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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Why Do We 'Write Blank Checks for War' But 'Our Pockets Are Empty' When It Comes to Medicare for All?


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Why Do We 'Write Blank Checks for War' But 'Our Pockets Are Empty' When It Comes to Medicare for All?

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

New York congressional candidate and democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez questions how Congress can "write unlimited blank checks for war" and pass the GOP's $2 trillion tax cut for the wealthy, but when it comes to proposals such as Medicare for All, "our pockets are empty."


“But our pockets are empty when it comes to medicare for all” Zing - - - ->)))!


“We only have empty pockets when it comes to the morally right things to do, but when it comes to tax cuts for billionaires and when it comes to unlimited war we seem to be able to invent that money very easily,” Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says.

Only the desperate will volunteer as cannon fodder. War needs cannon fodder and so requires desperation. It’s a tale as old as human history, best I can tell.


Assuming she wins, it will be interesting to see if Ocasio-Cortez can keep up this kind of talk when she goes to D.C. and finds herself in a decidedly pro-war Democratic party.


With drones and space forces the only fodder are the victims of our despicable war crimes. That’s why no one is bitching.



Ocasio-Cortez nails it. The questions she asks are the questions every American should be asking. It is surprising they even let her ask such rudimentary and basic questions on CNN. Those questions are not permitted to be asked too often in venues that reach mass audiences. Might make the proles think too much.

Too bad she isn’t older, she would make an excellent president.


Why do you think the Wall St. democrats are fighting so hard to keep people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez out of DC?
The script has flipped. When sentient beings hear someone speaking such obvious truth, how can they go back to believing the convoluted nonsense they hear from the Vichy democrats?


Indeed, but as an excellent president who would be a threat to the scions of power and profit, she would be assassinated.


And the Republican-controlled congress intends on cutting or doing away with Social Security altogether. I would be out on the street if that happens to my $1500 a month sole income. And I might make war on the Republicans, more than I do now. But the left can introduce a veto-proof bill that taxes the rich (too bad, rich folks, if your paid honeymoon must end).

The Trump administration is gradually being revealed as incredibly corrupt, from the three Stooges who run the VA, to Paul Manafort, to its marriage with Putin, and generally the Republican suck-up to Old Orange Butt. It takes my breath away.


I would rather see her run against Schumer in 2022 and then for President as a Senator in 2024.


The issue is not whether we have enough money. It is going to take borrowing. The Issue is whether the national debt matters. Apparently Republicans no longer care about the debt based on their recent tax scam and perhaps never did but only used it to stop programs from the Democrats, who have never made a big deal about the national debt. So why not just borrow more money for Medicare for All and run up the dept (it cost less then the alternative but the government has to pay for it not individuals and busnesses). Does the size of the debt matter? It there a point where the US reaches a limit and can’t pay the interest? Nobody seems to have any clear idea but I would assume there must be some limit. It can’t be infinite.


How about seeing her performance in Congress for at least on term before declaring she should run for president in a few years. She is only six years our of college and as far as I know has never held a position with much responsibility. She also seems to have pretended that she lived in the Bronx her whole life during the primary when she actually grew up in the leafy northern Westchester County suburbs. Maybe she does have the qualities to be president but I think you are getting ahead of yourself.


Not as long as the dollar is backed by our 3500 nuclear bombs, offensive military and we own the printing presses. Our only limitation is how fast can we print dollars and we can thank the repressive oligarchic duopoly for this.


The money will come from the BILLIONS that do NOT go to insurance rackets. Corporate cuomo did not like her.


Obvious answer: The rich and Congress make money with War and do not by helping people.


You don’t know at all what the fuck you are talking about. First off, the US government doesn’t borrow in the way a person does when they take out a loan. The issuing of bonds is simply how we have decided to create money and to manage the Fed’s interest rate policies and to manage inflation, which is written into the Federal Reserve Act. Government debt isn’t supposed to be paid back, it never will be, and government bonds (in addition to being the safest investments in the world) are just as liquid as dollars. And technically, the government doesn’t have to issue bonds to create money at all. It can create money through the Treasury without the need to issue bonds, and MMT economists like Wray want the government to stop issuing bonds at all and to simply create money through fiscal policy, and to take money out of the economy through taxation alone. Bonds are another means of taking money out of the economy, but they are a means that actually subsidizes financial capital, since bonds garner interest. Changes to how money is created can be done pretty easily. “Government borrowing” (not the best phrase, since the government is the only institution in the world that can create our dollars and coins, so it doesn’t make logical sense that it would need to borrow a currency it alone can create) and national debt are a non-issue. Period. Learn about money creation and how the Fed/Treasury works. There is also no reason that the government would have to even issue new currency or to issue bonds since single payer would save money. You could structure the system in such a way so that taxes equal expenditures. The government first spends money, then taxes and sells bonds with the money it has already spent.

You are the worst. Read the link below.


My thoughts exactly. Ms Ocasio-Cortez better watch her back lest she gets “Wellstoned.”


You seem to think anything that helps the middle class or poor or the environment is too expensive, impossible to fund, especially health care. Where are your arguments against endless war? Pipe dreams from the left WILL become reality if enough people get behind them. We’ve had enough of the Ayn Randish selfishness from the right.


Lrx is just a really annoying and entirely predictable troll. He or she says some nonsense conventional wisdom, we all get frustrated with the stupidity of the post and easily make mince meat of the silly comment, and Lrx is back again to say more bullshit. Rinse and repeat.