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Algeria In Iowa: "Because You Can't Be 'The Other' When You're A Part Of Us"


Algeria In Iowa: "Because You Can't Be 'The Other' When You're A Part Of Us"

To ease this week's pain, a glimpse of the America that should be - the one we thought or hoped we lived in, still out there in small, shining pockets. Elkader, Iowa - pop. 1,200-ish - is named for a 19th-century Algerian Muslim scholar/soldier/statesman and his struggle against the colonial French. It boasts a popular Algerian-American restaurant run by two gay guys - one Muslim - who believe in "the Statue of Liberty narrative." And this week it saw nearby anti-Trump protests arguing, "This is not our America."


Glad to see this story from Iowa who just voted for Trump unfortunately. I grew up in Iowa and had hoped they would not buy the Huckster but they did. Does anyone remember Trump calling Iowans the dumbest people ever? He did, and not long ago. Still got the vote! Sad.


It's good to know that there are wonderful places like this around!!


I have Muslim neighbors, and every time I meet them, I try to let them know that I WELCOME them as neighbors.


Trump called Iowans the dumbest people ever & still won there. It's sad they voted for him. It would still be sad if they voted for Clinton. The Democratic Candidate running for former Senator Tom Harkin's vacant seat lost to Republican Joni Ernst for saying something about the rural areas of Iowa. The people must have selective memories.


Thank you, Abby, for this feature! Elkader is just an hour's drive north of Dubuque.

Mother Mosque of America, also known as Moslem Temple, in nearby Cedar Rapids, is the longest standing mosque in North America, built in 1934.Tiny Ross, North Dakota, is site of the oldest mosque, built in 1929.

Dubuque's Muslim community opened their new mosque, the Tri-Stae Islamic Center, just a week ago.

As you note, their is some hope in the hicks in the Trump era. On Iowa!


Iowa's support for this bigoted huckster who insults you also perplexes me.. Hey, I voted for Hillary, and that's my mantra from now on.


Typo in last line, should read, "there is some hope..."
Caught it after the time limit for corrections to text!


Sorry I can't resist from posting this after reading that second sentence


Yeah Joni Ernst is a pandering cousin of Sarah Palin..how awful to witness that. Loved Harkin.


I voted for Jill Stein. She's a peacemonger, not a warmonger like Clinton & Trump. Trump is more extreme than Clinton on domestic policy. Clinton is more extreme than Trump on foreign policy.


What I like about Harkin is that he's for allowing same-sex marriages & voted to end DADT. What I don't like about him is that he voted for the Iraq War & only started opposing the war after many Democrats lost their seats to Republicans.


The menu sounds great. That part of Iowa is quite scenic-not just endless corn fields.
I'll have to go up there and check it out.


The Algerian Revolution is admirable for it was against the brutal tyranny of the French occupiers on Algerian land and it was not comparable to the American Revolution which was fought on Indigenous stolen land and fought in great part to retain the system of slavery. I have been to Algeria after it was liberated and admired the mosques and the children being instructed out of doors. I will think of my muslim brothers and sisters today as well as all people of color and the gay community as I stand in a silent protest against Trump and the vileness he has unleashed.


Good for the boss, Good for the neighbor, Good for you for your post. Thank! you.


Hey, I voted for Bernie, and that's MY mantra from now on.


I can agree with what you write but don't quite get

Overlooking the faces of the crowds they look young and would have been too young to be politically active during W. Bush's years. How millions of us would love to forget those years! Also, apparently they voted for Hillary and precious few for Jill Stein and some for Johnson. Had HRC won they probably would not have been out protesting although can't speak for the Black Block. Perhaps it was the clever switch and promise Hillary made to work with Bernie on getting that free college tuition for them. They are young and I remember my own youth during the Viet Nam War protests. Many of my male counterparts' protests had mixed motives because they were being drafter into a long, unjust and bloody conflict where more than a million Vietnamese died and close to 60, 000 us troops perished, countless more maimed for life. So many of our own motives are not pure.

As far as not liking democracy I can't really say but perhaps it seems unjust to them to have an electoral college system that essentially enables 12 states to determine the next president and that someone with more popular votes--their votes in this case, can possibly loose. Maybe it does not look like democracy to them. We know that only a small portion of the nation voted and Trump did not get the popular vote. My criticism would be that they should have considered the fact of the electoral college before the election and way ahead of it in fact so as to hopefully change it.

For my part, whenever I think about 'democracy' I realize that if and until we can raise our own level and the level of awareness of fellow human beings 'democracy' will in fact allow the emergence of the lowest common denominator such as a Trump.


Sadly true for the most part. Trump wants to increase military spending, so he'll be looking to start wars so he can look macho.