsy comments, behaving more like a sex symbol than a serious leader. It got her attention, but it was not the kind of attention worthy of respect. When she finally realized she had ruined her own reputation, she abandoned the governorship of Alaska and then she whimsically and arrogantly tried to create her own television channel which lasted less than a year before she realized that both her political and celebrity careers had ended a long time ago. Joe and Sarah, now disgraced and no longer relevant, are exactly the types of frustrated people who oppose AOC and her policies.


It seems Ocasio-Cortez is already doing exactly what she was elected to do.

Cave to the current corrupt DNC leadership?


she’d have to wait because she’s too young to run for President before then.

She will be eligible in 2024.

“After a decade of seeing hope plus three bucks buy a cup of coffee and change limited to the coins and bills in the baristas’s tip jar, Ocasio-Cortez appears to be the real hope and change deal.”

–one can only hope.
Oh, no… (not again.)

We must do so much more than hope. We need AOC, and more. (It’s not only “us.” The entire country needs progressive direction and energy, even those Trumpers who have yet to realize they’re getting screwed.) Green New Deal Progressives need our collective, ACTIVE support, and will for especially these first two years.

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Are you trying to suggest that “ditsy” for Sarah was just a facade?

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No, not at all. I think it is part of her real personality. But when she realized that being ditsy was getting her more attention than trying (and failing) to be a real leader, she started using that side of her personality as an attention-getting strategy. Kind of like a little kid who gets attention by acting inappropriately and then tries to act more inappropriately in order to get more attention. As soon as she realized that people paid more attention to her for things like her amazing ability to see Russia from her home than for her ability to be a governor, she promptly left politics and went directly to television. Television was a better source of narcissistic supply than politics was, at least for a little while.

BINGO! From my perspective, the Democratic Party will never be substantially changed to a party of the people but they continue to fool millions with progressives like Ocasio-Cortez, by eliminating any political challenge from a third party.


…with Lieberman warning in the run-up to the midterms that the would-be House member “hurts the party, congress and even America.”

As opposed to the hurt the party, the congress and even America has already wreaked on the planet entire???


Scaring the two branches of the corporate party the DNC and the RNC.