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All Eyes on Nevada: A Chance to Swing the Senate


All Eyes on Nevada: A Chance to Swing the Senate

Rebecca Gordon

It’s what campaigners say every November, I know, but this year’s election really is as important as it gets. Will U.S. voters choose to halt the progress of Donald J. Trump’s slow-motion coup? Or will the tide just continue rolling over us? So much depends on what happens in Nevada -- a state that once elected a senator by a mere 401 votes. The race between Jacky Rosen and Dean Heller represents the best chance we have of taking the Senate away from the GOP this year.


So this what “swinging” the Senate means with another centrist (right-wing) Dim. From the Jacky Rosen website in issues:

Jacky knows that supporting Nevada’s business community is essential to our long-term future. Because of her pro-business voting record in 2017 (as a U.S. Rep.), Jacky was honored with the Spirit of Enterprise award from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Jacky believes smart and tough foreign policy is key to our national security. As a member of the House Armed Services Committee, Jacky has taken steps to bolster the nation’s cybersecurity and get tougher on our adversaries like Russia, Iran, and North Korea. Jacky introduced and worked successfully to pass a bipartisan increase in investment for missile defense systems protecting our allies in Israel and to help secure the electric grid to ensure readiness at our key military installations.

Of course, there is no recognition of the rest of the world, except as an enemy and the other “issues” are couched in vague neoliberal language that will excuse massive economic crimes at home and abroad. But being from Nevada, the scene of one of the most horrific criminal gun slaughters in U.S. history, she is taking a “radical” position of banning bump-stocks and defending “common-sense” gun controls (whatever that means).

And there’s this: Nevada is the center for remote-control drone mass murders and many nuclear weapons facilities. No mention of those either.

Once again the Dim chariot is swinging low.


Thanks Tom. And all of the focus on Trump. No mention of the right wing work over the last 40 years that has gotten us here with the help of the dimwit dems. Time to reread Bill Bradley’s 2005 NYTs op-ed Ms. Gordon.


Of even greater consequence on the Nevada ballot in November is electric power deregulation. The deregulation cartel is counting on voters short memories overlooking the deregulation disaster at the turn of the mill, of which Enron was the primary poster child. Lets hope Nevadens soundly defeat deregulation !


So it begins. For the past few years articles here have spoken to the problems with the Democrats and how they had to change their ways in order to get elected an to pull the USA back towards the left. The illusion was created that these journalists had serious concerns and that this healthy critique demonstrated there robust dialogue on this matter.

Now, the closer one gets to the election it becomes about “Our side winning” just as happens in every election and if the person carries the label “Democrat” that should be enough to garner the support of the Left and of Progressives.

It in fact this fear based politics and this “lesser of two evils” nonsense that perpetuates the power of the 1 percent and ensures progressive values never adopted by any Political Party. This is true in every Country outside of a small handful where the people have the COURAGE to vote on their convictions.


I agree wholeheartedly with your comments SuspiraDeProfundis.

However, it appears the American People have less convictions, and more addictions, to the parties of the Duopoly.

I pray that I am wrong.


Electric energy via fossil fuel consumption should be regulated.
Electric energy via rooftop & neighborhood photovoltaic arrays also
should regulate construction standards, safety, back up power utility.

Las Vegas would reduce pollution by: Extending Monorail to Airport & Train station. The taxi lobby will pull strings and twist ties at city hall, cry boo hoo foul unfair, but still admit Robotaxi isn’t idiotic nonsense someone at the top knows perfectly will never happen despite the silly shuttle. Divest from Amazon & Uber.
Elon’s hyperloop & boring highway tunnels are utter nonsense.


Yet republican bloody war hero president Isenhour warned against the “Military-Industrial Establishment” currently inhabiting the White House, probably denying catastrophic climate change knowing Mother Nature’s wrath would kill millions, deaths to be blamed on merciless Mister God and his eternal enemy, Beelzebub the bad. Time to watch “Team America World Police” again.
“Chuck, there’s three kinds of people……”


Sigh. I agree. Despite having joined the Green Party back in 1990 after feeling abandoned by the Democrats, I’ve taken to giving $ to some Demo candidates this election. My criteria are support of single payer + commitment on climate change (this being pretty much universal) + a truly horrible opponent (almost always the case).

But where are the candidates who oppose war and favor strength through peace rather than the other way around? I checked out Jacky Rosen’s campaign site yesterday and there’s a picture of a fighter plane next to the “Safety and Security” plank on her Issues page. On J Street we learn “She was proud to support and lead several legislative efforts to supply military aid to Israel.” Despite having a despicable opponent I just don’t have the stomach to support her.

I’ve been sucked into the “lesser of two scumbags” trap, yet again. Every election the refrain is the same – you gotta suck it in “this time.” Only next time never comes.


Before VAN and computer " nerds " and county registrar lists there were volunteer phone bankers with stacks of 3" × 5" cards with the name, phone # and directions on how to get to the farm house of Voter X. Some of those cards were 30 years old. But, these volunteers did there absolute best, even enlisting their children, to get out the progressive vote in county, state and national elections.
Many, many of these were women who’d been raised during the Great Depression. They saw and knew what catastrophe looked like. When once proud talented men were reduced to sleeping on straw beds, in cow barns, under Army Surplus blankets and worked for .75 cents a day. They knew the difference between a FDR and a Hoover or a Landon.
My first introduction to campaigns and politics and Democrats was under the wings of women and men like these. It was the campaigns of JFK and LBJ and The New Frontier & The Great Society Policy iniatives. They were formally polite upfront; a" junkyard dog " fight, behind the scenes. That’s really how it still works.
To read the " ignorant malarkey " coming out of the mouths of some of these commenters above, is amazing. Why don’t they just donate their SS checks to Trump and burn their Medicare cards? And then, go back to the 1920s while they’re at it. They’d be brilliant then knowing what they know now.


I salute you for actually having enough money to contribute. It seems that you do so wisely. I especially salute you for that.


I sincerely doubt you are wrong, PB. The “duopoly” is more like the game: MONOpoly.


As a former card sharp, I can tell you that Las Vegas is an abomination. Come out a casino at 6 am and wander the back streets…the ones the tourists don’t go to and you will find misery and suffering. You will find homeless laying on sidewalks…and police hassling them for existing. You will find the occasional dead body. The last time I was there…as I left my hotel room and walked to the cab I had called, I walked passed the dead body of a suicide in a car right out front. What stays in Vegas…dies in Vegas. That is a fact.

Little known fact…Vegas preys on it’s own as much or more then it preys on it’s visitors. There are over a dozen casinos that do nothing but cater to the locals, the gambling addicts drawn to such a place.

The entire place is one big crime scene. It should be blotted from the earth. I took a lot of money away from a lot of people there…hell they practically gave it too me. None of it did a damn thing, but make me feel…dirty.

Jacky Rosen and the Democratic Party…are much the same. They promise hope of gain, then strip you of your last dime. It is what they do. Just like the Republicans.