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'All About the Money': Kyrsten Sinema, Lone Senate Democrat Opposed to Net Neutrality, Tied to Comcast Lobbyist's Dark Money Super PAC

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/07/all-about-money-kyrsten-sinema-lone-senate-democrat-opposed-net-neutrality-tied

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All you have to do is look at her insipid, smug, entitled, dishonest face to know she’s a paid-off Comcast shill.

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The worst kind of DINO. She cut her teeth, and probably a few throats, with the Green Party of Arizona supposedly. Hmmmm…The poster child for a stealth candidacy. Whatever lives in her head needs to be encased there, forever. Like nuclear waste or weapons need to be encased in cement silos in Saudi Arabia.

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Groups need to birdog her all over DC and whenever she is in her home state. I write to the two worthless senators from AZ all the time and the formalic answers come saying nothing of any substance.


I’m not so much bothered by her being a moderate.

I’m bothered by her superficial, whatever whims drive me at the moment type of moderation. Like a grabbing a shiny coin on the ground.

You know what Manchin stands for. You never know with Sinema.

Still, in an age of the party of the sane vs party of insane, she is infinitely preferable to the alternative.

Good for you to even try to change things in Red State Arizona.

Any lefties there in Arizona have ALOT! of work to do to move Dems to the left–Where the hell they SHOULD BE!

Don’t just vote. Organize and protest this disgusting excuse for a DEM at her offices!!

AZ voters supported Songbird McCain who pushed for 100 year wars in the Middle East. What can you expect from the masses there.

But the DNC wants you to remember, policies never matter. What matters is that you “vote blue no matter who.”

She was my Rep. when I lived in Phx, she and her staff were a great help to me back then. She still had visions of her youth and ties to the streets and alleys of AZ. Now she is just another wolf in sheep’s clothing. A repug in demo cloth, a turncoat.

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There are people in Tucson and at the other end of the state, Flagstaff who are working toward an equitable society but they ARE greatly outnumbered by the selfish, thoughtless populace.
However silence is an affirmation of the status quo.