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All Bets Off? Germany Rejects Greek Proposal for Modified Loan Extension


All Bets Off? Germany Rejects Greek Proposal for Modified Loan Extension

Jon Queally, staff writer

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Amid a rapid and still-unfolding set of developments on Thursday in Europe, the German government of Chancellor Angela Merkel rejected the contents of an application submitted by the newly-elected Syriza government of Greece earlier in the day, saying the proposal for a loan extension does not fulfill the demands made by the austerity-ridden bailout program agreed to by the previous Greek government.


With the massive fraud in transnational banking and the undeniability of virtually all nation states having substantial sectors fall prey to corruption schemes continues to nag the obscenely high stakes QE bludgeon. Screaming in its silence is the ongoing undertow of this aspect of the situations - 21st century having no alternative to social denial of so many living societies being held hostage. Organized crime has mated with colonizing methodologies - the antithesis of all components of being alive.


In other words, Goldman Sachs is not through bidding down the price of Greek islands.


Oh, HeLLo.


I would love to hear the thoughts of members here after viewing the following…

You may be interested in a ten-minute interview given Tuesday morning from Brussels to Greek television. The questions are in Greek but the answers are fairly self-contained.

There was also a short comment in the Greek paper Ekatherimini:


And a brief turn on NPR


Many more things on the UTIP site at http://utip.gov.utexas.edu


The Germans seem to have forgotten the lessons learned from integrating east Germany into the west: the government must put the needs of the people first and remain flexible in its monetary approach. Now that they have successfully navigated those stormy waters, they appear completely indifferent to the suffering of their southern neighbors, only focusing on the interest payments they want to glean for their own continued prosperity.


In 1974 the Western nation Governments surrendered their ability to print currency to the IMF and a cabal of International private bankers. What would happen is from this time forwards various Governments would issue bonds instead and “investors” would buy up those bonds in return for money. This money did not really exist. It was created out of thin air out of nothing and premised on nothing.

When Greece “borrowed that money” all that really happened was the banks in control of the financial system just created a computer entry. This was to be paid back at interest to the same.

The banking system creates it out of nothing. therefore nothing is lost if these loans never repaid because the money was created of nothing. It can be created again and again.

How do various countries repay those loans and the interest on them?

They repay them by what is REAL. They repay them via taxes on their workers. They repay them by surrendering their real wealth, their land and minerals and infrastructure to those small few that control the Banking system, All of us in essence work to make those bankers richer. Those bankers do nothing in return but create currency out of nothing. They are leeches and parasites of the highest order.

Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with the concept of taxes. WE all pay them so all of our fellow citezens can benefit along with ourselves. We need taxes for schools and health care and for Old age security and medical research and infrastructure. All of the things that make things better.

With the current banking system instead of the fruits of the labor going to benefit the many , they go to the bankers to make the few even richer. It is simply a high tech version of slavery and nothing more, From Ancient Rome to the Ottoman Empire, from the Empires of France and Britain and that of the United States of America, the great wealth of the few has been built on a foundation of slavery and exploitation of the masses and on theft and on Genocide. This is the same process given the veneer of respectability.

The simple FACT is this. From a mathematical perspective all of those debts owed by Governments the world over can never be repaid. Those that lent the money KNOW this.

The real concern of those with power in Germany is not that the money not repaid. It is the Greeks might well escape the yoke of slavery by refusing to repay it. They will do everything in their power to ensure Greece can not succeed.


That picture says as much, if not more, than the article, which says a lot itself. One picture truly can be worth a thousand words. This will not be the end of Greece or Germany, but it might be the beginning of the end of the EU and the Euro.


being mistreated can be a real motivator, we’ll see what happens in the future


We’ll see what happens when real people, real governments “Just Say No.”
Don’t Cry for Greece, Argentina.


Yes, the neo-liberal agenda is a mendacious con game.


Greece: Think Iceland. Solidarity!


The Germans do very well out of its poorer neighbours Greece, Spain Portugal etc being in the Eurozone as it devalues the Euro internationally and allows German exports, like BMW’s BASF, Mercedes etc to be sold more cheaply around the world. If the Germans still had the Mark they would cost three times as much. It’s only right they should share some of these profits with Greece, Spain etc, instead of keeping it for themselves whilst their neighbours suffer. Otherwise any German claims of solidarity within the Eurozone are just lip-service and one-sided self-interest. This also explains why Germany is so keen for these hard hit countries to remain in the Euro.


Thank You.


As far as I can tell, you must be conflating the German bankers’ prosperity with that of the German people. As an aside, I doubt very seriously that the East Germans feel they were ‘integrated’ into the west but rather feel they were colonized or occupied and their needs continuing to be disregarded.


It would make one think the crash of 2008 was orchestrated to set the current international financial game in motion.