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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Why Do We 'Write Blank Checks for War' But 'Our Pockets Are Empty' When It Comes to Medicare for All?


And also, isn’t this talk of a “gold standard” a right-wing one from the Ayn Randite libertarians? As leftists, we are suppose to be believe that gold is nothing but a heavy yellow metal whose lustful pursuit has caused countless human suffering.

And, as a libertarian socialist, I believe that the only thing that a medium of exchange should be based on is the value of a person’s labor. There have even been partly-successful efforts at community-based currencies using such a concept - such as the Ithaca Hour.


As I note above, a huge problem with the gold standard is availability. Either we mine more or switch to another (or additional) metal on which to base our currency if it’s in short supply. This is nothing to say of the large chunks of it that may be (and were) controlled in private reserves. If the Rockefellers control a large portion of the country’s reserves, there will be less to go around. That in itself creates (and did create) massive inflationary pressures. As a result, people would look to trade in other currencies backed by available and more “stable” metals. Even the Rockefellers lose money when that happens.

Gold bugism really is some of the dumbest stuff to come out of the Great Recession.


You are not mistaken. That is how it is. Illusions. I do not understand it either.


I don’t believe she’ll be old enough to run for president in 2024. I think 40 years old is the minimum age for presidents.


No - it’s 35.


And today Pence was out defending this idea of a" Space Force"----Pence said the US needed to “dominate” space--------I think he should have to wear a space helmet when he says this stuff—Are we in a cartoon???But really isn’t this all about surveillance ???

Ocasio-Cortez seems to be getting her footing.


I appreciate you accepting my apology. I need to add that I am very well informed about this. I am informed by MMT economists, Steve Keen, Michael Hudson, Lerner, Minsky, Lapavitsas and Keynes, among others. I would also like to add that the gold standard itself proved to be completely unworkable in the end, and I dont think it makes and ounce of sense in the 21st century, just my opinion. What I see isnt a system suffering because of a fiat currency. I see a financialized capitalist system that is on its death bed, and I see financial accumulation as the primary means of accumulation in this dying system, since making profits by actually making things is increasingly difficult. And financial capital controls the government. What we need is public banking, democratizing money creation and we need the Treasury to take over the entirety of state money creation. There is nothing special about gold in the modern economy what so ever. Gold was was far more important centuries ago for the reasons I mentioned. You want to know what will be the most important commodity or resource of the late 21st century? Water.


As it should. You know, Government FOR THE PEOPLE. Get it?


Hi Lrx, but college doesn’t always improve people—Einstein was working in some kind of tax office when he was figuring out the universe. Edison only went to the 3rd grade—Without Ada Lovelace-----where would Babbage and his computer ideas have been?
I think that living an authentic life by recognizing the humanity that is in everyone, and realizing the money doesn’t create great thinkers( see GW Bush) these qualities are more telling about who a politician can be. Seeing all that the different cultures and races contribute has often been overlooked too. Remember Ben Franklin took the idea of government from the indigenous Algonquins. People are born with innate talents that even poverty and disadvantage can’t erase. : )


Vichy Democrats is the perfect name for the sell-outs!


Okay. Then she would still be too young to run in 2024.


Nope - she’d be 35 exactly.


Lrx is worse than the right. He is a Hillary supporting, Dem operative likely working for one of David Brock’s propagandist outlets. You probably already know this, but they have trolls all in comments sections all over the internet, repeating Dem Establishment talking points and trying to redirect us to the virtues (nonexistent) of the neoliberal centrism of Clinton and Obama. They’re worse than the right because they pretend to be progressives but they’re anything but.


Oh wow, this part about where she grew up is just a Dem Establishment talking point coming straight out of ShareBlue. It’s all over the place, and when that happens, it’s obviously part of a propaganda campaign against true progressives because the Dems are terrified of us. We are going to end their corporate gravy train once and for all, and they don’t like that. It’s mother’s milk to them.


If one likes the oil wars one will be ecstatic over the coming water wars. It will soon become illegal most places in the US to drill a well on one’s own land or to collect rainwater as it is now in some places. Illegal to collect water falling from the sky. This is where I (finally} draw a line in the mud.


Can I correct one thing?

It is “the love of money,” not money itself. Money is neutral. There have been people who have used it to do much good in feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, helping the sick, etc. It’s all in your attitude towards it. I remember hearing in a sermon once the priest said we should “hold onto money with a very loose grip” meaning that it isn’t really ours, we should be ready to let it go, especially to help others.

Capitalism is simply the love of money on steroids.


Good for her—
however, it is Both parties…
the demoRats as well…
let’s see what she is like in 10 years before I get enthralled…


35 is the age


either that or she just simply sells out to save her political “career”


It will be easier if votors can send her more reinforcements.