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'All About Power': Ignoring Experts, Trump Reportedly Moving to Lift Coronavirus Restrictions Over Reelection Fears

O.K. I think I finally got what you mean. This is uncharted territory and needs to be looked at outside the envelope WITHOUT GREED CAPITALISM “winning” and continuing their destruction of the economy.

I don’t have the answer and, it seems, those in power don’t either. All I know FOR SURE is that the stock market is NOT “The Economy” and efforts to prop that up before helping regular people is NOT the focus currently needed.

*I have removed previous responses from when I misunderstood.

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Well – not sure about the solution being to send everyone out again –

but what happens when the beaches are closed in June?

The parks are filled with parents trying to keep their kids moving – exercise.

Even older folks need exercise and sunshine.

THIS also underlines the reality that it is citizens who create economies –
and it is banks, financial institutions and international institutions which manipulate
our economies for the benefit of Elites.

This is a POWERFUL bit of evidence and confirmation of how things work.

NO LABOR – NO PROFITS – also confirming the power of labor vs elites/profits

And an interesting way also of finding out, “What are the necessities of life.”

Which suppliers are the most important – essential.

And certainly if the nation isn’t healthy … there is NO ECONOMY.

ALL pointing to MEDICARE4ALL – NOW.

This is the time to be making these points –

That’s good Carl. Kaylie has a point and it’s a “catch 22” situation. We are buggered if we do and buggered if we don’t. But Wuhan demonstrated the effectiveness of lockdown. How that affected their economy i do not know. Here in Spain is the same. We are not a wealthy country like Italy but we are doing our best to protect our citizens. I believe the difference is the camarderie and solidarity. At the end of the day the blame for all of this is “GREED”.


Just watched Tim Black. “I don’t think it’s crazy to say there’s a problem with Joe”.

You are the fool, Kay Liar.
My grandfather told me all about living in the Great Depression.
He said it was good for people, families, and the environment.
People got closer together, worked as a team, made their own goods, created local economies, recycled, and avoided capitalist consumerism that DESTROYS THE BIOSPHERE.
They learned that you don’t have to have money to have an economy.
The bulldozing and destruction of Nature, along with destructive activities such as mining, logging, cattle ranching, and conversion of family farms into corporate farms decreased greatly.
The people who died because of that economic collapse were the bankers who jumped out of windows because they lost their wealth.
This current economy is built on the plunder and death of the biosphere, as well as the exploitation of the working class and illegal migrants.
The only people satisfied with this economy are the ones who have enough assets and income to be comfortable.
And the Great Depression was created by people like Trump and Mnuchin, not by a virus or democratic socialists.
You are a shill for bullshit, and your talking points are the same as Trump and the GOP, who care ONLY about money and reelection.


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You clearly are an idiot, David, and clearly did not understand a word of what i said.
And yes clearly one of the great things everyone talks about when remembering the depression is how GREAT it was for everyone. LOL.

As I said, if you think it is so great, feel free to donate your paycheck for the next 6 months and be without an income then -as you clearly seem to expect millions of people who have lost their jobs and with it livelihoods do. No? yeah, I thought so.

Here’s the LATEST one, wingsofadove: (h)ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TF5VNXZHxpE

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You clearly are an online troll, Kay Lie.
I understood not only what you said, but the ignorance and duplicity behind it.
And each time you respond to me or another commenter who called you out, you change the topic, change what you said before, reinterpret it, and pile on more bullshit. That’s the Trump playbook right there.
Another problem is that you are commenting on an article in which clearly the topic is that Trump is ignoring the world’s leading health experts, just like he always ignores scientists and experts, and doing something incredibly reckless.
Any true progressive who has a brain would comment on that by noting that Trump is a dangerous fool, not only defying people who know a lot more than he does, but he is doing it for craven personal and political reasons, including the fact that the pandemic shutdowns are harming many of his businesses and those of his allies. You come here and agree with Trump, arguing FOR his position, and later backtrack by saying you don’t support Trump. Typical troll tactics.
As regards the Great Depression, it was harsh, but people survived TOTAL economic collapse, and in some ways it brought people closer together and slowed the growth of corporate capitalism. It also produced the New Deal. And we can do that again. If people like you get out of the way.
That was the obvious point I was making, you deliberately obtuse loser.
What people can not survive is a pandemic virulently spread throughout the population because a dangerous lunatic tells them to go back to work.
Following the advice of clowns like you and Grifter, we could end up like Italy.
Get a clue! You’re dangerously stupid!

