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‘Ali is On the Grill’: Israeli Settlers Taunt Family of Palestinian Toddler Murdered in Arson Attack


‘Ali is On the Grill’: Israeli Settlers Taunt Family of Palestinian Toddler Murdered in Arson Attack

Brett Wilkins

Around two dozen right-wing Israeli settler youth were recorded on video taunting relatives of Ali Saad Dawabsheh, the 18-month-old Palestinian toddler murdered along with his parents in a July 2015 arson attack.


Well isn’t that…special.


Hate to admit it, but It is getting harder and harder to argue against rightwing nutjobs who keep insisting that Hitler may have known something the rest of us missed.


When you teach you’re children hate, you end up with a vile, disgusting society. The definition of modern Israel.


I hope you are not serious. If anything you should take from this that hate can be fomented by any group regardless of past or history. That being said it still doesn’t justify the hateful actions of others, neither in the past present or future.


And ancient Israel from what I have read.


These are moral monsters. The hate that hate produced.


White supremacy and colonialism are constant in their evils. Zionism is both.


Of course i am not serious, but the inferred point still stands.
Zionists, like all extremists, claim to speak for everyone else in their in group.
Therefore, everything these psychopaths do is taken by many as a reflection of jews everywhere, not just the zionist extremists.


The so-called “peace” deal:


What can be said about such depravity and the supremacist mythology that feeds it? The “settlers” are a special breed of racist hatred as this example shows clearly…it is only one example among countless over the last 60 years!

That these inhuman creatures are the “special” ally with whom we are linked by “unbreakable bonds” seems appropriate to what we have become. The long worked-for Israeli right-wing subversion destroyed whatever US independence and sovereignty we might once have had, now a corrupted charade making America a subservient lap-dog to whatever racist filth, murders, and evil the Israelis do to Palestinians.

“Friends” like those are sure to make any nation a reflection of their depravity and crimes against humanity! BDS!


Let’s also remember that Jarhead KushyKush and Trump’s ambASSador to Israel are financially invested in these demented settlers and their illegal settlements, and major Zionist profiteers:


The Talmudic God of the Old Testament was a cruel, nasty old bastard, flooding the whole world, drowning people in the Red Sea, and even conscripting “his chosen people” into slavery.
Take a look at the book of Job if you want to see a vicious god in action.
It’s no wonder modern Israel is so twisted, with a brutal god like that as its role model.
And, oy vey, what did their god do for an encore: set up his own perfect son to be murdered.
God damn, what an asshole that god is.


Yes, but God 2.0, like New Coke, got repackaged:

Check out the depth of the lyrics. I promise you won’t get your feet wet.


Oh My God, i got an almost-orgasmic feeling from the touchy-feely choir, the repetitive lyrics, and the soft rock balladry.
It’s amazing that such an awesome, all-knowing, all-wise, all-loving god could have screwed things up so bad.
As Lucifer once said…
“The Big Guy lets me run around doing evil, and then sends u little people to hell for it, he he ha ha.”


That is the power of ideology over rational thinking. Seriously, Israel needs therapy.


Zionists were totally complicit in Hitler’s “final solution,” and more than willing to sacrifice “fellow Jews” in order to obtain their beloved Palestine. Zionist bankers were among the first supporters of Hitler. Believe what you want, I don’t by any means endorse the Third Reich, but history as it has been written is a bunch of BS. And today, the USA sure looks as much like the Fourth Reich as anything I could imagine. The bumbler Trump is a perfect foil for the institution of fascism, and he and Netanyahu are in bed together all the way.


That several zionists collaborated with the nazis is a well established historical fact, but whether that collaboration extended beyond a few select individuals is,at least to my knowledge, still unknown.
Given that the two ideologies only really differ on who they consider to be the “chosen ones”, it is not such an unlikely match.

As for America resembling the Fourth Reich, it is probably more accurate to still call it the Third Reich, since a large number of nazi officers and scientists were given asylum in America near the end of the war (operation paperclip). These defectors were given jobs, including leadership positions, throughout the military industrial complex. The CIA deserves a special mention as Allen Dulles was at one time Hitler’s right hand man.
There was also no shortage of nazi collaborators, or even outright nazis, among america’s “industrialists” whos families today make up america’s oligarchy.
America never disarmed after the war, and pretty much picked up where the nazi’s left off, starting with Russia.


I am so not surprised that these Israelis are actually from the US. This is US-style behavior. A huge proportion of the illegal Israeli “settlers” are actually from the US and behave that way. I wish them ill. I wish the Palestinians actually were a threat to Israel, a physical threat, but they’re not at all. It is US Israelis like these thugs, and their families, who are the true threat to the region. I hope they perish.


Palestinians are raised to hate Jews. Here’s what Palestinian kids see on Palestinian TV:

• A song in a children’s cartoon includes the lyrics, “Zionist man, run away, Zionist woman, run away, very soon you’ll be killed by a car.”
• A Palestinian singer is shown in another clip, singing the lyrics, “Oh Martyrdom-seeker, make them cry. Make the fire engulf them. Turn them into body parts, roast them.”
• A Palestinian child declaims in a speech into which he has been indoctrinated, “Oh sons of Zion, oh the most evil of creatures, oh barbaric apes.”
• In a children’s TV show, a Mickey Mouse figures asks a child, “How will you sacrifice your soul for the sake of Al-Aqsa? Was will you do? The child replies, “I will shoot. We want to… We will annihilate the Jews”