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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Why Do We 'Write Blank Checks for War' But 'Our Pockets Are Empty' When It Comes to Medicare for All?


Congratulations: YOU WIN AGAIN, Joanie! I give up…


I am not trying to be rude. I am sorry if I am being rude. But I hear these things all the time from libertarians or people on the right (not saying you) that hate to pay for things that our society needs. Everything is falling apart, we have a nightmare of a healthcare system, and there are countless excuses as to why the government should essentially do nothing. It’s the national debt, or the currency is worthless and will collapse from hyperinflation, and what is happening in the meantime? We’re collectively dying. I think that peoples’ notions on money and these issues feeds into that, and I think a lot of it isn’t accurate, so the misconceptions (at least, what I think are misconceptions) cause real harm.


Thanks there Mr. Swami. Where is your fortune-telling booth? I plan to go to the House of Mirrors, too. Is it near there?


My point was that a lot more money is spent on social programs than even the bloated military budget.


Most important of all, this flood of new funding, which could crush a generation of Americans under a mountain of debt, will make it easier to sustain the seemingly endless seven wars that the United States is fighting in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen. So call this one of the worst investments in history, ensuring as it does failed wars to the horizon.

This article a little long but well worth the read.


To add, the level of nonsense from the libertarian side is sort of amazing sometimes. Gold bugism is one of the dumbest fads there is. When our country was on the gold standard, there were epic economic crashes and Congress constantly tinkered with it to mitigate problems associated with the “standard.” Gold is just a commodity and the idea that it has inherent value over other forms of currency is just nonsense.


Couldn’t agree more.


Good point.


Although Congress is likely to rein in the administration’s most extreme proposals, the figures are stark indeed—a proposed cut of $120 billion in the domestic spending levels both parties agreed to. The biggest reductions include a 41% cut in funding for diplomacy and foreign aid; a 36% cut in funding for energy and the environment; and a 35% cut in housing and community development. And that’s just the beginning. The Trump administration is also preparing to launch full-scale assaults on food stamps, Medicaid, and Medicare. It’s war on everything except the US military.

This is from article I posted above for those who do not have the time to read it.


Personally, I vote for evidence-based rationality as the new currency.

Let’s see who’s rich and powerful then (spoiler alert - the President and the reactionary right would find themselves bankrupt and very deep in debt).


Thanks for the article. More corroboration and proof that America is a military dictatorship because Congress appropriates the majority of it’s budget and our tax dollars to the MIC with little or no accountability.


This is the wrecking ball budget from the ratfxckers who gave us Trumpster/Dumpster. The long knives are being sharpened for them.


I agree with everything you just wrote and accept your apology and TOTALLY understand your frustration with what is going on “out there”. I am also in that category.

Maybe you misunderstood my point from the beginning; I just don’t know. But what I posited isn’t just my opinion, it is backed by numerous experts on the economy and how flimsy monetary “paper promises” are without some kind of VALUE backing them. (The “petro dollar” is a good example of the shakiness of the paper promises.)

I won’t get back into it but I hope you will look into some ideas/facts stated by experts on the fragility and lack of real substance of today’s dollar and its effects on the domestic/global markets. Happy rest of the day to you.


Well said! The Biblical saying that " money is the root of all evil" has not changed and probably will never change.


Your comment is based on opinion and not fact. Borderline propaganda spew.

There are MANY more articles out there if you aren’t afraid to look.


You do know that Slick Willy and Saint Obama both talked about privatizing SS, don’t you???


As I said…I am the simplest of persons when it comes to economic issues.

So are you saying the current way the economy is run, with banks charging sometimes exorbitant interest and people being up to their necks in debt, is necessarily a good thing?

Is there a better system you can think of?


Two P(os’s) in a pod, him and his brother


I certainly never saw President Obama endorse any of the privatization proposals put forward - though President Clinton has certainly entertained the idea at times. Of course Obama was involved in the soc sec cut arising from lowering the COLA - but I don’t remember any privatization scheme that he ever supported.


I’m not afraid to look. Pick up any good American history book and you’ll see the price of gold and basing currency off other precious metals was a source of on-off debate and contention for a good deal of the 19th century. What was Bryan’s Cross of Gold speech about? Why did some folks favor bimetallism at the end of the 19th century? Why did Congress tinker with the price of gold so often?

In the 19th century, gold shot up in value and crashed in value depending on 1) how much was mined; 2) what else was mined; 3) who held the most in reserve; and 4) who did not have any in reserve. It caused massive inflationary spikes because prices were tied to the availability of gold, and bank panics were a feature, not a bug, of it. Moreover, it was extremely inefficient and wasteful as a standard for currency since all economic transactions were tied to a metal. Think about it: Would you want paper to secure a transaction, or the metal that sets its value?

There are a lot of bad ideas out there. Tying the dollar to the price of gold in the name of stability or whatnot is a big one.