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'All About Power': Ignoring Experts, Trump Reportedly Moving to Lift Coronavirus Restrictions Over Reelection Fears

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/24/all-about-power-ignoring-experts-trump-reportedly-moving-lift-coronavirus


Really? We didn’t see this coming?
This imbecile has convinced himself and his loyal sycophants that his only chance at getting re elected is a booming economy. His attorneys have already told him that if he doesn’t win re-election he will most likely have to move to a non-extradition country, or die, in order avoid the incoming justice dept and the state of NY AG. That’s why he is more than willing to sacrifice the lives and health of hundreds of thousands of Americans. Just like every major corporation, he doesn’t think of you as a person. To those entities you are cannon fodder. Our blood needs to grease the wheels of capitalism in order to make Trumps and the rest of the oligarchies opulent lives possible. And as long as we are willing to sacrifice our health and well being, and those of our children to make that possible, the system will never change.
What I thought would happen is currently playing out. We are indeed choosing to save capitalism instead of people. And the sheeple are letting it happen.


Unbelievable/unconscionable. I may have to stop reading any news from the USA or regarding what’s happening there, I have have the ability to do that. Can anyone stop the train wreck that is about to happen to America?

Please stay in and keep safe, regardless of what reckless policies go on around you.


Step one: Trump supporters go back to work in higher numbers than people who don’t support Trump.

Step two: because of step one, at first Trump supporters die at higher rates than non-supporters

Step three: Trump supporters need medical attention and use up the reserve of medical supplies as they begin to infect non-supporters

Step four: People who don’t support Trump still try to practice social distancing but are now dying at high rates because when they do get sick there are not enough medical supplies for them

Step five: People who support Trump go to Polls at a higher rate than people who don’t support Trump and are still trying to stay away from crowds

Step six: Trump is re-elected under the lowest turnout ever and data shows more Democrats and independents have died compared to Republicans.

Step seven: Trump appears on aircraft carrier with big sign saying “Mission Accomplished” (donated by G. Bush)


And once again the Orange Beast proves himself unworthy to lead. Maybe, with luck, old man Trump will get Covid-19 and relieve the world of another idiot!


Trump said it was a ‘war’. In war there are acceptable losses and collateral damage. As one of Trump’s mouthpieces said on CNBC … the loss of 10 -12 million would be good for capitalism.

Good news on the economy: 6000 more seniors died yesterday and the market rose 700 points.

Bernie 2020. It isn’t over until the fat lady sings. Since seeing Joe on his blue screen come back with subtitles that helped me decipher his mumbling, the Democrat opera has one more act.


Also, consider if our for-profit health care providers decide they don’t want to “do business” with people who have coronavirus. What do you think rump would do?


Evil Orange wants to rid the US of the seniors, then his Wall Street buddies can divvy up the Social Security loot.


Clearly they recognize the value of Labor. Now, he goes ahead with this latest criminality we respond with GENERAL STRIKE by not complying. If they continue to insist, we respond with total, non cooperation by refusing all taxes but placing them in an escrow account, and withdrawing what money we might have in commercial banks. This we should be able to do online.


Giovanna, I like the way you think!

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When money–not Life is one’s “god”-- Trump is the logical end result.

According to the Post , one option the Trump administration is considering is “a gradual scaling back of current restrictions, where people younger than 40 who are healthy go back to work on a certain date, followed by people ages 40 to 50.”

He conveniently dismisses the fact that younger people can spread the virus and can become ill themselves and will suffer health problems following recovery. So, this serves to reduce the “surplus” of “useless” seniors and freeing up social security funds to raid after they die. This is the die-already “wonderful” health “care” he promised.


Now Trump wants to see the virus kill off his own supporters. What a complete loser!

Once removed from office, the howling bigot occupying the White House needs to be detained for life in Camp X-Ray at Guantanamo. If Trump objects, then just remind him that a similar fate awaited Napoleon and then he’ll want to go. Trump is that narcissistic.


Now you see why I keep saying that even though Biden is a neoliberal, weak, addled piece of shit, Fuhrer is a uniquely destructive, insane, greed-driven, egomaniacal existential threat to the world.
Sad thing is, Biden and the corporate Dems should have weaponized Fuhrer’s horrible response to this pandemic and hammer him with it constantly.
Instead, Dementia Joe can barely mumble his way through a scripted talk, and the rest of the Dems other than a few progressives are silent.
And where are Obama, Shillary, Schumer, Pelousy, etc. Do they not care for this country enough to speak out loudly and constantly against the Orange Fuhrer?
For that matter, where are W, Romney, etc. Are we governed by a bunch of god damned ghouls???


It is passed time to remove this moron from office. It is time to activate the 25th amendment, but who in the cabinet will have the nads to call for it, much less actually vote for it? Ben Carson? Pompeo? Barr? We are so fucked.


In the process it is essential to ask:

What and Who are absent from the prioritization of care and voices heard?

I pose this because the predatory capitalist system is utterly dependent on the exclusion of considerations of value. Historically this can be tracked by “national priority” (oil and gas sectors- despite the FACT that the devastation from fracking has NEVER resulted in positive value - aside from ‘pushing the envelope’ as a litmus test for financialization credulity and environmental poisoning).

There is no reporting on the situations of indigenous peoples. Keep these peoples and this point of history front and center. Part of the “externalization of costs” of predatory capitalism is the media ‘holding cell’. CD has room to improve on its coverage.

Think of other areas of life that are at risk of sinking in silence.


I watched that press conference in horror, unable to believe what I was hearing! I kept wondering when someone would come in with handcuffs and a straight jacket and haul that jackass away before he kills thousands of people. We are living a nightmare!!!


This is going to be shitty, so, here goes! I am SO looking forward to seeing, and reading trumps obituary that I can hardly wait, seeing the rest of his families right there with his would be icing on the cake, especially if all the repubs were there as well. Oh yes, wishing nothing but misery, poverty and death upon them all. Sorry Gandolf (The Grey Wizard), but thats where I am at today!

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Here’s another chapter of the Trump nightmare in which Greed is Good!
THIS AFTERNOON, the Food and Drug Administration granted Gilead Sciences “orphan” drug status for its antiviral drug, remdesivir. The designation allows the pharmaceutical company to profit exclusively for seven years from the product, which is one of dozens being tested as a possible treatment for Covid-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus.

Experts warn the designation, reserved for treating “rare diseases,” could block supplies of the antiviral medication from generic drug manufacturers and provide a lucrative windfall for Gilead Sciences, which maintains close ties with President Donald Trump’s task force for controlling the coronavirus crisis. Joe Grogan, who serves on the White House coronavirus task force, lobbied for Gilead from 2011 to 2017 on issues including the pricing of pharmaceuticals.


No, No. No.

Wrong, totally!

The real reason Trump wants to lift restrictions?

Trump’s resorts are moving rapidly towards, wait for it — BANKRUPTCY!

THAT’S what is driving Trump in his current state of mind. He’s in a panic because his companies are going to fail on his economic watch and he is personally willing to allow (hundreds of) thousands of people to die to save his precious golf courses.

That, people, is the current President of the United States. Hard to believe but true. Wake up and smell the coffee.


Oh. I forgot to mention Kushner’s influence over Trump to lift the restrictions.

Kushner’s landlord business is getting slammed and will get far worse as people can’t pay their rents. He and Ivanka are at economic peril as well.

It’s a family affair.