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All Eyes on Airports and Courtrooms Hours Before Muslim Ban 2.0 Goes Into Effect


All Eyes on Airports and Courtrooms Hours Before Muslim Ban 2.0 Goes Into Effect

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Immigrant rights advocates are ready to take action if courts don't rule before 12:01am Thursday, when President Donald Trump's revised travel ban is set to go into effect.


And so the targeting/victimization continues in all its ugly de-humanizing cruelty while the emperor drunk with power and wallowing in hubris watches from his golden throne cackling like the most vile ogre he is.


The Federal District Judge in Hawaii has just issued a nationwide temporary restraining order, blocking the implementation of the travel ban. Travel Ban 2.0 is nullified once a again -- at least for now.

Oh wait! Should I have said "so-called judge"?


Boy, there is one big tweet storm on the horizon!


Don't despair. I have it on good authority that Satan has been watching Trumps inhumanity towards the masses, and Satan is going to make a special level of Hell just for Trump, and that level of Hell will consist of one shower after another.

Satan said he will personally visit Trump daily for eternity, and he looks forward to making Trump drop the soap in the shower. And drop, and drop...


Nah. Trump's in Nashville at a rally of screaming supporters, surrounding himself so he doesn't have to respond to the media because he knew the Federal Judges were going to nullify his 'Ban' for the second time.

What a loser.


I called Judge Derrick Kahalo Watson's office and left a voice message: Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much) along with expressing my appreciation for his advocacy on behalf of justice and the common good.

Here is a weblink for Judge Watson: http://www.hid.uscourts.gov/dsp_bio.cfm?jid=10&pid=5&mid=103


The supporters probably fit this description (which was posted on another site here):

My daughter and I tried to watch a bit of this fascist rally. This crowd is the type that would go to lynchings for entertainment.

It is like the Mad Max Fury Road War Boys, with Trump as Immortan Joe.

We had to turn it off ----we both felt nauseous especially when the crowd started cheering "Lock her up!!" and "Build that Wall!!" interspersed with "USA, USA!!".

Very hard not to try to get out of here while we still can----and I would if there were a place to go.

_"All it would take is one incident that the Trump administration, Congress, the courts, and those who control great wealth could use to bring their wretched plans for total authoritarian control of the people to fruition."

What will that incident (in bold above) be? Is it in the works now? Has it happened?


If it hasn't, it certainly has been planned. More likely if will be some fake, Gulf of Tonkin style, "attack" on America.


Good comment.

Thanks for that link to the AlterNet article - it painfully states the obvious that urban liberals in their effort to be open minded about rural/interior USAns are in denial of.

And yes, what keeps my anxiety levels high is knowing that some kind of violent terrorist incident is very, very likely in the next year or two - It won't be anything near the scale of 11/9/2001 - but it won't have to be for the fascists to come down on us in a way that makes the USA Patriot Act look like the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights...


Nothing is more frightening than these rallys. I welcome someone to convince me that I am wrong, but these thugs at his rallys would only need a command from Trump to get their guns and start massacring any minority or class of people he orders them to.


I turned the sound off and just watched the crowd and Trump. Of course, I had a really hot Dueling Banjoes/Onward Christian Soldiers/The Devil Went Down To Georgia remix by Charlie Daniels, playing in the background, to make sense of it all.:wink:


Many believe the last Republican President before this one manufactured 9/11 in order to create a war on a bunch of lies.

Now, we currently have a so-called President, another Republican, imagine that, that is a pathological liar and has surrounded himself with the most deviant group of totally inept humans that have no morals.

My hope is that before this band of Fools get the United States involved in another armed conflict, Trump has a stroke or heart attack. But, I suppose you need a heart in order to have a heart attack. Let's go with a stroke.


That's exactly the reaction that I've had when I've seen these rallies.

Some in the crowd (most) seem to be frothing at the mouth which ratchets up when Trump starts slamming people----- "aliens" or judges as as he did tonight. That's when they break into the sickening cheers ("lock her up" etc.)


Wouldn't stop the inevitable collapse anyway. Trump dies, whoops, now we have religious fundamentalist Mike Pence as President with Bannon as Vice President.


If Trump ever did what you suggest here, he would not only be arrested and convicted of inciting violence, but he would also find a bullseye on his forehead.

Trumps attempts to take this country back to a time in our history when racial and religious hatred and bigotry was more prevalent is a disgrace to the office he holds as well as to the American people.


Nope. Bannon would be dropped like a hot potato.

Bannon, I believe, is the source of much of the racial bigotry and religious hatred that will kill the Republicans in 2018.


Thanks for you response----right there with you with anxiety level for the same reasons.

Eric Draitser and Chris Hedges touch on this at 28:15: https://store.counterpunch.org/chris-hedges-episode-78/


One can hope. Both the Republicans and Democrats are in a death spiral. Unfortunately though, bigotry and hatred get passion from some people, while the Democrats uncaring apathy for the people doesn't get them passion from anyone. It is telling that Trump and Pence are currently polling better than the entire Democratic Party. I don't see Democrats changing their tune anytime soon either.


If you look at the Southern Poverty Law Center hate map you will see that many of the hate groups are located in big cities. New York City and Los Angeles for example have quite a few. California has the most hate groups of any state. Hate groups are in many urban areas. Therefore this is something that is widespread and not confined to rural areas. It is virtually everywhere.