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All Evidence Shows #GOPTaxScam Is Horrible. Only Question: Can It Be Stopped?


All Evidence Shows #GOPTaxScam Is Horrible. Only Question: Can It Be Stopped?

Jon Queally, staff writer

"No good can come of this plan unless you are wealthy or a corporation."


Furthermore, the Republicans have slipped in a provision that takes fetuses 1 step closer to personhood:

It MUST be defeated with this “fetal rights” provision along with it, though there’s plenty else in it that is destructive to Americans. And this may be their long-range plan:

President Trump and congressional Republicans want Americans to think that their proposed tax legislation is all about increasing economic growth.

That’s their stated goal. But the stealth goal of GOP tax cuts is to start down the path toward gutting the New Deal and the Great Society — and if tax cuts pass, they might get away with it.


I have contacted my rep and both Senators and they are all democrats so I couldn’t sway any of the a**hole GOP’s pushing the biggest tax scam since Reagan did in the 80’s. It’s bad enough the wealthy do away with the estate tax saving billions but the corporate rate cut is pure madness. This will shift an even bigger burden on the middle and upper middle classes, to offset the windfalls garnered by the largest richest firms in history. There are few other sneaky provisions in the bill rarely mentioned and that’s the Johnson amendment repeal, giving churches the ability to endorse candidates without losing non-tax status. Also is a provision that allows individuals to opt out of the ACA,(Obama care) which places mire burden on the poor and underpaid workers. I don’t know how to stop this madness, Pence holds to tie breaker if all GOP senators vote aye and I’ve yet to see any defectors and that will take two at least if I figured correctly. There were a few GOP Reps that voted no so these’s still a slim hope left but I’m not counting on it.


When my father asked me how I liked my big Tax cut from Reagan, I told him that my taxes went up. I also told him not to worry about the rich, because they had their favorite tax loop holes put back in. This new " soul sucking" tax plan from the GOP sounds like just another scam.


If Democrats win the next elections across the board, would they undo Trump’s disasters?


NatureBoy, that’s what I wonder, too. I suspect it depends on who is elected. There is so much that needs to be undone, the new president will need a full cabinet to work on it non-stop before sending Executive Orders or legislation to him that he can present.


USA is a negative force and each person loses interest in their own way.


Can it be stopped? The Republicans are the majority in both houses of congress right now, so it is a Republican congress. So the answer is most likely NO it can’t be stopped. But YES it can be squarely blamed on the Republicans 100 percent. And what are the tax cuts for the rich all about? Republicans have recently admitted the truth, it is their reward to their rich and super rich donors for putting them in power so they will not forget them in the next election. It has nothing at all to do with stimulating the economy as Supply Side Trickle Down has been debunked for decades.

The rich tend to put their money into offshore bank accounts that cannot be taxed and generally invest offshore. This causes stagnation of the American economy. On the other hand, studies show tax cuts, breaks and loopholes for the middle and working classes in America invariably gets spent or put into more local banks that invest within America. And that is what stimulates the economy for America.


It wouldn’t even be looked at except for the fetus thing. LOL: Since fetuses will have so many rights- I hope one can drive me to work!


Most of them are such cowards that they are afraid of the rethugs. " They won’t talk to us." Sounds like a team of pre schoolers on both sides.


CAN IT BE STOPPED? No, I think it is who can be blamed, ripped a new orifice, and then be driven out of office. They are traitors to America.


I am trying to hang in here with Common Dreams, because I am a Progressive American. But it is non discussions like this that keep me looking for alternatives after Newsvine went under.


And it is not the Kos either.


So you don’t think adding 1.7 trillion more to the deficit to give to the have mores and have most so they can afford the 99% is good idea?


I don’t get your post. Do you pretend that talking to the republicans and perhaps getting their horrible legislation 1% less horrible is a good thing?


Yes, I believe they would.


Clearly these corporate cretins are begging for a revolution-seriously. They have not learned the lessons of history. If it starts in the major cities–NYC, LA, Chicago for example-- not sure how much they can actually do. Will their armored trucks be able to squeeze through the narrow streets in Manhattan for example? Will they drop bombs on folks locked in apartments they rent while they refuse to pay the rent? If everyone pulls their money out of the banks what then? We boycott paying taxes, we refuse to pay for utilities, riding the transit system; no school, no work. And yes, it will require courage from all of us along with solidarity and mutual support and fillings the jails, the court rooms.


To undo Trump’s disasters, Democrats would have to give up their Wall Street funding, no?


Not necessarily. They might lose some of it, but big money always has placed bets on both sides.