No one is saying that Trump is not an irresponsible asshole and sociopath who doesnt care about anyone. I never said that. But the point of my original post, which you clearly dont understand and being the bad faith actor that you are given the repeated ad hominem attacks and petty name calling you engage in, also refuse to understand just to spew your venom at me, is that at the end of the day, we CANNOT KEEP THE ECONOMY SHUT FOR ANOTHER 6 - 12 MONTHS and expect the government to keep a $21 trillion economy afloat and think we are gonna come out of the other end ok.

The very people that you, as a beacon of compassion and empathy, claim to care about - ie. the poor and middle class - will be hurt by a devastated economy and the domino effects of the wreckage. This isnt just about stock markets you ignorant tool, this is about average people who are out of a job and no means to support themselves- be it rent, food on the table, healthcare etc. that will be hurt. The rich can ride this out, it is the rest of us I worry about. The Romney and Rand Paul’s of the world wont run out of hospital beds, ventilators and meds, we will. They wont run out of food, we will.

To repeat, if we keep this up for more than a month or two, we might face not a recession but a full-blown depression, which would be financially ruinous for hundreds of millions and have its own disastrous knock-on effects in mental, emotional, and physical health, including for the elderly and sick who already face the greatest risks from the virus.

In that case, we are looking at a century-defining calamity that could bankrupt the government; wreck nearly every business in America, large or small; disrupt supply chains and create critical shortfalls of food, medicines, and other essential items; lead to dramatic increases in deaths of loneliness and despair; tempt political leaders, including the president, to disavow democratic norms in the name of public health (including by seeking to postpone elections); and create widespread, perhaps deadly, civil unrest.

You clearly do not seem to care about that as you reminisce about the good old great days of the depression and how grand they were. For you, apparently the cost of ruining the lives of nearly 350 million people is acceptable. I am saying the issue is a bit more complicated and nuanced than that. You point the finger at me for not caring, but it is you who is shortsighted and doesnt care. Or understand cause you are too busy foaming at the mouth at me about Trump when this isnt about him.

For the record, again, I never said we not have lockdowns for a month or two max, but several is catastrophic. These lockdowns, according to the WHO, are supposed to buy us time for testing and targeted quarantines, not sit around hoping for the best, which sadly is what our Administration doing: they are not doing anything to test, to buy those on the frontline PPEs or to protect anyone. That is where the criticism should lie.

If the devastation of the economy as outlined above is something that is acceptable to you, and given your idiotic responses it clearly is, then at least admit it instead of trying to bullshit your way out of it with these half cocked, nonsense arguments. This is, by the way, NOT just a Trump position. I held this theory long before he said anything and when governors first announced lockdowns saying this could go into the summer and beyond. The article I quoted is from the NYT and notably not by a Trump supporter and quite a few liberals have been arguing along similar lines. Trump is an idiot who clearly wants this done for the wrong reasons, but in the end, the argument that we cannot and should not devastate our economy by having year long lockdowns like that has merit on its own and should not be automatically dismissed cause someone you dont like says so. I dont give a damn about Trump, I give a damn about the facts and the people who will be hurt in far more numbers than will succumb to the virus if this goes on for months on end.

As stated above, sooner or later, people will figure out that it is not sustainable to keep tens of millions of people in lockdown for 6 to 12 months or use population-wide edicts rather than measures designed to protect the most vulnerable; or expect the federal government to keep a $21 trillion economy afloat; or throw millions of people out of work and ask them to subsist on a $1,200 check.