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All Democratic 2020 Frontrunners But Biden Denounce DOJ for Failing to Hold Officer Accountable In Eric Garner's Death

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/16/all-democratic-2020-frontrunners-biden-denounce-doj-failing-hold-officer-accountable


What can be said about ol grandpa Joe?
He probably still thinks Rodney King, after taking the beating of a lifetime, was about to rise up off the ground and kill all the white cops that wer thrashing him with Truncheons.
Oh don’t worry Third Wayers, crazy ol Joe will take a day or two, then mumble some bullshit platitudes, and then the congressional Black Caucus will line up and blow him.


Don’t take it personally, Joe. We’re just not into you–nor you into the People.


Just hope that Nazi scum cop gets what he deserves through karma.


No! Not Joey JoJo Shabadoo - get with the program, preznit wannabe.

I am certainly not into any Democrat that greased the skids for Clarence Thomas - eff that.


Just to be clear about this issue…

Barr ‘overruled’ the professional staff of the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ who recommended federal prosecution of the killer cop.


Biden continues to prove that his last campaign should have already been run.


So if that is how it goes for negligent homicide, what will Bush, Cheney, Trump and Barr get?
Yes that’s right, not nearly severe enough punishment.

Hi Gandolf:

sigh-- Yes , Bush, Cheney, Trump and Barr---- together they are a new Axis of Evil. : (

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That fits his MO perfectly. He is truly an establishment type person and cannot claim to care about anyone who isn’t above middle class. His record of advocating for POC is almost nonexistent so if someone tells you that only one of the top tier in the candidate list did something that smacks of racism or elitism, you know that Biden is the one they are talking about.

Since they didn’t indict him, then he can’t claim double jeopardy if in three years they come after him again.


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Status Quo Joe has stated his #1 Policy:

“Nothing Will Fundamentally Change” He really means it.


Once again Tulsi Gabbard is written out of the scene. I’d lay odds she has also commented but, as is so often the case, is ignored by media including Common Dreams.

I think Joe, and most right - wing Democrats would say, “That cop may have murdered Eric Garner–but at least there was civility!”