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All Eyes on Flint, but Drinking Water Crisis Stretches Nationwide


All Eyes on Flint, but Drinking Water Crisis Stretches Nationwide

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

While a congressional hearing Thursday focused attention on the drinking water crisis in Flint, Michigan, news reporting from around the country reveals that the problem of lead-contamination afflicts communities nationwide.


The Corporations will fight against higher taxes as a means of paying for this needed infrastructure because it PROFITABLE to sell bottled water. The Libertarian set will then point out how it PRIVATE business that provides clean water as Governments cannot do it.

The lower taxes mantra to “make us more competitive” is simply a means of eliminating the Competition so that the Corporation can provide the same service in lieu of Government at profit and ultimately at a higher cost.


Where do you suppose bottled water comes from?


When the Bill of Rights was written, the founding fathers took air, land, and water for granted. But I think that the right to breathable air, drinkable water and arable land should also be included.


While Obamabots criticize Dubya’s base for being single issue voters (usually guns or anti-choice) and criticize Trump’s base for being single issue (immigration), the reason our local Hillarybots give for voting for her is they want to vote for the first woman president. Beyond simpleminded !


So lead poisoning has been widespread for the last four years? Which means it had been going on for a long time before the start of the last four years. Perhaps those kids who go on rampages with semi-automatic rifles should be tested for chronic low-level lead poisoning. Perhaps that explains Donald Trump. Nero and Caligula had the same problem.


I am sure the _USA Today_overlords are just setting the stage for a stronger push to privatize our municipal water systems so the Oligarch’s can profit from our water.


Lead is not the only, not even the most serious pollutant in our drinking water. In Florida alone, the Fountain of Youth is discolored by much more than tannin. AA Duda owns the whole middle section of FL from US 41 east to I-10 and he runs cattle. FL is the #2 cattle-producing state in the US. All that plus the growing fields pours into the Kissimmee and then into Lake Okeechobee. And then there’s the pollution we cannot see–the phosphorus mines (largest in the world) and the oil-fracking plays and the housing developments and golf courses polluting our underground and out-of-sight rivers beneath our feet. The destroyers won’t be finished until every last penny’s worth of “natural resources” is put into their corporate pockets. 'tis a shame.
John Ellis Bush (JEB), Rick Scott, and other GOP politicians kowtow to the Fanul family like no other. They were a top donor for W. And they are almost singlehandedly destroying our Everglades.

Welcome to Keeping up with the Fanjul family of Palm Beach. The Fanjul family is synonymous with the term “Big Sugar” here in Florida. They control 1/3 of our nation’s raw sugar. This family collects over 60 million a year in Federal subsidies. As a result, you pay an artificially high price for raw sugar, but of course that’s not all. You not only support their hedonistic lifestyle (such as Casa De Campo, their 7000 acre multimillion resort), horrible labor practices, and right-wing politics: you support the killing of our Everglades National Park. They get considerable help from Charles Stewart Mott, of General Motors and the owner since 1931 of U.S. Sugar (and the major polluter of the Flint River in Michigan).

I am not being hyperbolic. The Greater Everglades is actually dying, along with Miami’s fresh water supply. In fact, Florida’s lifeblood has sepsis and sorely needs an ICU biospleen device.


Exactly. The war parties even had to shut down their own rapid transit system because pentagonians spent the money on eternal war instead of clean water and infrastructure maintenance.

The war parties are that stupid. Hillary is right. We can’t afford decent wages and social security.


Admittedly this is a lot to wade thru, but in a nutshell - In 1988 Congress passed a law to test lead in water in schools. The EPA began to implement the law. The law was struck-down in 1996 as violation of 10 amendment - an intrusion of States-Rights. So kids in Flint and all over America have been exposed unless a state followed thru on the original law…

"In 1988, Congress passed a law that told schools to do two things: 1) test for lead in your drinking water and if you find more than the allowable level, reduce it. 2) inform the public.

In 1996, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals decided ACORN v. Edwards held that provisions in section 1464(d) were unconstitutional under the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution because they directly compelled the state to enact and enforce a federal regulatory program and provided
no options for the State to decline the program.


Ten years later, a federal appeals court in Louisiana struck down the EPA’s authority to require lead testing in schools"


"Despite Law, Study Finds, Water In U.S. Schools May Contain Lead"

NYT - WASHINGTON, Oct. 31, 1990— “Four years after the Government imposed tough rules to limit the amount of lead in drinking water, Federal auditors warn that hundreds of thousands of American children may still be drinking lead-contaminated water at school.”