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Ali Abdullah Saleh Killed by Houthis Trying to Flee Yemen's Sanaa


Ali Abdullah Saleh Killed by Houthis Trying to Flee Yemen's Sanaa

Middle East Eye Staff

Officials from former president's party confirm leader is dead, while Houthi enemies say he was killed in ambush outside capital


There is a bigger picture here.

One that is worldwide - but Yemen appears to be the canary in this worldwide coalmine.

Below find an excellent summary of the Yemen experience, applicable worldwide in many senses, and finally, I post the link to a comprehensive article on ground subsidence, aquifer depletion, Global Isostaic Adjustment, and Mean Sea Level rise - all in one place - a BBC Tour de Force.

It is high time we here on Common Dreams try as much as possible to provide a larger perspective in a seemingly too complex to understand world.

It boils down to the competition for increasingly scarce resources of the inflexible demand curve variety, i.e., water, food, soil, climate, carrying capacity of our geographys, etc…

In short - “The Limits to Growth” and “Planetary Boundaries” which we all too often forget in the hub bub of daily events.

And following is the BBC ‘Tour de Force’:


Thank you for those links. Didn’t realize the severity of the situation. And the cholera epidemic can only get worse. Poor innocent Yemenis, syrians, Palestinians…the list goes on and on…