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All Eyes on Oregon Courtroom Where It's "Small Children vs Big Oil"


All Eyes on Oregon Courtroom Where It's "Small Children vs Big Oil"

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A large turnout is expected at a federal court in Eugene, Oregon on Wednesday where a judge will decide on whether or not to dismiss a landmark lawsuit brought by a group of 21 youths, along wi


Only from my hometown.


Here in Coos Bay, the government and the bevy of supporters for the Jordan Cove LNG export terminal, that will rely on fracked gas, are using the kids and future generations of Coos County children as the reason/excuse for going forward with this new FF project. Lets hope the judge doesn't have ties to the port of coos bay and its politicians. We now know that if HC is elected the other blue dogs will feel safe since they have already been supporting JCEP and the Pacific Connector pipeline for years. Oregon's politicians are hibernating on this issue, hoping the nay-Sayers will go away before they have to wake up.


These teens are to be commended for their resolve.


They're obviously not small children and would probably strongly object to being called that. Please fix the headline and refer to them as youth, young people, teens, or just people.


If corporations are considered "people" who, through citizens united ruling, are to be availed constitutional rights, then our youth have every right to exercise their Constitutional right to be heard, heeded, and sue to have their rights recognized.

What is sad is the fact that a lawsuit has to be filed to have their well-being, lives, and futures valued and considered when corporate entities want to take actions that are destructive to them (the plaintiffs in this case) and their futures.


So what happened?


I'm glad the kids, anyway, recognize it's a life or death matter.


After big oil wins this case there will be legislation passed requiring a certain percentage of all environmentally-conscious children to be ground into biofuel as part of a new Exxon-Mobil greenwashing PR initiative.

It'll be introduced with the slogan:
'Kids Power the Future'


Not unlike "Soylent Green...."