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'All About the Grift': Trump Raises Over $150 Million for Non-Existent 'Election Defense Fund'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/01/all-about-grift-trump-raises-over-150-million-non-existent-election-defense-fund

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IQ America Help!

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Isn’t it appropriate that the Trump administration would end this way?

There’s a sucker born every minute.


The implication in this article seems to be that the cult members donating to this ‘fund’ would be aghast at the thought that the money is not being used to fight the election results. I have no doubt that they are happy just to be contributing to their weakling leader and really don’t care how he uses it. To them, he who can not form two coherent thoughts in the same sentence can do no wrong.


I live in the middle of Trumpland and I can confirm the accuracy of this post. Many of them know and don’t care. They did read the fine print, and they support it. This is basically another “look at the stupid GOP voters” article. There’s no news here.

You nailed it.


Interesting how the GOP learns and co-opts the movement for small donations. And the Democrats, captured by the corporatists not so much.

Time to re-imagine how we actually want to organize as a society. Consider reading, Small Is Beautiful and coming together virtually to imagine a collective vision of the future we can work towards in creating.

Flowers will grow from the ashes of capitalism,” says a sign

From Jonathan Cook

The Planet Cannot Heal Until We Rip the Mask Off the West’s War Machine


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Good points. Most folks among the mainstream Democratic Party are still trying to push the narrative that Trump and his white nationalist views are simply an aberration unique to him and his closest sycophants. The Clintonian Dems have to push that narrative because it plays in to their long term plans for keeping the New Democrats a 21st neoliberal party that more resembles the Nixon administration than it does anything from the glory days of the New Deal or Great Society. If democrats were to accept the truth, that almost half of the adult American voting populace have been white nationalists pushing a christo-fascist misogynistic agenda since the Reconstruction, they may have to change.
There has been a race and class war going on in the USA since 1865. The democrats just refuse to realize it. Trump was simply a darker reflection of that incredibly large and significant voting block of the all too typical Americans that have secretly longed for the Confederacy’s return for generations. For genuine change to happen in Americas democrats would have to first admit that their ideology, even their modern pro corporate bullshit of being fiscally conservative and socially liberal at the same time, will always be repugnant to the nearly half of the USA that genuinely believes that slavery should never have been abolished.
The USA has played out to its logical Christo-capitalist end. The nation is Balkanized and must be broken apart into smaller nations whose governments will better reflect the views of their separate populace. It’s that, or we let the white nationalists drag us all down with them.
Do the Third Way democrats possess the intestinal fortitude for this kind of revolutionary action? Of course not.


You are unfortunately correct. If you can get people to believe that an invisible man in the sky created and controls everything, you can pretty much get them to do anything.
Hunter Thompson called it the New Dumb. The truth is that that dumb has been with us for quite some time.


Biden is running a similar grift asking people to fund his transition. Wth? Hey Joe, how about going to the people you serve, your donors, for the money?


What’s the big deal, in corporate America golden parachutes are the norm and this money ultimately goes to Trump. Trumpsters have no problem with this fraud, after all it has been happening for the last four years. Money to continue the torment toward democracy and decency.


This one does care and wants his money back:


He gave 2.5 million dollars.
Like BigB says: “there’s a sucker born every minute.”


Hopefully he gets back NOTHING! Stupid can’t be fixed, and no one should bother to try.


But he is a BIG MONEY donor, so he wants a return on his investment. The people who are sending in their 5,10,20 dollar donations are the ones who are all in on baby twitler and don’t give a f**k about how he spends the money.


There has always been that difference between more modest and big money donors. The modest donor tends to be a true believer. They will donate what ever they can, and go down with the ship if necessary. To the wealthy man however, there is no such thing as a donation. It’s an investment. That’s why this guy is pissed. He put everything on red, and the roll came up black.


You can safely bet your last nickle that “the wealthy man” who donates to Trump is also donating to all the other viable candidates…that way they get a return on investment no matter who wins.

Many of those who inhabit the pay to play universe don’t bother registering to vote let alone actually voting. They just buy as many politicians as they need, irrespective of party affiliation.


Always about the money for drump
Sorry but it can’t fix it for you this time donnie

Money doesn’t work with Karma
And this schmuck has been loading the scales quite heavily in a most precarious manner

I’d say the spirits of the 250,000 dead victims will weigh in on this one

This POS ain’t done cooking

Dues Will be Paid


Cheapskates like him. LOL

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Seeing how the stock market went up by its highest % in 33 years during November, those suckers would have been better off using their Trump donation money to buy stocks on November 4.

No surprise that after 4 years of Trump hanging his hat on the rising stock market that it breaks a record right after he loses, signaling how happy investors are that he lost.


My coffee cup has a sticker “you can’t fix stupid”.


It’s interesting how many talk about Trump’s ‘delusional’ post election charges. He knows he lost but also knows the longer he pretends he didn’t the more money he can con out of his beloved base.